Is Teeka Tiwari still relevant?

Now that CryptoCatalysts are on Telegram, I'm curious if Palm Beach Confidential issue is still relevant in this bearish market?

Dude told his members to buy Bitcoin at 25k LOL

I thought they stopped leaking stuff

Fuck i thought cryptocaralysts were dead, what's the address please?

Teeka is bullshit now

Buy bitcoin at 25000 hahahahahaha

What do you expect from a pajeet? Shit and shit calls.. just saying


In a bear market you can see who is good at giving calls and who is bad giving shit. I think he made a mistake with the last recommendation

he recommended cindicator and that went up 150%

subtle shill for a shit tg group

let's see who laughs when bitcoin reaches 6digits

I lost a lot of money with palm beach

>buy Bitcoin at 25k LOL
it never got to 25k. why would he tell them to buy at a price that is 25% higher than the ATH?

Pajeet alert detected, fuck off with your diarhea you little fag, go fuck yourself you piece of shit

said the dude who bought at 25k

no, what a joke man. he's been exposed.

at least he locked in BTS at .90 a year ago

That sucks man, can you get a refund from those scammers at least? They are in florida

u probably bought after it pumped for a half a day

Fucking buy qtum at $60, drgn at $5 like wtf. This dude was a hedge fund manager? Hedge shit calls manager and thats about it

I think he meant "buy up to 25k".

Dude shilled 20 coins last month and they are all down -60% why people pay for this scammer?

>Buy bitcoin at 25000 hahahahahaha
No, he told people to buy Bitcoin up to 25k and hold it for three years.

Did he make a new call for this Thursday or it just a rehashing of his old calls?The only call that really seemed ok by this guy was cnd but that has gone back down.

Cheers mate

Could you make it any more obvious please? Lmao


We are going to 250k so no i think teeka has good calls

Are you a palm beach member?

If its free i'm fine with it, so far me like what i see

If i only knew about that group, i wouldn't be paying that dickhead. He gave some bad calls since i joined in october. Only one so far CND, the rest is shit. Big T my ass

When is the next issue?

because he is nuts I don't know.

He is a well known scammer, i will stay away from palm beach reports. Pump and dump

Killing it as usual

well he literally got banned from being a stock broker for being a pajeet scammer so you do the math OP

We are going to $100 soon!

Rumors are palm beach group is planning a scam exit! They closed memberships in december with no explanation

Fuck yeah, they are all scammers

BTC has dumped 70% over the last 6 weeks taking all ALTS down with it and you think that is Teeka’s fault? Just how fucking brain dead are you morons? CND also appears to be the most resilient in this recent crash

He made us buy bitcoin at the top, dragonchain at the top and fucking qtum at the top and bitshare at the top. A lot pf shit calls then he stop talking about shit calls. He is like talking about his only great pick neo in every newsletter and ignoring the rest

Bullshit i lost money on cindicator

Fuck you too bitch

Of course, he should tell his members to sell not be bagholders of shitcoins! A good trader put stop loss or exit the market with profit. Teeka is no trader, just a pleceleb. Got lucky with neo and he is squeezing it since. Hate crooks like that!

He did say up to but still

Bad bad bad teeka

I went all in on his 15k call not i'm fucking rekt and poor

No shit he lied about bitshares and changed the entry price, its fucking down -80% since last year. Fucking unfair

Wtf is a catallyst?

Of course and he is a bad analyst, teeka and the whole team, they stopped answering calls and emails since january

Big up for cryptocatalysts and the whole team, kinda hated discord

I was wondering where asian whales were copying their shit

Is bitcoin still a buy or what? I still have one left, sold already at 14000

Are you fucking kidding me? You are defending palm beach? Unbelievable! This is the next bitconnect, wait and see

Not saying he is bad, I'm just saying his calls aren't good in a bear market and he is always playing the same tape over and over.

Teeka is great, he helps put things into perspective. Do you retards have any idea what the next 36-48months are going to look like? You all are so shortsighted.

