ITT: Your worst wagecuck experience


I got fired from a good job that I was good at over a random drug test a few days after my car blew up. Then I had to go work at a gummy vitamin factory for a while sorting gummies for 12 hours a day.

Fort Mac
>End of Sept, -10
>not dressed properly
>doing man watch for 12 hours on top of a trench shivering
>sick as fuck from the morning 40 minute bus ride where half the people have the flu
>pipefitter tool crib attendant won't give me any warm gear because I'm a laborer
>my job is literally just standing in a spot for 12 hours
>don't get to take breaks with my crew
>instead have to eat in the shitty, cramped fitter trailer
>pipefitters are dirty cunts and very gruff on average
>I'm young and beta so it's uncomfortable
>do this for a week straight

Not even that bad. Most of the worst experiences are when I had to flag on the road in a rain storm all day or do firewatch for weeks outside in -30, or manwatch for weeks. Intense labor is better than these.

I've literally never had a real job in 23 years.

> dishwashing
not even that bad desu
> mexican cooks who makes you free food
> cute female workers
> don't talk to anyone and listen to music because you're a socially inept autist

...if you got your life planned out, but I'm 20 and don't have my life planned out

Lucky you, but I would recommend doing one for a year or so. If you make it you already will come across as obnoxious and entitled to normies, if you never even had a real job.. yeah. Also, it puts things into perspective. I'm 21 and had my boots on the ground since I was 14, had my first newspaper job at age 8 (my dad helped me). So yeah, it's worth an experience

I strive to do what I do, perfectly, which makes me want to understand what I am about to do as best as I can. So, I asked the boss, how this and that and then suddenly he gave me a "wtf" face, he was just staring at me and then said, you know what, try asking less and just do it. Till this day that irritates me, cause I asked like 3 questions.

many weird stories happened

>moved our product to cloud provider
>two team members in IT, only my boss got the password to the cloud interface
>me meeting with ceo/cto/cio
>why didn't i get the password
ceo literally said that like this
>"We're not giving you the password because you probably gonna be drunk and come to the idea to delete all the data, you have to ask us if you wanna access it"
>provider went down a few times when my boss was on vacation.
i got the password 4 months later

>joined unnamed IT company almost 10 years ago to work as helpdesk agent, actually wasn't that bad
>2 years later moved to server monitoring, very laid back
>another 2 years later moved to application support, now on this position for 5 years. All other supporting teams were outsourced to India
>Pajeets can't follow simple step-by-step instructions
>Pajeets quit and get hired from day to day, so Pryianka you spent 2 hours explaining something to yesterday is gone and now there's Rahul asking the same fucking questions AGAIN
>Pajeets restart production servers for no reason, so new company processes are introduced to prevent said Pajeets from fucking shit up
>Pajeets now take HOURS to do a 5-minute job because of said processes

Built a crypto mining farm, hoping to free myself of this pain. But crypto goes down, so now I'm looking at 7-9 months ROI instead of 3. My only hope is to hit a jackpot and pile up some shitcoin that is going to 100x later this year. I'm at an ever increasing risk of kms every time a Pajeet tells me to "do the needful".

Getting fired from a job you're good at sucks indeed.

It's surprising how chill you come across to someone who's been longterm unemployed. Usually the the get-ur-ass-up-u-lazy-parasite tough talk is spouted.

Some of the ones off the top of my head

>washing pans for 8 hours straight in a bakery
>washroom hot as fuck
>normally finish every shift with 1st degree burns
>minimum wage

>work in call center doing cold call satisfaction surveys for companies
>9 times out of 10 people think you're a telemarketer and cuss you out or hang up
>minimum wage

>stand on a ladder for 10 hours painting houses six days a week
>boss constantly underestimating the time it took to finish jobs
>end up making less than $2/hour over an entire summer because of his shitty estimates

>pizza delivery
>manager is some punk ass high school kid who was given the job by his older brother
>would regularly threaten to fire me if I didn't stay for an extra 4 hours after a 10 hour shift because he didn't know how to do something as simple as scheduling
>less than minimum wage
>college town so nobody tipped

