Does Veeky Forums want to stay poor? This is the golden ticket to lambo land, get in or stay poor

Does Veeky Forums want to stay poor? This is the golden ticket to lambo land, get in or stay poor

it has the same fate as REQ no point in rushing into buying it so fast won't be late after it dumps on Kucoin and goes back to ICO price ignore the pajeets.

If you buy now you're buying high and you're giving up on opportunity cost.

don't shill it, makes it look like pajeetscam

Unironically will be a $1000 coin in 2-3 years

Do you write you KUCOIN dump prophecy in every thread? Stop coping so hard.

It's being shilled so hard it has the stench of Pajeet all over it. No thanks.

tight, future me has 20m.

It either hits a 200b+ market cap or goes to 0 so we'll see. They're setting themselves up for success so 200b+ seems more likely

I’m already balls-deep baby!

i hope it dumps hard on kucoin, i need 20K of this fucking coin and i'm not getting paid until march

0? Nothing will hit 0. And Jibrel can stick around a low mcap forever and most likely will until Q3 when the partnership with the sandnigger family isn't delievering enough

Wont happen. Kucoin will add some good exposure, but no way it will dump. There are several coins who were killed by kucoin listings, but also several who went who cares.

user ive seen things in the telegram that lead me to believe this will be at least 2b when jcash goes live

I am bullish too, otherwise i wouldn't hold 265k JNT right now, but we wont see 2B in any time.

We need a good fundation with the al m family, then other investors will follow easily

pajeet scam alert. too much shilled here. i am out.

You were never in anyway.

i care... i'm trying to buy 20K before it shoots up to 3 bucks per jnt...

Once a realistic prediction from a JNT pajeet, not bad.
You will have like 1 more week left.

Another day, another JNT thread

sandcoin DEPART



You have to counter the 20 daily VEN / REQ / LINK threads somehow

Is there a safe wallet for JNT?

These boys gon' be mad when 1 JNT = 1 Lambo

Their wallet is in alpha and shouldn't be used for insane amounts. Still useable.

Ledger with MEW works too though