This board is filled with edgy teens now isnt it

This board is filled with edgy teens now isnt it

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If by teens you mean 18 - 25 year olds then yes.

im guessing more towards 18
this board has just gotten to retarded

not only teens, but also paid shills
the quality of the board has gone way down during the last year

no u

We are Veeky Forums we are legion, we do not forget. Expedition us xD

Yes like me fucker!

It's phoneposting. You can tell most of the time.

not edgy, but retarded. If you think Veeky Forums is edgy you are less than reddit tier.

>tfw you started browsing as a kid and now you're older and you forget that there are literal children on this board

>Le paid shills

Take your meds schizo

who the fuck is this chick
and why is she the queen?

Yes it’s really fucking bad.

Have you seen the endless back and forth between VeChain and Walton holders, it’s nauseating and boring. Or the endless Chainlink threads...

It’s a genuinely exciting time. There are hundreds of crypto projects to evaluate and discuss, there are real developments worth exploring and scams that need exposing. But no one gives a fuck about any of it.

I’ll be honest. I use every resource I have available to research crypto and to get a feel for the market. Reddit, Veeky Forums, telegram groups, blog posts, Twitter, TA. I want to be as informed as possible since I’m dealing with so much money. But goddamn this board is slipping. It’s less and less useful every week and most painful of all, it’s not even fucking funny. Worst memes on Veeky Forums, it’s pathetic.

You have to go back

it started to fill up with refugees from other boards for most of 2017, mainly from /pol/. there is a sickening amount of normies that post here though, the shit kind of normies though. this board has always attracted a great deal of normies that are willing to part with decent financial information, such as people that work in IB, brokers of any sort and even small business owners. these normies are fine since they have been posting on Veeky Forums for years and understand various protocols. the current influx of normies are the really insufferable ones that havent taken the time to absorb the board culture, and since there is so many of them, the currents posts on Veeky Forums are completely different to what they used to be during and before early 2017. they just flood every fucking thread and post the worst shit possible. i have no idea where they all came from though, its pretty disgusting really


Don't forget the tripfags with their narcissistic god complex.

This board is filled with future millionaires. You better believe it.

dumb thing is, he's obviously right, you are the one who sounds like a skizo and you are the one who doesnt belong here.

the phrase "you have to go back" was literally invented for use against people like you.

get the fuck out loser.

He said, spacing redditly.

Im phone posting because my laptop died awhile ago and i havnt had the money to buy a new one
Its fucked its the equivalent of not owning a fridge or a microwave

If you think Veeky Forums a crypto based board on one of the most popular websights on the internet doesnt have paid shills i have some bad new for you
>your a brainlet

You seem triggered, spend some time in the loonie bin did we?

27 mate
I have seen shovel dog and that dude getting his face cut off aswell as half that othershit, im more referencing the sheer amount of tormenting the kids dish out when an user gets fucked over in a major way
Yeah the raids and shit was funny back in the day but this is different, this is peoples money this time, sometimes even their life savings
How many people actually killed themselfs over this shit so far?
I dont know mabye im just getting soft these days, but we all grow up at some point

Paid shills and paid fudders. Some people fud their own holdings for some reason.

Have you been here during the absurd bullrun? If yes and it wasn't obvious to you you're a brainlet.

I'm only here for coins and news I haven't heard of yet and memes. As for research and coming to conclusions, rather use my own brain for that than listening to anyone here.

Nah. How'd you know?

You guys are retards 99% are trolls not shills

She is the wife to our lord and savior

nah this board is filled with salty crypto boomers that think bitcoin is still relevant and should worth more than 1k

Where we gonna migrate now, lads?

It was a lot more worse in december, pretty sure most people here are early twenties though, myself included.

Pretty much this, and Russian bots passively shillin MAGAcucks

Haha, no we aren't. Have you seen the blockfolio threads?


All of Veeky Forums has been shit for a good 7 years now. Some boards are still better than others but as a whole it's constantly getting worse. Veeky Forums in particular has been shit since the whole cryptomeme blew up.
>but why do you still come here if it's so shit
You're here for life.

this is something difficult for newfags to understand. If anyone was around in 2005-2007, or even 2011, there's a special kind of nostalgia that keeps oldfags coming back here. Like, the utility, enjoyment and culture this place brought you, you become conditioned to expect, and you desperately try to find it or recapture it again.

At the very least, you come back here out of habit, whenever any big cultural or technological shift happens in society.

Its nu-biz, they only came for the crypto, and they are now the huge majority

hoy hoy hoy, i'll use your own techniques against you, that'll work!

>he thinks vechain fud is actually salty walties
>don't tell him

yeah like spamming youtube with porn