No sand niggers or niggers to be found in the most prestigious sporting event in the world

>no sand niggers or niggers to be found in the most prestigious sporting event in the world
>all blue eyed white people who look like they were made in Hitler’s lab

O I’m laffin. I thought we were all equal? What coin should I get next?

>The least watched Olympic event

which flavor of nigger are you?

jizzskins playing esoteric sports no one else wants to

The flavor your wife loves

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there's no sand in the desert you moron

Go fuck yourself.

Their is no Brown or black people in a sport that is primarily played in cold regions of the world

Wow we have a genius on our hands

this comment really makes me think

More interesting than running around a field kicking an animal carcass, you dumb spic.

>not even one nigger/sandgypsy in the audience

This is how it should be, pity it's only every 4 year.

Events like speed skating require you to have razor sharp focus and be in prime physical condition. Niggers are only good at sprinting, which requires them to only run in a circle like they learned when they were running from master.

Is it the new /pol/ tactic to make threads that have nothing to do with crypto and then state "oh bitcoins btw now its Veeky Forums"

>africans dont live in areas that have actual winters
who would have thought
white boy good at skiing wearing spandex like some faggot
nignog the best at the most watched olympic event, running (from the popo)

Heil Hitler

>africans dont live in areas that have actual winters

i wish it was true

you should to back home, Tyrone


speedskating looks like it would feel amazing

You mean northern europe? Pretty sure there are a shitload of nigs there, unfortunately.

actually wait, im forgetting about the jamaican bobsled team
nigs dont even need to live in snow and they still stealing the gold from whitey Roflmao

>the most prestigious sporting event in the world


I really fucking hate the /pol/tards. This is a board about making fucking money and doing whatever the fuck we want with it. There is no room here for ideas except money

RIP the soyboy user

second. if i can't make money on it i don't care.

"Running from police " the sport



>hundred meter dash most prestigious sporting event in the world

I'd consider women's water polo higher than literally RUNNING A SHORT DISTANCE

mmmm she luv dat wh*te dick...

We need MODS for this shit... Veeky Forums has become /pol/ runoff and its worse than when ESPER was being shilled here

What about the fucking bobsledding bullshit? I can do that if my parents could afford to support me and send me to a specialized camp where all I did was practice bobsledding.

You’re point is retarded.

>100m sprint is considered runnign from the police
are white american (cops) that unfit they collapse after only one hundred metres? LMAO

No, they just shoot them after a certain point, not worth the effort.

France here

You called ?

Tbf it's pretty sweet to see black people trying sports that were never their forte. I don't mind.