ITT: Shills you fell for

ITT: Shills you fell for



Link pre sibos

Just kill me.

Axpire. Only hold 3200 but it sucks none the less.
> muh Roger Ver

holy shit I didn't expect the pajeeting to be this hard

I've been just'd

I paid over $1 per XLM
FOMO took hold

BAT is a great coin!


I miss my daddy Sergey. :(((;He was sooo soft and tender, like a fish filet from Wendy before the lunch rush.

He and I would play sword fight and eat Big Macs in his twin sized bed for hours. He would smoke crack cocaine from a Spiderman nightlight and ride me late into the night.

And on Sunday mornings I would wake him up by performing fellatio on him under the covers in the early morning sunshine. He would have me rub ketchup all over him and we'd lick it off together.

I miss those days. He would buy me chocolates and lingerie all the time. We even sold some Linkies together. I think he had like 18,000 Linkies before he dumped me. He said he was going to dump them too, and his only true love was the girl working the flielator at the local McDonald's.

This ForChan site has so many Linkies, I didn't expect to find even more like minded people here than I do normally on Tumblr and Facebook.

I'm looking for new Linkie daddy. Preferrably one that is more hung that Sergey (4.2in for those curious ;))

#linkie #bullrun #golinkie

Ven, bought at 7$. It hurts

Patientory and

Be honest.


Dude relax

Aigang, bought the top at the end of the bull market,after some threads on Veeky Forums


NEM at 9000 sats.

Verge at 160 sats.

Ripple at 1.18 USD




how tf did you fall for axp?

seriously are you guys joking with me about buying AXP?

Aigang for me :( also origin trails


Bought when we were in the bull market
knew it was a shit project but thought that with Roger Ver on bought it might be an easy flip
Sunk 5 ETH into it
Kill me now

i thought icx would moon for mainnet shit is such a disappointment. also aion was suppose to moon. fuck mannn im down a few grand

shit sentence but you get the idea

GMT, Mark Cuban :(

RLC at 3,40


All the standard pajeet drill. All that in like a week bacn in Sep. Then I stoped listening to Veeky Forums and made up the loses and more.

* Bought bcash at $300 and rode all the flippening, sold just in time. But I fell for the next "flippening" shill. Right now I've been waiting 30 minutes for 4 fucking confirmations in BCH.

Dinocoins need to die!

if it makes u feel better, i spent a couple grand of btc when it was around 13-14k cuz i thought it was the dip, then around 12k, then around 11k, then around 10k, then it fucking dipped all the way to 6k and i had no money left to buy at the very bottom and the current prices. feels bad man.

Don't worry bruv i bought that too, as well as CANya end of bull market
Totally rekt right now


Roger Ver was the one that dumped it

why would you work with a man that says there's nothing wrong with insider trading?

xlm req link icx. my only holdings...

Same but dw we gonna make bank in long run

Carvertical, got dumped on hard. I mean it might be okay in the long run but fuck that.

we don't talk about that pajeet scam here :(

anyone else fell for the mothership meme?

I shilled myself :(

>I shilled myself :(
we've all had that happen to us

It was looking so good when I was desperate for an ICO, like a thirsty beta virgin... And damn BAM price is below my pre-sale entry point.

I mean, it's legit decent but it got fudded to death


STFU you fucking corecuck, like we don't know you faggots DDoSed the exchanges to prevent the flippening. FUCK BOTH SERIOUSLY

FUN at $0.09 and ICX at $9.55

Yes they fudded it like hell with false claims such a india outsourced pajeet company etc bullshit

Im so sad im all in aXpire and its only coin always red

I did too, but then I listened to what people were saying and got out right after the ICO with 20% profit lmao.

thing is, it's not a legit anything
the company has no blockchain experience and no idea on how to integrate blockchain into their old creaky product.
they outsourced an ICO to generate funds, thats all.

Axpire Markham & Son

Got Accubitten

also Roger Ver very legit

XRB at $0.03 LOL

Read The project fucking sucks. I still feel bad for you guys, hope you make it back.

Pic related

how the fuck do you faggots not realise when something's overshilled, vs. when it's early stages
I fell for some shills:
> XRB at >$3
> VEN at $1
> BNTY at $0.07
> REQ at $0.25
> KCS at $2
> IXC at $4
even if I hadn't sold them near their highs, I'd still be making profit today
how fucking hard is it not to FOMO into a coin when it's at ATH?

AXP is now all time low! What a steal




I didn't say shit about what to buy, just what not to buy
if you can't look at the graph and see which area on it screams "bags", there's no hope for you

i got shilled::: liveEDU ico

>AXP is now all time low! What a steal

Gonna be lower tomorrow. And lower and lower .. This token only knows 1 direction

SIGT . Was mining it because muh future powerhouse

I guess you are so shiny and new here then, faggot

starfox, off chain, casinos, where did it go so wrong

Life savings ltc bought 46.8 at 320 right before the crash at christmas

ZCL, thanks to whoever shilled it here

I became an Amblet

JNT. Hurr hurr muh dubai partnership. Fuck.


lol fuck that shit.

>dependent on an entirely new browser
Absolute shitcoin, qchain is what you should be investing in for adtech

Nothing wrong with nem


DBC, TRX kill me

I think we should be able to flip that one
Dr Garbage was cool enough to pospone the token release because of bear market

Fell for the ETH shill at $5.60
Fell for the VEN shill at $2

Some of these shills are alright. Just make sure you don't invest in an absolute shitcoin and you'll make money.

Don't worry homie, Litecoin will be $25k EOY screencap this.

With the trips 7 God has spoken. Thank you anongod


I believe in ARY

ufr, odn


Please have mercy

Mine are the worst: cob, ARY and HORSE

Just hold it, still a good price

Appcoin, BAT








TAU, never felt more stupid.


Fell for Omega's bear market TA shill this past weekend. Tether'd BTC at $8400 and haven't been able to buy back in since. I'm an idiot.

This. Bought 10k of those dirty fuckers half a year ago and am only up 30%

I genuinely wish all link holders would die in a fire.


shoot me

BURST. Fuck you Verge bro. Fuck you. Why go to all that effort?

ICX. I didn't do proper research before buying, so that was expected.

Buying the BTC "dip" at 16k. lesson learned.

It will. If we are out of the bear market by June ICX will reach another ATH or $10+ by Mainnet release.

It's a long term hold there is no brainless hype anymore + you have to realize that ICX already achieved 100x.

Definitely hold unless you can manage to flip better coins before that and accumulate ICX after.

I actually like the browser. Not sure what I need the coin for though.....