These were all during high school or college of course

>couple years ago
>$11.30 hr
>Ride bike to work down hill in rain
>freezing rain and air
>sun not up
>get to work
>clock in
>go back outside to work
>pregnant girl on maternity leave lets me use her rubber rain gear
>5' mexican lady
>pants ride up my crotch
>don't reach my boots
>feet wet
>not even 8 am
>Deal with 4 ft tall bags of frack sand stacked 2 high
>I pull tarps off, dump the water from between the bags(heavy)
>get even more wet
>climb on top
>cut plastic, pull loops out
>HODL loops open on top for giant forklifts that can lift shipping containers
>machine has no finesse
>shakes violently
>climb down
>cut 6 bands off
>pallet on bottom drops
>covered in hundreds spiders and centipedes
>hold pallet against my body to move and stack
>climb back up
>moving as fast as I can
>soaked in sweat under useless rubber suit
>sweat gets cold
>doing aerobics in the rain for 12 hours in banana suit
>clock out with remaiming fingers
>ride bike up hill back home
>collapse in bed
>"Now put your little hand in mine, there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb"
>start over

>show up
>co workers are niggers
>do a 360 and gtfo

>do the needful

Every single comment in this post reeks of useless people crying about not getting free money when they literally cant do anything worth it.

>Muh "I worked there and there for a (((week)))

Are you even serious?

Thanks for contributing.

Because management is fucking retarded we're around 10 men short.
Meaning you have 7-9 work days, 2 days off and again 7-9 days. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if it wasnt a job that's outside all the time and requires labour and concentration.

Former dishwasher and waiter here, just letting you know dishwashers are considered to be by far the most expendable employees. My dishwashing experience fucking blew, my skin had an allergic reaction to our cleaning chemicals. Eventually had to quit because the inner part of both of my forearms were covered in tiny blisters that itched.

How dumb are you? I was cherry picking instances where work was shit. That in no way implies I only worked for a single week.


Do you even know what this means kid?

Desk job in a bank at customer support during summer
>verifying paperwork for new accounts all day every day
>verifying weird transactions
Never again.

>work agency where I did random shifts in event-construction and catering
>one day have to help build a festival-ground
>get exited because allready build the stage for Coldplay once, which was really chill, because the crew was p cool and the stage quite impressing
>turns out I had to lay fucking rubber-mats on the ground for 12 hours, even though I was booked for 10
>back hurt from carrying these mats all day and feet hurt from the horrible working shoes we had to wear
>finish shift midnight, tired as fuck but glad that I made it through my shift
>go to gf's place after shift
>arive at her home, she doesn't open the door and my phone-battery was empty
>turned out she fell asleep, didn't wake up to doorbell/me throwing rocks against her window
>had to wait at transtation until 4 am, since I missed the last train home

It's shields to protect you from tha jooows

Worst job - putting clothes on hangers in a warehouse for a clothing retailer. Unloading deliveries, sorting stuff into storage.

Was at uni at the time and just needed rent money. Worked there for 6 weeks and got paid £500. Just walked out one day and never went back, didn't even say anything to the manager who was on the phone at the time.

Colleagues were all sub-80 IQ - some had even been there for years. Manager was also a bouncer at night time. People used to come in stoned.

Same. It would be funny if I become a millionaire before I get my first job

>do the needful
Fucking kek'd your life could be a great tv show.

Better to look like a retard, then being one.

>rise and shine campers and dont forget your booties cuz its HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODL (ITS HOOOOOOOOOODL) outside!

All the jobs I have been done, the actual work isn't so bad. Its the management that makes jobs hell.

Worked company for 4 years. My first real job (prior did part time/contract work)

>Working 1st and 2nd level I.T. Support

>Management (Team Leaders/Supervisors) mostly quit every 6 months or so

>New Operations manager says we have to come get a card from him if we want to leave our desk to go to toilet or on break

> Get a new Operations Manger

>Placed on a total of 5 helpdesks for various companies. 3 of which I have had training for. 2 of which I had none.

>Ask for training on the 2 companies and to be taken off in the mean time. Receive no training, taken off the 2 helpdesks for 1 month then placed back on.

>Supervisor says he will organised it, nothing ever happens.

>Stress ensures as getting calls where I know nothing about, I work hours during day where main helpdesk work at night. None of the few around me knows anything

>Have my shift changed twice for earlier starts that result in me working on 5hrs sleep per day
>Get a new supervisor
>New Supervisor organised meeting with CEO if you are 1 minute late
>Get pulled into meeting for being 1 minute late a couple times.

