Has ethereum been hacked?

I've just stumbled on ethexploit.org and this looks pretty serious. What is Veeky Forums's opinion on this?

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bump, curious on how this will actually fuck up a normie who puts his info

Damn wtf, i thought this was a scam at first but it actually doubled my ether.
this is fucking crazy. I'm sure it will shake up the eth community bigtime if this is accually legit.

Just entered my details. My Eth has not yet doubled....

show transactions on etherscan

Fuck off pajeet

this must be a scam

it is here's the address i got


Runescape scam

A serious group would have punished a full disclosure.
Asking for emails to provide a hack sounds fishy af.


> Send This amount was generated to be Hex-exploit compatable with your ethereum address. Any amount sent that is more of less will be lost. The amount has to be exactly as shown. 0.010726574617264 Ether Smart Contract Address This is the exploited smart contract. Send the amount shown. Amounts doubled can be seen in the "Internal Transactions" Tab on etherscan.Please note, doubling with the same amount twice may result in loss of funds. Additional amounts can be generated below. 0xe66c001A361E68f6a34bf2592bCD04aCad80CFEC
well I better snd them a hundred bucks, seems legit
since the address is essentially empty, I presume you chose Veeky Forums as the first point to spread your scam? What an honor.

Lol this scam again?????


it steals your eth, here is the function that does it

you fucking retards

scam confirmed

you will fry in hell and I hope you get a cancer

I'm going to try it, it's only like $6

thanks just double my 100k

"How is such an exploit possible?
Tens of pages are required for a detailed explanation"

LOL, make your next scam not sound so retarded op

this isn't a scam boys. I've tried it and it's legit: etherscan.io/tx/0x623c815eba6bd3ffbfd7ce2786d3e989ea1ad775f7120c3b30a610e8ebbfb486

2/10, too obvious

what did you mean by this instruction

for the uninformed, this blows up the contract and sends balance to creator

it's an instruction for you.

just lost 100k


I think he put his money into chainlink instead of looking into ethexploit.org

something doesn't add up


click on "internal transactions". That's where the refunds are.

nice angle, people who fall for this deserve it

no one is falling for it and i spent a lot of time and money to make this website. plis sir tell me how. tell me how to make people fall for it. pls sir