Love it, no shill just catalysts.

And then when those same shit coins rally to unbelievable amounts this year you same limp dick know it all faggots will be on this board bitching “oh my god why did Teeka tell me to sell at a loss or at 10% profit I could have 7x’d my money he doesn’t know shit he’s a scammer not a trader wahhhhhwahhhh”

Me too kill me now

Pump and dump pump and dump

I only grab the leaks occasionally, but teeka never says to expect gains in the short term, and that everything they pick should be looked at as a long term (several months/years) investment.

They also warn not to put more than 1-2k in, since their service provides ample diversification opportunity.

So basically if you are complaining after investing a month or two ago, you are acting contradictory to the very advice you paid money (i am assuming) to recieve.

Thats pretty stupid.

Teeka isnt a scammer, he just performs a bit of research and then pretends it was a lot more in depth than it really was. Most of the things he picks are legitimately good projects with the exception of cindicator.

I dont know how you could have lost money with palm beach if you actually followed their advice.

he's a macro hodl kind of guy, a true pumpmaster

Is the rumor true?


Teeka fucked up big time by telling his subs to buy btc up to $25k. I thought even $12k was ridiculous, but I guess he got blindsided by his own ego.

he doesn't even do any research, apparently he receive offers from a lot of coins and he just pick the one he likes

No refund

Why no one share this kind of stuff here, i hope they will share pbc issue next month

Down $40000 here

the next pick is gonna be rlc, watch.

What did you do, from what advice?

People defending teeka on this thread, jesus

Qtum was a bad call

If his next issue shill is shit, i guarantee you he is done. He has one shot left and if he blow it, you can be sure a lot of plebs gonna be so pissed and might sue his ass because telling people to buy bitcoin up to 25k while his previous recommendation was 15k and he changed it in early january. That show you one thing, he is a terrible trader, terrible analyst. All his "team" didn't see this correction coming, like for fuck sake kids 18 years old saw this all over the internet and you are telling me he didn't see shit?!

All those groups were making us pay for this kind of shit. Now i feel like an idiot, thanks man

Wait he called bts at 0.90? Omg

Heard it too, pbc is planning a scam exit just like bitconnect next month or so

Shit i was wondering if it was just me, i paid 2 months ago for a year and he gaves only shitcalls since

Are you serious?

And stop posting pictures of this man, i can't stand me

12 months membership for 36-48 months hold doesn't add up

Teeka still rule! His next issue will kill you all

He told people to sell xlm at $0.20 in december.


He recommands to keep buying bitcoin up to 25k. Because he thinks it will become worth around 50-100k atleast. So buying as long as it is below 25k will give you nice profit. This might seem foolish for some peeps. But I am not sure. Maybe he is right.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you got greedy and didn’t reationalize your position size like he told you too did you? You brain dead fucking idiot. So much dumb money in crypto that help smart people like me make money. Now complete the cycle and sell at a loss you short sighted weak handed bitch

No this isn’t true at all. These are just Street shitters that are upset they can’t register for PBC. They don’t take new subscribers for PBC all year round because they need to keep the group a certain size as to not disrupt the market. Enrollments for PBC are open once a year. Go to their website and get their address and show up at their place of business and accuse them of being scammers and ask Teeka himself if they are closing down if you are so confident he is exist scamming. Also their company is currently hiring analysts for cryptos and stocks. Jesus you people on this board are some real third world shit hole morons who can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground. So many fucking brain dead idiots participating in crypto in blows my mind. Wow


better than mcaffee for sure

What an idiot, no one want to pay for that shit

Teeka is a bad pajeet


Extremely poor shill.

Get cancer.

can we call him teeka paprika?

They never stopped baby

Teeka massala please

Iota is the next call!

Thank you for the link

keep it professional guys, we are debating whether the calls are legit not some racist lame comments.

Da fuk is wrong with you, he is pajeet. And all pajeet run pump and dump. Fuck off

He didn't say buy at 25k, stop with the FUd

He said buy up to 25k, it's everywhere