>Ask supervisor about shift change, get yelled out

>eventually burn out and have to resign

>Whole floor get made redundant and given 3 months salary 2 months after I leave.
Job 2:
>Working level 2-3 I.T. support and projects for small company
>I am the sole I.T. person
>Boss decides to pay his son 50k salary to develop a CRM and forces his staff to use it and enter all time entries in a buggy as fuck CRM.
>Doesn't listen to anyone
>Always complaining about lack of profit and bullies all of his staff including me
>Eventually confront him about his monumental bullshit, argue a bunch and quit.

>His company goes under 3 months later.

Doctor here. On average 4 out of 5 days are wagecuck hell. People blame you for them being mortal. Workload insane, so you actually cant do your work proper. Like diagnose a chest pain in 15 minutes. And if any little fuckup = jail or losing diploma. Lots of unpaid overtime work. Fell for the medicine meme. Fucking hate this shit.

I feel ya, I got family working in the field. Why do you put up with this shit? I just don't get it. It's not like there's an abudance of doctors around...

I had to stack boxes on pallets 8hrs a day for 10bucks an hour back in 2006. Thought I was getting decent money. Was about a 40 minute drive in my piece of shit ‘98 dodge neon which eventually broke down about 2 weeks in to working there and I quit because I couldn’t afford to fix car.

Got fired from the job I had the most fun at, even if it was stressful at times.

>get hired trough temp agency for bottom bitch position for a month
>Work smart and efficient, they keep me on for 2 extra months
>Learn as much as possible, become competent in all department jobs
>Other guy gets fired for incompetence
>Get hired directly by company
>Get better at my job, start discussing ways to get more effenciency and productivity out of department with co workers
>boss notices, gives me a raise and promises promotion down the line
>finally get promotion
>company gets bought up by a bigger company a week or two after that
>fires everyone in my department because of redundancy

I don't mind shit jobs but doing your best and ending up with nothing to show for it is not very motivating.

Especially because I know for a fact that our "redundant" department was a lot further ahead of the game than their shit tier one, but the new owners nephew ran it so they chose that one :^)

I hear they're not doing well financially at all though so that kept me comfy.

the whole concept of wagecucking is slavery, in my case all experiences are the worst. hurry up and take my job

Fucking fell for the fucking meme. It seemed interesting.
Muh study human body anatomy and physiology, heal people with your knowledge
Youre the man doc, everyone grateful and giving you props for denying the nature.
Get good compensation, interesting work, and social status.
Reality : 90% of the time nothing of this at all. Paper bitch monkey, 80+hrs work weeks, no life.
If they would really tell us what it is no one would study this shit.

Its a vicious circle. Doctor shortage. More wageucking for those who remain. Im preparing for exitscam every evening.

>Worked at a winery.
>Boss was an obnoxious cunt. Had to clean barrels on a daily basis.
> The machine was automated so I couldn't legit go any faster.
>Complained I took too long to clean the barrels, but they were done properly
>Gave me an estimate how long I should clean barrels for
>Clean barrels for set amount of time
>Complains barrels aren't clean.

Slaves work for nothing.

Became GP last year to escape hospital, just as bad, higher chance of getting sued too.
Fuck medicine, wish I wasn’t so shit at maths and did economics and worked in the city in London (UK fag)
>but they have pressure too
>they work long hours too

They can’t kill anyone or destroy their lives and they don’t work weekends or nights, get the fuck out of here

get your history right. there have been different types of slavery, take the roman empire for example.

>80+hrs work weeks, no life
I know, I truly do know the situation you're in. I talk with doctors almost every day. But my question is, why do you let this happen? It seems to me that you don't realize how much power you hold. Like, you could just say you're not going to work more than 40 hours or something, and just fucking leave or something. Negotiate a sweet deal. I know a doc who said she wouldn't work more than 3 or 4 days a week (she's a hematologist) because she needs her long weekends, and the hospital reluctantly agreed.

Like, every doc I ever spoke to says that they have to work like they're slaves or something. Do you not realize you could just walk away? You're like the proverbial elephant with the cotton rope around its legs, at least that's how it seems to me. No offense meant, I'm just trying to give you a different point of you.

Wageslave = knows he is fucked and hates his life, quietly is plotting for a revolt or exit scam.
Wagecuck = I love my job, it is so interesting and Im paid that great average wage.
You have to work hard and you will be successful.
If I work hard enough I can take 3 weeks of vacation in 5 years.
Walk an extra mile, because boss says so, user.

