Daily Reminder Blockstream planned all along to take over BTC

Their roadmap:
-Cripple BTC -> need for LN
-Deploy LN
-Use BTC brand to push payment/merch systems move to LN
-Network effect and 1st mover adv. moved to LN
-BTC stripped of value
-Add coins as LN settlement (in progress): LTC, VTC, etc.
-BTC 2020 price: $0

'LN ready' coins at Blockstream's initiative (inc. Segwit), will join BTC in the pool of LN settlement tokens:


From 21 million to 24 BILLION coins, all INDISTINGUISHABLE* as 'LN store of value tokens'. Impact on price?..

* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresham's_law

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Compare their last two funding rounds.

https:// www.crunchbase.com/search/principal.investors/field/funding_round.has_funding_round.forward/num_investors/blockstream-series-a--73434d84

https:// www.crunchbase.com/search/principal.investors/field/funding_round.has_funding_round.forward/num_investors/blockstream-series-b--0e4380a7

These guys are doomed. Thank fuck for that.

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How exactly does Blockstream control LN, a distributed, decentralized network?

Does this mean we'll be done with the core shills?

Hopefully. Who knows how much damage the propaganda campaigns have done long term though, it's not like human idiocy is self curing generally speaking.

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how do we get bitcoin back from blockstream ? there has to be a way to screw them over.

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> Completely open protocol
> Blockstream controls it

You're free to make your own implementation of lighting, but I guess coding probably isn't BCashies forte.

I honestly don't know if these are real people. I mean, is it possible they really are this easy to manipulate, or all they actually paid shills? But at the same time, who the fuck would pay people to post on /biz, that's another level of retard... But ofc, Roger is quite insane...

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