Will I make it with 30k REQ?

Been trying to accumulate but feel I still dont have enough...

I think the peyote user said 25k you should be alright

Hope so, I have 22k REQ and 20k LINK.
Feels comfy

I only have 1k link. REQ appeals to me more.

Bought in at ICO and sold 100k REQ at 70 cents.

I know you don't want to hear this but REQ doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Coinbase will come out with it's POS platform and completely annihilate everything REQ stands for.

You’ll be fine - you’ll make low to maybe mid 6 figures. Try to get to 50k

REQ stands as a platform for trustless payments.

Is that what the coinbase platform stands for?

Yeah $15000 USD is reasonable EOY

When will Coinbase come out with theirs? In less than a month?

Coinbase doesn't even have the fucking staff to handle all the support cases of people losing funds, accounts getting locked, and double transfers.

You think they're ready to fucking support businesses using their centralized paypal shit? lmao get out.

REQ is so far ahead of what they're trying to offer with this plugin that it can't even be compared.

Double dubs confirmed.

The prophecy is real.

req is dead in the water

kek probably a CRED bag holder who throws into all the other shitcoins like UFR and XRB

you don't deserve to be enlightened by REQ and LINK

The REQ prophecy will come to fruition soon anons

There was a 4th REQ prophecy thread today user

Thou in faith will keep us safe, whilst REQ find the path.

Should I get in on chain link too?

Yes user, the great journey is nigh! The prophets REQ, LINK, and Ox will propel all into the great journey for glorious salvation!

$100 EoY

Yes user. In all seriousness, it actually is a legit project and concept that can solve a lot, but people are spreading FUD to prevent people like you from becoming rich since they want to accumulate before it's too late


Dubs confirms REQ will be $5 in Q2 2018

Too low for the prophecy

The prophecy... it begins