I swear docs are the most pessimistic bunch out of all professions. I pity y'all

this, seems like their just too dumb to realize
>my country
>drs go on strike bc shit working conditions
>drs union negotiates 20% more money
>drs happy
>shit working conditions stay

>seems like their just too dumb to realize
Most are also detached from financial and economic reality. Remember, at least 90% of them went into the field because they "just want to help people ^^" (which is a nice thing, don't get me wrong, but not how the world works). They are naive in the sense that they don't realize that by working themselves to the death they burn out at 35-40 and end up literally hating the whole world. Their families end up ruined, their lives are a mess and all they end up doing is complaining while actively contributing and not doing shit to end it. I mean it's commendable that they still continue doing their duty so to speak, but you get farther by pacing your horse..

I'm a senior auditor at a big4 firm. I bet who went through it exactly knows what my thoughts are.


This. Most slaves had their own private property, they just had limited rights (like they couldn't move around for example). Not saying it's great but it's not how it's portrayed nowadays.

We have some stupid cuck sense for believing in what we have studied. Lot of people dont have heart to leave.

I was exactly there. Hematologist working 3-4 days a week. In time, I mastered all the diagnoses, and hematology seemed too easy. Being fucking idiot, I thought I can do better.

So I applied into Oncology dept in muh big university with nobel prize nominees and sheit. I thought it will be cutting-edge interesting work, where we will fuck with cancer and invent sheit.
Surprise. Assembly line, paper monkey wagecuckery. Follow guildelines like a monkey.

Administer meme medicine that does not work at all, but pharma is convincing us and patients otherwise.
Patient lives 14 weeks vomiting and hospitalized instead of comfy 10 weeks at home. WOW 40% improvement.
Then families lynch us because its out fault, people dont live forever with stage IV cancer.
Feeling like kms daily.

>do the needful
As someone who works for immigration in a country the has a lot of Indian migrants, i feel your anguish.

Yeah, I've had a medical physicists buddy who switched careers after he had a particularly rough case where he had to choose between blinding the patient within 2 years, or causing permanent motor function damage or something. He kept crunching the numbers and the models but couldn't come up with anything. Finally told his boss that he's at the end of his rope and he's sorry, he just shrugged and laughed saying that the patient will be dead in 6 months anyway, 3 months without the treatment, so he should go for blinding him. It's a shame that 99% of people undergoing the therapy don't understand what the numbers are. You can't be healed, most of the time you can choose between living your life for ~1 year or choosing to lose your hair, body, life quality, etc, and living for ~2. Fuck, I'd take my 1 year without chemo.

Anyway, why not just go back to the comfy hematologist job? Don't feel like you're downgrading or "losing the battle" or something. You can be the very best and be /comfy/ while you're doing that. It ain't worth feeling like killing yourself every day. Don't be an idiot man.

I didn't quite catch this on my first read, but
>Lot of people dont have heart to leave
This is exactly the kind of mindset I'm talking about. You guys (doctors in general) have no fucking sense of what "pacing yourself" means. You're either working 100 hours a week or 0.

Jesus Christ take a step back and realize that y'all got a pole up your ass and that you could work just 40 hours a week or something like every other human being on this planet.

Stacking shelves 7 hours a night, pay is above min and even get paid more to do chiller and freezer. Boring as he'll, I just zone out. Kinda want to leave but any job I'll take will pay less.

Pic related made me laugh

Because they can always use the patients against the doctors and say they're being selfish in the face of suffering.. like a soldier not showing up to the front while his country is being invaded because his hours are too long and his vacation bonus didn't come through.

They kind of paint themselves in a corner too when they argue for more gibs for themselves only for the sake of 'patient safety' so once the powers that be change the system to address that (ie more docs on more shifts but get paid the same) they can't say shit

>rig move
>work 12 hour day in hot Louisiana summer
>get convinced to go drinking with the other crew
>turns out they're all alcoholics
>drink myself stupid
>wake up at 5am for work
>spend the day being sick doing manual labor in the sun for 12 hours

this is one of many fun times working on a drilling rig - now my miners make more money a day than i ever did

Those gloves dont really work against high heat though, just end up sweating into gloves for hours causing my skin to come off after a while. Dishwashing sucks...

