Currently your biggest problem in life

>currently your biggest problem in life
>your biggest holdings

I'm a mediocre loser with no friends

>not enough money to emigrate to the US (american gf and we'd both rather live in the US, but i'm white so no easy affirmative action immigration)

Cluster headaches

>I'm severely constipated

Too rich form my own good.


>have failed 15 subjects at uni because I have no motivation/drive and now don't know what to do

Two midterms tomorrow, could do well on both if I stayed up studying but I’m too tired.

>satanic globalists

>running out of groceries, so I'll have to leave the appartment for the first time in 3 months

I'm a loser with no friends or job

>satanic globalists

Crippling loneliness

My thesis not being finished.

small penis

>not yet rich

user, it only get worse if you continue something with no motivation.

Just drop it and do something completely different. Its gonna be hard but its worth it. Assuming you're a student, you're not gonna crypto yourself out of this. If you secretly dream that you're gonna turn 4k into 4 mill in a year you're fooling yourself.

Almost about to be homeless because cant find a bitcoin trader to give me cash in my area

1.5 Btc

sorry to hear that my man, if its true u should check out psychedelic mushrooms ive heard that ppl with cluster headaches benefited from them

sorry for the derail

>just moved to US, tough to integrate


Bag holding tether

>too much money unironically

Nvm it's back at $1

Having an unplanned child that I really didn’t want, due next month
AAPL stock I’m nocoiner


>extreme wagecucking
>10k JNT

>paying taxes

>I'm a 25 year old basement dwelling loser

>holding LINK not being biggest problem in life

>nothing, sold everything because apparently I owe more than I earned

age, are u with her now?

LOL. How much have you earned, and how much are the taxes?

> vicious crohns disease and barely any intestine left so malnutrition

makes sense


>>currently your biggest problem in life
I broke my back in a skiing accident, so I'm homestuck for a month, which really fucks with my schedule for finishing my Phd and finding a new job
>>your biggest holdings
Flossbach von Storch SICAV - Multiple Opportunities R

30, and yes

>disabled procrastinator

I'd rather not say
let's just say I've put all my life's savings in this and made few good trades that earned me big bucks and then lost most of it trying to catch the falling knife as the latest crash happened
the good trades I still owe for even though I barely have any of it left
how it's supposed to make sense is beyond me
I'm seeking help from some accountants and lawyers right now

im really really bored all the time because i do nothing but sit in my room

>Be 28, haven't had a job in 5 years. Don't know how to get back on track in the normie world.

well, you better have enough to pay an account and lawyer fees. Seems like its better if you never cashout and let everything reach to 0.


50% ETH, 50% XRP. Best of both worlds.

Crippling loneliness


>Be 29, haven't had a job in 6 years. Don't know how to get back on track in the normie world.

>Don't have many friends and lost a lot of money from being unemployed

Shitty wage job with unclear prospects, can't define my goals

>not enough LINK

wouldn't that be worse? the trades were already made, I would still owe the tax but with no cash left they'd come after my house

I lost 2 months on crypto, my little freelancing gig went to shit because of that, not to mention the stress and how I disregarded my health, I just hope to not loose too much at this point because with how little of the earnings I managed to save breaking even is not an option
I did everything wrong, cashed out straight to my account, used local exchange that calculated the tax for me
literally couldn't be any worse

oh did I mention they might charge me with running unregistered business because I traded so much (only 2 month but it might be enough) and this would mean devastating penalty?


bother we will make

>job I enjoy that pays extraordinarily well clashing with uni
>Link, soon to make me so rich I dont need either

isnt the "paying tax on every trade" thing a meme? otherwise trading would hardly be profitable at all, no?

Depression, anxiety, lack of goal and direction in life

I'm cash poor and barely making my $750 car payment, 21, no job, fuck college, 30k in crypto right now though started with 5k when moon when lambo


Same here. Got any tips?

Where are you from, user?

Can fuck hot thots regularly easily but can't attract(/don't have the patience to attract) chicks I'm actually interested in intellectually.


if you live in commie shithole like I do, yeah
people in my country use all sorts of tax-evasion tricks but I learned about all of it way too late

> Have way too much IQ but aspergers

the single european country with absolute worst crypto tax policies
mfw meanwhile in italy crypto is tax free

So capital losses aren't tax deductible? That should be the case for almost all investments? Mind you Im a kiwi so i guess we're kinda jaded

I need to get back in shape and my inability to maintain a healthy relationship with a girl is driving me insane.

>So capital losses aren't tax deductible?
only when trading stocks, doesn't apply to crypto
government here is really fucked up when it comes to this

going in I seriously thought common sense would apply but it doesn't

where are you from? france or belgium?

