Every man has a price

How much is enough to pull out 90%? $1.8 M after tax for me. Couldn't live with losing that much, would be kicking myself if I walked away and it moons

First things first op, who is this spear chucker?

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I have like a million left in crypto, so I'm slowly pulling out of it

You will never regret pulling out of the market at 1.8 mil after taxes. You will regret not pulling out and ending up with close to nothing. There isn't even a choice to be made here.

No this is my hypothetical number. Only have 4 k in at the moment

Is this the head of populous? What bad news came out against him recently?

Never lose taking a profit user
I had 80k in XSH
pulled all of it out kept 12k in Eth
It went too 140k, still happy.
I now own a house with a 24% depoist making my repayments 170 AUS a week.
And everything else inc car I owe no money on with 30k cash and 15k crypto. Life

are you a turkey fucker?

i dunno i mean i guess you're better off than dirt poors but you still have to wagecuck if you wanna survive, 24% of a house still leaves a lot left to pay, and $30k cash doesn't last so long

I had like $150k at my ATH a couple months ago and didn't even consider pulling it out for a second, because $150k wouldn't change my life at all, wouldn't even pay 30% of a small house where I live. It's do or die, either I make it to $1.5M+ or I go broke but no point just padding a life where I'll still be stuck wagecucking

So you could live with losing $1.5MM, am I right?

So you could live with losing $1MM, am I right?

etc, etc

1M after tax

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>$150k wouldn't change my life at all
what is a deposit. what is interest

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Yeah but without a job, you can’t get a homeloan. Plus he would probably only walk away with 110k

having a big deposit ready to rock changes your whole mortgage calculation. For someone in a pleb job the deposit is often the difference between house and no house

I would never pull out 90% at once regardless of my portfolio size

Yea I might still be wage cucking but at least im not writhing in debt, the average normie get a home and car loan seperate (NO JOKE I KNOW THESE PEOPLE)
I clear 850 a week, my weekly expenses all added up are 500. Im comfy, and ive still got fall back plans.
3 year fixed rate is no joke

You've got a long way to go, friendo

Yeah but you need to have said pleeb job for over 2 years to qualify

I sold the shit ton of Verge coin I had back in August so that's basically what happened to me. I get along fine but the week that pump happened I was pretty depressed .

There's no way I could leave a million or close to it in fucking crypto, but at the same time, I probably wouldn't want all of that in fiat either. Probably gold or something.

Already set for life from my business.
Several times over if I count my crypto holdings.
The amount that would make me cash out (an amount so large, so that I can live a multi-billionaire lifestyle) would probably so high that bitcoin would be a globally accepted currency at that level. Nothing else is acceptable or even remotely tempting to me.

So I'm just holding this until mass adoption.
> whale's point of view

Why are you here. Go have a celebrity orgy

Never thought I could spend over 200M in a lifetime. What are your favorite mid to long term holds at the moment?

capricous ass whales. Can't even spare a tip for a poorfag with big dreams. Guess I'll just let it ride on LINK

500-600K with that money I can pay that overpriced 200K price tag for a nice degree at a private school and actually enjoy my time in uni since there would be no wagecucking. All the while I get to invest the rest and hopefully hit that million before I graduate.