Possible Stellar Moon Incoming

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You may remember me as the guy who initially put together the original FairX/Stellar thread which ended up gaining quite a bit of attention. It also sat on the front page of /r/Stellar for a few days and the FairX rumors have been piling on ever since.

Well, I'm here today to throw a bit of knowledge at you once more.

As many of you are aware, the US Congress is holding yet another cryptocurrency hearing today (2/14/18) at 10:00 am EST. What many of you may not know is who will be attending.

>Appearing at the event are Walmart vice president of food safety Frank Yiannas; Charles Romine, director of the Information Technology Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); IBM vice president of blockchain Jerry Cuomo; Congressional Research Service analyst Chris Jaikaran; and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law associate clinical professor Aaron Wright.

Now, not many people know this for some reason, but Walmart and IBM are on very good terms with one other.

Here's a video by the IBMBlockchain YouTube page in which Walmart highlights details of their blockchain solution for food and safety.

The image I have attached is a screenshot of Michael Dowling's Reddit account history where he speaks on behalf of a Walmart partnership detailing food and safety concerns. He goes on to say "When I look at this objectively - there seems to be a necessary piece to the puzzle in order to orchestrate payments. Can you guess what it is? :)"

Both IBM and Walmart will be sitting with congress tomorrow where Stellar is more than likely going to be brought up.

We also saw quite a bit of volume and price action move into XLM yesterday leading up to this hearing.

Do with this information what you will, but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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I forgot to give a direct link to the video mentioned above: youtube.com/watch?v=SV0KXBxSoio

Yea they have been hinting that Seller will be the payments solution for hyperledger when needed

People haven't made the connection yet
WTF why doesn't anyone know this yet?????

What the fuck...

How do you know all this user?

>implying partnership with a big company in this market = guaranteed success

Think about this from the corporation's point of view. There is this emerging market full of potential gold mines but they don't know which ones will make it. At the same time they have almost limitless amount of money to invest in these projects. They end up partnering with every project that is slightly promising. Partnering with one project doesn't exclude them from partnering with other projects.

Companies are picking shitcoins just as we are. The only conclusion from a partnership is that the project is not a scam like BCC... nothing more.

Is that why it was mooning today?

what is a realistic prediction for stellar by eoy?

i have 489...im tryin to get as much as i can and hold.

i dont need a lambo, just want to pay off debt and support a family

Huge fan of Stellar, but lets face it; we will be lucky to see 1$ eoy. just being realistic

we were at $1 earlier this year

we'll be at $3 by end of march

It totally depends on the movements of the market as a whole.

Given what we saw XRP do earlier this year coupled with the fact that there is double the amount of XRP in circulation I would say $6 this year is a reasonable estimation.

I only have a couple of thousands invested in crypto (well, was a couple of grand before the crash anyway...), most of it in Stellar. I'm hopeful that it'll moon soon, but I doubt it. At this point I'd be happy if it even made it back to where it was before the crash.


Ive been a big fan of stellar. I remember reading the fairx thread a few months back. I will be very happy if we see $6 this year. Im guessing your logic is since xrp hit $3 and lumens has half coin supply that it could hit $6?

I don't think it'll do anything short term, as an investor, I can't see a hearing pumping a coin but we'll see

Can you explain why the volume of the crypto market keeps plummeting day after day. Why is their meeting important, are they going to 100K BTC at $10,000. The last meeting did shit. Those of is who are still hodling btc at 11k feel completely hopeless. And I Swear if I see this anywhere close to 11k I'm leaving this shit internet money for good.
Can you please answer this. Is walmart or IBM going to be buying BTC to pump the price? If yes, will they have a sort of protect against declining value on assets when markets are down, Are we going to get fucked over like TEZOs and be forced to agree that their tokens have zero value and we're just buying them at our own risk.

You know what FUCK YOU?, your post is full of SHIT, and you're obviously just shilling BTC...


Who the fuck is this guy?

XLM is my biggest hitter, but also one of my heaviest bags - I’ve lost around $3000 since buying, I hope this news helps reverse that

Some who has lost a lot money and TIME in crypto, someone who wants this space to succeed without big money coming in to continue fucking over little people.

Now who are you?

I have high hopes for stellar but don’t see any reason a hearing in us congress will make it moon. When is fairx?? I’ve been hearing late January for months. And even with that, I don’t see moonage anytime soon. Bought 15k at 23cents so I’m still in the green but not excited for it.

You lost time and money in crypto because you are extremely fucking stupid. Feel free to lurk, but please unplug your keyboard from here onwards because you will never have anything valuable to contribute to these conversations.