You guys make me feel better about being a PhD slave. I hate having Dr. Goldsteinmeyer changing his mind all the time seemingly just to maximize the time I get to be his goy servant, but at least the work itself is sometimes interesting and the hours are flexible. Not sure if I should become a postdoc slave or a pharma labtech slave next.

I was thinking about getting a PhD after my master myself, but finally went as an engineer. I don't regret it, I have 5 PhD in my team and they are getting me a healthy amount of data to use.

Yeah, if you have the brains/skills/focus for it, engineering is basically the best wageslaving experience you can have. You made a good choice. I started as EE but changed to chemistry because I suck at math. My engineering siblings are much better off than I am.

was in a smaller room meeting with the SEO guy and one of the autistic web developers farted loudly 2 times and just said "excuse me" it stunk to high heavens.

I'm specialized in material sciences but my job is process development engineer in nanotech. The job is mainly chemistry, applied physics and a dash of management. Honestly the perfect job.

I’m quitting my job today, wish me luck.

Not quitting due to cryptogains or anything positive, my boss is just an asshole and this position isn’t going to advance my career. I will hopefully find something new within the next 2 weeks.

I truly believe Veeky Forums has the future huge entrepreneurs of this world. Nevermind Elon Musk and those shits who only made it because of a fuckton of taxpayer money, these wagecuck experiences and high IQ gives Veeky Forumsmen a unique insight on how the corporate world (does not) work and how it must be changed.

As for me, about 2 weeks ago I quit a job basically because I'm not a very social person and prefer working at home, but my boss pretty much tried to insist on how it is important to socialize every single time, and that you need to be loud and talkative to be a good employee. Ironically I was the most quiet individual in my sector, and was also the only one who ever did all my job timely and efficiently. His loss desu.

Yeah, maybe they should stress the fact more that working 100 hours a week ain't exactly sustainable / fun for anyone. But you see due to the current political climate, people have a RIGHT to healthcare, so in essence anyone in the medical field is a literal slave to the wishes and needs of the people. Because it's a right, they don't care HOW it's done, only that it needs to be done. It's "Atlas shrugged" all over again. And the system will precisely do the same - struggle and struggle until doctors just say fuck it, throw in the towel and it all comes toppling down. I encourage them to do it because fuck it hurts to watch them slave away with no concern to their own well-being. I don't want to be treated by a doc who's burned out, hates the world, hates the patients, hates his/her career and life choices, and has had 20 hours sleep within the last week.

This is actually similar to my situation and why I’m quitting.

>Working as a groundworker doing deep drainage
>Large pump installed to pump sewage around the area we're working in
>Overnight the pump break and raw sewage flows through the work area. Also all over the street where people have their cars parked in garages
>Arrive at work 6am
>Sweeping up literal shit, tampons and sweetcorn for hours

Same, except replace mexicans with polacks and czechs who pronounced burgers as "bou-e-jers."
Left in june when I found out I could make more money consistently arbitraging bitcoin on localbitcoins and because the whole place was understaffed, so more work for me.
Even used my phone to make bank transfers while at work sometimes.
But probably the worst experience of them all has got to be honestly getting horrifically burnt because this one fucking gypo stoner cunt never says when he puts hot pans in the sink. Massive burn all along my hand while rinsing it under cold water for 20 minutes while coworkers screaming at me to wash more dishes under the hot water. Suffering desu.

Same bros
I just want to be left alone to do my work. Talk to me if you need something. If you want small talk go fuck yourself.

Classic managers.
I can't wait to start my own business to actually work my own hours and have good and happy employees.

>Ironically I was the most quiet individual in my sector, and was also the only one who ever did all my job timely and efficiently. His loss desu.
The worst is if you stay in one place long enough you'll find it's the social people who get better raises and move up quicker despite being exponentially less productive.

I call it the boomtalk.

