You have to put your life savings into 1

You have to put your life savings into 1

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xlm you dumbdumb

eth what kind of retarded question is this kys


Will literally 10x this year with the miner drama

Not into the wanna be wonton con

these 4 make up 100% of my portfolio

vechain is a wanton bean waldo coon

>with the miner drama
what do you mean by this?



OMG, not even close. ETH is great but the upside with OMG is insanely high.

VEN, much safer bet, OMG tons of upside tho.

VEN is just like buying the next VEN.

I actually have a 100% VEN portfolio.

Eth is switching to POS at some point this year. Miners won't want that. See what happened with bch/BTC this past year.

For a long period, I held Vechain. I have to admit that I received some good gains in % on Vechain.

The main reason why I invested in this altcoin was a result of their great marketing techniques and a strong community.

Over time I became more experienced in investing into cryptocurrency and instead of listening to what others had to say, I start looking at whitepapers, the quality of development teams, leadership, advisors etc.

Ones I reviewed my portfolio I recognized that some of my coins and especially Vechain did not follow the criteria of (controlled) speculation and does have some critical red flags. These red flags I want to share with you.

Vechain does not have a whitepaper
There is no knowledge about their developers
There is no Github activity.
Their website is a that of a very low quality.
They mention on their website the release of a so-called Clou(n)d platform in Q4 2017. I started a Reddit post to ask what a clouNd platform is. Nobody could answer me. I tried to ask the Vechain devs in discord, nobody was able to contact me since they were working on their main net.
The coca cola kid is clearly a sign of insiders trading.
Low-quality partnerships brought as HUGE partnerships. For example the DNL GV partnership, there is clearly a partnership, but DNL GV gave an official press release that DNL GV cooperated with Deloitte labs to create blockchain, so I would like to know how exclusive this is. The PWC partnership is a partnership as a third-party provider, the partnership with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences is brought as something big, while Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences only published one article in the whole of 2016-2017. In short: Any partnership has some way or another some flaws.
Some advisors of Vechain have still Lorem ipsum on their website.

LMFAO walties DO NOT STOP. Need more rupees to buy your new shit bucket?

My life savings are going into a very under the radar coin that is going to go x20000 over the next five years.
I won't tell you what it is though, I'm still busy quietly accumulating before everyone notices the obscene potential this coin has. By the time anyone notices it will be too late and plebs will be FOMOing after it's already made most of it's gains.

Meanwhile I'll be a millionaire.

Miners can fuck off because PoS is hilariously superior to PoW.
>no more chinese mining cartel
>environmentally friendly to appeal to normies
>more decentralized because everyone can stake profitable, most people lose money mining
>block time will be reduced to sub 1 second

You can’t accumulate with $500 you nigger

I don't disagree but they won't go down w/o a fight

300k ven marine here. Been a whale with Bitcoin and others but ven is my most promising coin until 2020. The rumors I've been hearing from other investors within China are enough for me to put a large amount in. China is bullish on neo and ven.

Easy choice considering I am already 100% in Vechain

already have with omg

I think you might be a billionaire someday, sir.

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you can't use ETC for anything though?

VEN by far for so many reasons

Why would..? Nevermind, as soon as ETH announce PoS the price will double within 24h. I mean the price of ETH.

ETH and NEO is you are smart and ETH NEO OMG VEN if you are smart and want to have a few sleepless nights


Fundamentally it has the same functionality as eth

VEN, 100%.

Read this and tell me why I shouldn’t:

because vechen is a wallaby wento co