They recently commented on Twitter that they're shooting for April/May due to regulatory concerns.

It's possible we soon see a public announcement involving IBM and Walmart.

>Can't see how a heating can pump a coin

The fuck have you been the past week? A hearing pumped the entire market.

Will I make it goys?

FUCK YOU Pajeet...I'm probably still richer than you sheepie...

Obviously this is another stupid article to mislead people in buying this SHIT. Why don't you answer the questions I asked if you want to have a valuable contribution.

What? you expect everybody to get excited about your article and start pumping money?

I've asked a valuable Fundamental question, if you are not going to answer it then this is just another XLM shill thread!

Fucking Piece of SHit

You already have, buddy. You already have.

Why is fairx run by a bunch of stupid pajeets?

I'm bullish on Stellar since it's the second largest holding in my portfolio. But the reason why XLM had a big push yesterday was because of a kakao pump team pushing the coin in Korea crypto groups.

They were taking advantage of the fresh eToro listing and saying that there was a huge arbitrage opportunity, since there was a ₩53.76 difference, between etoro's price and the global average. Koreans bought in but then realized there was no way to deposit onto eToro to sell.

Be patient. Our time will come.

>Can you explain why the volume of the crypto market keeps plummeting day after day. Why is their meeting important, are they going to 100K BTC at $10,000. The last meeting did shit. Those of is who are still hodling btc at 11k feel completely hopeless. And I Swear if I see this anywhere close to 11k I'm leaving this shit internet money for good.
Can you please answer this. Is walmart or IBM going to be buying BTC to pump the price? If yes, will they have a sort of protect against declining value on assets when markets are down, Are we going to get fucked over like TEZOs and be forced to agree that their tokens have zero value and we're just buying them at our own risk.

Do you really expect to get an honest question from such a blatant troll?

1.) We're currently in a bear market.
2.) The meeting is important because governments are beginning to take cryptocurrency seriously addressing the fact that it isn't going anywhere.
3.) The last meeting pumped the entire market giving a bullish bias with cautious optimism.

You sound like an emotional investor. Perhaps it's time to take a break and focus on a new hobby.

You're going to be just fine. There is a front-end currently operating on the SDEX.

The only thing it needs now is more volume.

Since I'm a poorfag, should I invest what little I can into more XLM, or something else? I don't feel like Stellar is getting shilled enough.

Totally up to you. You missed the gravy train easy gains from earlier last year so if you want to see "real money" you're going to have to have a larger chunk to invest. That being said there's still an incredible amount for growth at these current levels.

I'm hard into Stellar but I'm keeping my expectations realistic. Hoping for a modest increase to 1.25-1.50, ideal scenario would be something like 2.50-3.

2usd XLM incoming boys

>The Observer heard Ms. Kim described as “Yoko Ono” by no fewer than four interview subjects. “It was the way she would just be there all the time and you could never have a private conversation with Jed.”

>Another person who worked at Ripple Labs at the time told the Observer: “Arthur and David had all these meetings with Jed and Joyce would fucking show up. Now this is Joyce just being … she’s out of the company at this point. This is Jed’s thing, when you’re in a private conversation with him all of a sudden Joyce is cc’d on this private conversation, even when the conversation includes the person saying, ‘I don’t want you to share this with Joyce.’ So not only does he disregard that request but he’s letting you know she fucking knows you don’t like her.”

>Mr. McCaleb was limiting his own contact with his children to “the point where [Ms. Kim] was going out of town so he was still trying to sneak in a time to see them.” Ms. Kim supposedly cancelled her trip “one hour before he was supposed to pick them up because she found out he was going to see them when she was going out of town.

>On May 22, 2014, Mr. McCaleb announced via a posting on Ripple Labs’ message board, “I plan to start selling all of my remaining XRP beginning in two weeks. …. So just fyi…. xrp sales incoming.” The announcement by a founder that he intended to dump 9 billion units of the currency he helped create was perceived as a threat by all who cared about Ripple Labs or held XRP

I hope none of you are unironically investing in a man who founded mt. Gox, who's cucked by his yoko ono girlfriend (who "co-founded" Stellar and is a board member), and who had a history of trying to destroy his former project because he was butthurt that they didn't like his gf. You are aware that he and his yoko still control 4/5 of the total lumens supply and that without their nonprofit your lumens would be worth less than reddit gold, right?

ty for the info brother
Holding about 50k worth of Crpyto collected over the years.
how much should I move to stellar? I just did 1k

Fuck you're retarded

yolo niggas

I'm proud of you, user.

xlm = giving their tech and tokens for free to niggers / pajeets

i'm sure that'll work out like multiculturalism

Do you see free distribution as a bad thing? It incentivizes the use of the product by putting liquid assets into circulation.

