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I went in on Sagacoin in the hopes of getting sick gains from privacy based crypto. So far is seems like a shitcoin to rival most shitcoins.

I enjoy mining way more than day trading shitcoins

actually bought turtlecoin

I act like a delusional linkie for fun, but knowing it’s the best FUD and unironically gets anons to not look further than Veeky Forums

Bought BIX at 4 dollars
Lost .4 ETH on Pyramid Schemes

Bought ZCL at 10 dollars. GG made it user.

watch it

I'm black. On my twitter I have a picture of a white dude and I post racist shit about niggers and mexicans so people think there's another white dude in the world


Nujack is better

doing God's work user
bless you

I posted this in another one but I'm doing it again right now. I like to blast synthwave while watching the charts and pretend I'm in a cool montage segment of a movie about crypto, I even have a small playlist for specific events.

>Default or nothing big happening:

>Big dip/potential crash:

>Actual crash:

>Big gainz/potential moon:

>Actual Moon:

>Goals finally hit

I put 2/3 of my portfolio in COB coin and didn't sell when it was 5x. I'm now down 60%

fucking ace man, this is pretty hilarious haha, right on.


I sold all my crypto during January's run but I still lurk this board 24/7

also im down 33% from my initial investment.


i held all of my shitcoins through the january crash and now im down 40% from my ATH. it has remained that way for a few weeks now

>be oldfag that became newfag because adulthood
>had to google pajeet
>still not sure whether to believe Veeky Forums LINK FUD'ing or Veeky Forums LINK shilling
>google'ing "assblaster Veeky Forums link site:boards.Veeky" at 3am
>mfw &search_email=&search_filename=&search_datefrom=&search_dateto=&search_op=all&search_del=dontcare&search_int=dontcare&search_ord=new&search_capcode=all&search_res=post

Godspeed user. I relate to your pain.
>t. /b/tard in 2005, "grew up", only to become a newfag in 2011 and 2016, and still missed the 2017 crypto boom

I exit the market at 12k because of bigdogg.
Granted, thanks to that I'm only down 20% from my ATH, but now I'm too scared to enter the market and missed several bounces as a result.

I keep on taking profits too soon.

i'm pretty sure i suck at this but i dont want to give up

Get that fucking animu trash off my board

It's easy, buy a long term project and hold that shit with adamantium fingers

I bought $160 worth of grs at like $1.50

I want crypto gains to pay my mom back for loving/raising me

I come here daily to shill jibrel network. I get paid by a discord group .05 ether a day if I make so many posts and prove it. I don't even own any jibrel lol

I never DYOR, read whitepapers, or consult any other sources other then biz. Just hoping it pays off like when ETH was being shilled here and people hodl.

bought 800 zcl at $4 and sold shortly after because i was impatient

100 percent of my folio is link and I put 1/3 of my paychecks into it.

I fud it whenever I see it. I like telling people that coins like carvertical and sexcoin will make it obsolete.

me too. no idea what the fuck I was thinking

I want to see the "didnt buy in" pink wojacks

same... what are you holding?

I got 100 of those fuckers that I paid 1,15€ for
Thought it was gonna be the next VTC

sold 225 zcl at 3.81 on december 13th 2017

I've never actually read through a whitepaper. I just skim over it, and if it looks boring and academic-y with some fancy equations in there then I am likely to invest.

wtf is a blockchain


I've been reading about coins for 3 years yet haven't bought any

I accidentally went pretty much all in on ADA over the last few days. I kept moving coins that were bound to correct to it, thinking that I could make a small quick profit before going back to other coins, but now it just keeps bleeding. I still have some Neo left, but my portfolio is 80% ADA and it's not looking good.

When it comes time to trade, prices in Satoshis make my brain hurt so I’m like “eh that’s good enough” so I’m not entirely sure at what price I’ve bought at.

This is a church, please be respectful.


Lmao, same, fucking love me some passive income.