Im a cryptocurrency expert and trading god, ask me anything

VeChain or Walton

For real. No fake-ass VEN or WTC FUD.


omg price eoy?


What's your favorite food?

3 highest ROI in the top 100 for 2018?

dick with cum icing

op here btw, changed comps

If I limit buy with a stop order at 0.3% above, or set limit asks with a stop order at 0.3% below, what can possibly go wrong?

When will bitcoin cash moon?
And how will Chinese New year affect the market

Lasagna probably

Larper, ignore

Wan, kmd, knc

Lol no gainz thats what

Q2/3 this year, probably 3.
I think chink ny is almost over, expect more volume

How to cash out?

How much gains will JNT make me?

What is your best strategy(indicators, timeframe, etc..) for trading these meme money?

Are you a cryptocurrency expert and trading god?

Sell LTC for CPC, yes or no? I'll do what you say.

what is your opinion on niggers? are they a product of the environment?

Only seen that shitcoin here not on whale groups so no idea

Depends where you live

Depends if swing or long term but generally patterns, candlesticks, rsi, atr, bb and a little macd is all you need. Mfi too.


Jesus Christ no, cpc is utter shit and there's a million better options than ltc

Hate them for a thousand different reasons

First, to test if you are in fact a God.

Do you invest in XRP?

I just took out a huge loan and went all in on LINK because I saw a bunch of memes about it on Veeky Forums. Am I the next Gordon Gekko?

>rsi, atr, bb and a little macd is all you need. Mfi too.
Can I get that in English / non acronym, so I can google and research?

nah i missed that moon, regret it a lot but the big market cap last year and centralization fud turned me off

Jesus sell that shit and put into good coins not some fat russian scam

Search them like that, add trading before the acronym, you'll never make it if youre that dumb/lazy

I don't consider you a God if you missed one of the most obvious buys in crypto history.

Anyhow, I suggest you hold a 10-20% bag for now regardless of XRP. It's likely becoming the standard this year.

Yeah i need a bag of cripple, if a coin ever gets mainstream backing and usage its xrp

Nah, I think I'm gonna stick with LINK because it has the most memes. I already got burned by some fucking shitcoin called Ven. Bought it at 8 bucks and lost half my money, dropped that bag quick, fucking worthless meme chinkcoin shit

Alright have fun losing the rest on that scamcoin, only biz pajeets own that shit cause they fell for pajeet viral marketer scammers.

What do you think about ICX? Holding any? I'm 100% in on this shit and it's literally static while everything else is mooning