Yeah just like welfare

Most of the original and biggest distribution done via Facebook (fucking kek) was given out to fake profiles and bots who gamed the system. Not only do the devs control 80% of the lumens, but most of the other 20% are in the hands of scammer pajeets

The vast majority of XLM is given away through their partnership grant program. I wouldn't exactly call that welfare, user.

Liquid assets are now in circulation that otherwise would have been held had the company been for-profit like Ripple.

That's actually not true, either.

16,000,000,000 XLM were distributed to Bitcoin holders. stellar.org/blog/bitcoin-claim-lumens-2/

oh lawdy ... plenty of promising investments out there - will try to keep that in mind

>partnership grant program
Is that what you call anyone with a Facebook account?

Probably less than 1% of which were active wallets. Effectively a coin burn.

You can easily support a family (even two or three) in Venezuela. If you live in the US, Europe or one of the more expensive asian nations, just don't bother and kys


Here's some reading material for the uninformed.

>Probably less than 1% of which were active wallets. Effectively a coin burn.

XLM had to be claimed in a certain window and you had to prove ownership of the Bitcoin.

Now might be a time to "DYOR"

So they actually just kept all of the unclaimed coins instead of burning them? Wow that's even better.

I've been doing a ton of research on stellar and i just sold my entire stack today after learning more about it and its devs. How could anyone be dumb enough to invest in a coin whose devs, that have a history of destroying their own projects, control more than 80% of the total supply? The entire project and the value of every lumen lies in the fate of one bad breakup or one drunken night

I would say given that you just made back to back false accusations "a ton of research" might be a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

How do you feel about Ripple?

What false accusations? He literally announced that he'd be dumping his 9 billion xrp's to the world. That would be extremely illegal in any regulated market and is a massive dick move.

I think ripple and stellar are the same centralized bullshit project with different coloured lipstick that dont belong in this space.

Jed McCaleb founded Mt.Gox the first Bitcoin exchange. He sold it before it was re-coded and hacked.

Here's some more reading material for you.

He's under contract with Ripple to not dump his XRP: coindesk.com/jed-mccaleb-ripple-labs-strike-deal-avert-9-billion-xrp-sell/

On the subject of decentralization: "Stellar - Uses a custom federated Byzantine agreement called Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP - i.imgur.com/l184Brl.png) which allows anyone to choose whom to trust, that means freedom and decentralisation. Stellar has fees very very cheap (almost no fees) but only to protect the network, those fees after used are given back to the community via pool inflation. So you may pay insane low fees but you receive them back, plus the Stellar Network requires the use of Lumens which means trust and value for the network, even to move other assets (because the network can have other assets even btc or xrp) you need to have Lumens.

Bitcoin - Uses a proof-of-work (POW) protocol as an economic measure to deter abuses such as spam on a network by requiring some work like mining, usually meaning processing time by a computer. This means that unless you make a setup and mine your own transactions you cannot choose whom to mine them. Basically, Bitcoin is a bunch of PC's fighting each others to mine blocks and make revenue. Bitcoin pays miners and fees are destroyed. The problem with Bitcoin is that since you cannot choose whom will mine your transactions any company with enough hash power can have majority control of the entire network, and that's what happens with Bitocin right now. Bitmain which builds the most well known and used miners has most control of network. I guess you already heard China mines more than 60% of the Bitcoin that's because it's true and Bitmain is Chinese too.

Ripple - Uses the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or Ripple protocol and their network can be used without their asset XRP, for me does not imply trust and value in the network. Their protocol does not allow you to choose whom to trust and their network may have a lot of nodes but all those nodes are connected to a Ripple node controlled by the company so they may not be considered decentralized."

What else are you confused about?

'Hur, dur, I've done research and stuff. Me so clever' Faggot

he also hacked mt gox in 2013

He was still part owner during the hack according to court proceedings and he was still involved with it on a casual basis and had access to things like bank accounts

When i call it centralized I'm not talking about the algorithm that it uses which is actually pretty good. I'm talking about the fact that one entity controls the vast majority of the currency. It seems you're the one who's confused here. Good tech is useless if one person or entity has the power to destroy it

> he also
You sold your BTC @ 6k didn't you?

Assumptions, assumptions.