I just wanted to get enough money to be able to dedicate myself to being able to draw or sculpt in blender my 2d...

i just wanted to get enough money to be able to dedicate myself to being able to draw or sculpt in blender my 2d characters. but now i'll never make it, wasting my entire energy wageslaving in a job i hate with people that don't like me

no user.

Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are going to make it.

Daily reminder that crypto represents the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and it hasn't even started yet. user, you haven't discovered a cheat code. You've discovered the future of the human race. Yes, you are early enough. Yes, you will make it. Yes, you will look back on the pain of your losses and feel real, genuine pride that you made it through.

Daily reminder to look forward, not back. Don't give up, don't opt out. A lot of you haven't known enough goodness to believe it can happen to you. I'm here to tell you that it can. And it will. Your worst mistakes will be nothing more than pebbles strewn along the beach that will be your life. And your children's life. And their children's life, too.

i haven't lost anything, besides my motivation and hope of crypto making me rich. i already took out my initial investment, and left the 2k usd i managed to make out of profit. but with the way things are going, i just don't think it's going to work out. if it takes 20 years for crypto to go 1000x, i'll have wasted the short amount of youth i still have

not OP but thanks user that meant a lot to me
I was having doubts about crypto....

i fucking love that show

wait, are you any good? what does your work look like?

there can be no gains without risk of fear and hopeless setting in at some point. It is a miracle that the technology has already made it this far, and there will always be an opportunity going forward. Keep your head up, and if anything, if you don't believe in yourself, believe in the crypto sector, because it still believes in you:
The founders of worthy projects wouldn't invest their time and energy unless they didn't believe that there are people like you who will support them

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Cut expenses and cut work hours, or try monetizing your hobby. Do commission characters if you're any good, freelance, make sfm porn that will make you insanely wealthy if you strike a nice niche. Niche there isn't even a fetish necessarily, maybe a character. Shit is hot right now.

Op If you are able to make decent stuff I am willing to upvote you on steemit daily. Its not much but I am a low tier dolphin on steemit and have no problem sparing some voting power for artists.

It wont be much but it would yield crypto.

i am not able to make decent stuff (yet). i am learning but i can only do so much having to spend 10+ hours a day between job + commute

I can relate... Its fucking life draining when you want to refine your ability. And they want you to work full time or long shifts...

So cut expenses and work hours. Work closer to home. You're complaining but you do have solutions.

i already have the best possible job i can get in my city, and i have to live with my parents since they're old. i can't change either of that atm

Then practice till you're good and monetize your hobbies. You don't even have to be that good.

Dude, literally the same

I just wanna draw and paint and while I was a NEET for 2 years, I was able to make decent progress and had a lot of fun.

Now that I am wageslaving I barely have enough energy to progress with it, let alone work on pieces.

fuck wageslaving so fucinng much, my coworkers are also all smelly because they smoke so goddamn much.

idk what to tell you

I just wanted enough time to learn a little bit of game design in order to make my own fun randomly generating tower defence game.

It’s 24 episodes too, get ready for a good time

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