You are this guys business manager, What do you tell him to do?


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what kind of business?

get a haircut
gotta start somewhere

Suck me off

why the fuck does he have a 69 tattood on his forehead

u amerifats are so fucking stupid its unbelievable

I'd ask him to kindly commit seppuku.

Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh
Got the blicky, uh, drum, it holds fifty, uh
Scum Gang
I'll see y'all later, suuwoo!

Kill himself

Le gucci meme

he unironically makes good music so id tell him to keep doing what he doing

my 12 year old dogs queefs sound better


the state

I think his music videos are actually made brilliantly.
He honestly looks like a stoop gremlin and even sounds like he speaks in some mystical language only other stoop gremlins would understand.

link us to some please i never heard of this guy

Here you go

He is like a homosexual mystical stoop creature in this one.

In this one he is like the joker riding around in the wind of the ghetto or something.

So much this.
>Him acting retarded and making millions talking random shit only makes him more cash.
>Gang affiliations with both bloods and crips, literally untouchable.
>Girls going crazy over his cash, but he treats them like absolute trash, only mentions them in his songs reffering to them as skanks.
You'd all be lucky if you ever got him to be your manager, he's got the whole shit on lock.

*u niggers

2 minutes in and all i hear is a white guy shouting nigga


He's not white, he's mexican and he can say nigga, because he has high standing friends in the 2 largest american gangs.

Pure unadulterated cancer AIDS.

I would advise that he removes his tattoos, gets white tooth caps, a haircut, def. a shower, put on a suit and go and look for a proper job.

el goblino...

yeah but cypress hill were mexicans and they didnt say nigga 50 times in any of their songs

bu-but he not black`?




Come again?

This guy is actually very gangsta, I was expecting some lil wayne type bullshit, but this nigga legit

well that was awful

maybe Im getting old but I can remember a time when rapniggers were not literal homosexuals with rainbow coloured hair
the absolute state of american nigger culture

>This is unironically considered "white" in america

Blow his head off with a shotgun.

>stoop gremlin
>mystical language.

dude please stop, I'm fucking dying over here.
This is how I really feel about Tekashi69. I want to hate him and I know his music is dogshit but at the same time there is something hilarious and darkly fascinating and almost cryptic about his style.

i found this white bitch who thinks shes black aswell

This guy looks like a JoJo minor antagonist at a future time when Araki is still drawing manga at age 152

You have to be 18 to post here.

>"Woah... so this is the power... of Weimerica"

i'm 99% sure she has legit mental retardation.

Daily reminder that pic related is the same guy

This is the future of humanity. Everyone is going to look like this.

Average IQ in this video: 60

He looks like this

jump of a cliff

Nice society you got there america

damn that goes hard

goddammit now i like this faggot, why did you have to do this to me user

Didn't this guy rape an underage girl?

First I go to /tv/ and it's a bunch of faggots arguing about /pol/ shit and billy corgan
I go to /pol/ and they're all talking about maisie williams
I come to Veeky Forums and we're talking tekashi69
what the fuck is going on

it's not rape if she enjoyed it.

Holy fuck. That shit sounds like smoking meth on a tuesday

>9gag logo on fingers

fuck i wonder how much crystal meth his parents smoked

Shit. You're right. He's even got sculpted eyebrows.

fat life insurance policy than introduce him to even harder drugs

122Million views. My fucking god.

Serious question, how the fuck is this shit allowed on YouTube with all the censorship you hear about?

use the 409 cleaner and steel wool to clean up the top of the fridge where we set the oil bottle and it always leaks out

move the fryer and slicer and clean the wall behind it the same way and the table too

go across the street and get some ice

No fuckin way.


They only demonetize and censor shit that hurts tranny feelings. YT is full of fucked up shit that should straight up be considered CP, and weird mkultra shit like the Elsa and Spider Man videos.

The very definition of legitimacy. Agreed. KYS.

'cause a nigga like me is going insane?
insane in the membrane...
happy faced nigga never seen me smile

yeah but those are actual sentences, NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA is hardly a sentence.
And i said 50 times :/

that's hyperbole though
i didn't think you were serious about the 50x
just wanted to point out that B Real was Mexican, looked white, and said it with no issue

whitest nigger ever

lol this kid is going to be even more hideous in 10 years when all that ink fades

he looks like a clown.
very colourful, i bet my children would like him!

whats this guy's ethnicity?

Day care



Id prolly ask him to clean the toilets and then get inside the kids play tubes and clean all the shit on the sides.
Then goto the ball room and individually clean each ball with sanitiser.
Then id tell him his trial day is over and he failed and i want him to fuckoff

*weird ass bass drop*

i fucking swear this is the worst shit ever produced

Buy link faggot

Ok genius he raped a kid in the ball pit. You just failed business school.

damn. o well i can just go back to living in my moms basement and trade some shitcoin

unironically kill himself, and bank on the royalties/whatever i can make out of his dead body, like the other faggot, lil dumbshit.


>the virgin racist
>is terrified of minorities
>has a McJob, earns money for his jewish boss
>fired from his job for saying "nigger" in an anonymous twitter account
>always angry that he's a second class citizen

>The Chad rapper
>rules over minorities despite not being one
>jew bosses MAKE HIM MONEY in exchange of his songs
>gets PAID to call niggers niggers in mass media
>nobody dares say a thing because the niggers love him
>smug about it

>In October 2015, Hernandez pled guilty to one felony count of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance. Charges were brought against Hernandez after a February 2015 incident where he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old minor and later distributed videos of the incident online.[11] Three of these videos are described in the criminal complaint against Hernandez. In one of the videos, "the child engages in oral sexual intercourse with the separately charged defendant Taquan Anderson, while the defendant, Daniel Hernandez, stands behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking her on her buttocks. The child is nude in the video.”[12] While Hernandez claimed to be seventeen at the time of the incident, the birth date listed in the complaint against him and in Hernandez's statement to the police shows he was eighteen at the time.[13] Prior to his sexual misconduct charges, Hernandez served jail time as a minor for assault and the sale of heroin.[9]

This is what nuclear fallout from 30 years of testing does to a populous without purpose.

Tell him to keep doing what he's doing. This guy is a cash cow and I would jew him out for 30%

above video is the antidote for hearing any of this demon's music