Damn I‘m sorry for you. I‘m a bit scared about this shit for 2018 myself, but I should be good to go for 2017. How did you learn about tax evasion stuff? I need to evauate until EOY what the best approach is for me, if crypto has another bullrun and I had to pay capital gain tax it would be devastating for me as well. Not touching my holdings until EOY as well to not make matters worse.

I don't really want to live anymore.

When are the bills due and how good a lawyer can you afford? I asked a friend of mine who's studying to become one, in his last year atm, and his views were that it could be a fairly contestable case, especially if you're the first person in your country to face this situation and stocks are tax deductible, then you might be in luck. Can you post country or are you that concerned about anonymity?

Problem: no gains
Biggest holding: LINK


Because of daily masturbation and a porn addiction, I'm incapable of feeling positive emotions or feel strongly about anything with my burned out dopamine receptors.

>6BTC in XLM

>tranny shit
life imitates art

>no gf and hardstuck in silver (i need to get to at least diamond before the qt streamer girls will notice me)

>i was dumb enough to buy LINK

i feel you. failed seven out of eight subjects at uni.
>link, req

not the first person with this problem, a lot of people who were aware of the situation were just smart about it and used tax evasion tricks like opening company in another EU country
as far as I know there were no official rulings in court of law but the IRS equivalent we have here can give you individual interpretations of tax law by request and multiple of them were issued regarding crypto, all of them were basically the same, with only one of them saying that crypto to crypto transactions don't need to be taxed (this doesn't mean anything to me though because I daytraded using local currency)
Accountant I'm working with was doing crypto for his clients for years and usually advised them to pay taxes in another country but in cases like mine he was so far was successful (or lucky) with reporting the tax only on real income
the thing is that when he was doing that, the exchange I was using was not issuing calculations that comply with the local law like it does now and our IRS has up to 7 years to audit you so really his clients still can't feel safe (if anything goes wrong he can't be blamed because he was only advising and interpreting kek), never before government was going after crypto this hard as this year too, last bullrun clearly peaked their interest so I expect the worst as soon I they see those huge amounts of cash coming back to me from exchange's accounts
they are actually trying to fuck up crypto for good here, the exchange I was using, even though they comply with everything, is being prosecuted and I'm sure as hell they will release clients tax informations when asked (they are obliged to keep records for 7 years too)
all in all I feel like I'm fucked but I'm ready to take this to court if I have to

>mfw meanwhile in italy crypto is tax free
>mfw italian

>>In prison for killing my 2 kids and ex-wife. My new wife is fucking around with my brother and I can't 'convince them otherwise' the next 22 years.
>> Bitconnect

>be me 33 chad, cheated on longtime girlfriend I love but don't like with another chick that I like but don't love; feel both grateful and guilty for everything that has happened, but also generally stressed and anxious by the whole situation. Going to see them both tomorrow for Valentine's day, one in the morning and one at night. Don't know whether to choose between them or to get rid of them both and learn to love myself. Feel really anxious when not getting a woman's attention, but don't know how to overcome it.

10k FUN

Fiancé left me for cheating on her and now I'm a bitter husk with no emotion for any women I fuck. Also Stuck in the same 9-5 for 6 years now and will be 30 this year feel like I have to make my way to financial independence this year or I'll kill my self

>90% INT

Jesus something about just writing that made it real I guess and has my eyes getting teary like a faggot

Fuck man, that does sound really rough, but at least you have someone experienced. Fight a good fight, dont give up and express this sorrow in a courtroom, any (and this is the key word) rational judge wouldn't fuck up your life that hard when you sit in front of them in a court room because there's no real justification for taxing someone over 100% of what they actually earned. I think you'll be fine but I do appreciate how nervous you must feel, just don't give up a winnable battle.

im btw

Fucking Veeky Forums gave me this problem too and I haven't been able to fully shake it in 10 years

Might go get some Taco Bell

ID didnt change when I moved computers and now I look like a retard

you sound drunk, chin up lad if you want out of the ratrace bad enough you'll make it happen & as for the situation with your fiance it'll hurt until you've learnt all the mistake has to teach you. things get better though homie

do this user in small doses

Do I take a management job with one of the Big4 (Good for career) or renew a contract job for another year working 80 hour weeks for about 500k.


> Cannot provide the life for my parents that they really deserve. Also, loneliness.

Don't fight it user
I've already started HRT
Thankfully I'm young enough to pass very easily

thanks user 1'll do my best

>hiring subordinates
>VEN you fucking idiots

I have a group presentation next week. My partner is some pretty girl. We will meet up today to work on it. She probably thinks I'm a social retard and I'm not looking forward to it.

TFW 28, gender identity issues and no way in hell I‘m ever going to pass. Trying to force myself through life

>Can't decide on a plan in life

microdosing lsd also works, or so i've heard

Literally me irl right now. Only difference is I'm on my phone and he's not.