>work 80hrs/week out of college
>do god tier quality work
>after 2 years ask for a raise, at least 10%
>they say they can't do it
>get mad
>only work 50hr/week
>start mining bitcoin and investing in crypto in my spare time and with extra money i made living at home
>gox crashes
>ignore crypto but don't sell this time like i did before at 22$
>wake up one day in 2017
>have a million dollars

life lesson.. don't over-invest in work

Part 1

>work at plastic container factor
>conveyor moves finished plastic goods
>it moves fast so it needs two people per line to keep up with it
>work on said line with partner
>line is very difficult to keep up with even with two experienced people
>partner is nigger, who also happens to be sex offender who got out of jail after 20 years
>nearly EVERY person who walks by activates a boisterous "AYO HOl UP" from the nigger
>nigger does almost no work, to busy doing kang shit
>have to go into overdrive to even barely keep up with the line, this happens for stretches of hours at a time.
>tired of this shit so I just do my "half" of the line and let the rest of the product fall on the floor
>nigger gets yelled at for letting his side fall on the floor
>nigger chimps out at line operator in break room and throws over table
>later on the shift, nigger tells me if I don't do his work something bad will happen
>proceed to not do nigger's work.
>nigger massively chimps out and tries to throw me off a 25ft catwallk nearby, somehow not get thrown off and escape. Nigger turns his attention to just trying to destroy the machines

>tell line operator, we both go to supervisor. Supervisor calls cops, nigger screams "I DIN DU NUFFIN". Supervisor tells us to go home and come back the next day for a meeting with HR and plant manager. tells us he has our backs, got the entire altercation on security cam
>me and line op are happy because we are sure nigger is going to get fired.
>come in and see nigger and HR whore with smug smiles
>HR whores tells me and line OP we are fired for being racist
Continued in part 2

>be me
>just finished school
>got a letter
>got drafted into german bundeswehr (military)
>3 months of bootcamp
>hate every day of it (worst part is the frustration from the "nonsence" where they give you pointless orders just to reverse themafter 5min combined with constant "hurry up and wait". basically obidiance training)
>get only 300€ each month (you get 4x if you volunteer and sign up for 4 years)
>next 6 months in regular unit
>less stress but still full of nonsence
>user get the crate up to the 2nd floor
>user get the crate down into the basement
>user where is the stupit crate
>after some time I stop giving a shit and just start following orders without thinking about them
>feels like something inside me has died
>after a total of 9 months go to university

this is london isnt it

part two of the return of the KANG

>Cannot believe what is happening, tell her to look at secuirty footage
>tells us the cameras just happend to be not working at exactly the time nigger assualted line op in lunch room, and later that day on the line
>tell her that is bullshit the shift supervisor has the footage
>tells us he was let go by the company last night for making a false police call on nigger
> HR smugly explains "Tyrone has been saying you and line op have been harrasing him, and now you even got the shift supervisor to make a false police call, what did you expect was going to happen?"
>Cannot even comprehend the injustice happening here. Sucks to lose job but luckily I had a number of other places I could go to work, a few palces I worked before and had a great relationship with the people running them

>Go try to get hired somewhere else, go called in for interview
>Walk into interview, everyone looks pissed at me, keep in mind these are people I have been on good terms with for a long time
>Do you know why we even bothered to call you in for an interview?
>umm.... for a job?
>No, myself and the entire managing staff wanted to personally condemn you and your racist actions to your face
>Proceeds to tell me how his granddaughter is "mixed" and how people "like" me are total scum in a long lecture
>just walk out
>Can't get hired anywhere now, HR bitch apprently made it her personal vendaetta to fuck me over
>Same shit is happening to line operator guy and supervisor
>ended up having to find ways to make money online which led me to biz years ago
>before this ideal was liberal and loved diversity
>hate niggers and HR whores with a passion now, full fash

Degree cost a lot which sucked
All the downsides of a retail job (customers yelling at you and shit), crazy addicts always throwing a fit
Dealing with insurance companies is terrible

But, pay is good and have far fewer responsibilities/stress than a doctor

t. Pharmacist

part three and closing notes

Really fucked up ordeal. I wish there was a good ending to it, but me, line op and supervisor all got massively fucked and I was the only one to actually recover a little bit. If I make it I am going to give a portion of it to those guys becuase they are poor as shit now. The only silver lining I can think of out of this was the Nigger ending up sueing the company a few years later for 10 million over a racial discirmation lawsuit, if you could even call that a silver lining. Also, the guy who called me into to scold me who had the mixed grandaughter, well, his daughter and grandaughter were both killed when their nigger dad chimped out over something. I feel bad for them...sort of.

I had to work with middle aged women for 2 years.

Was she a roastie?
Sorry user

>100 degrees fahrenheit outside
>Inside giant oil silo
>Wearing full hazmat suit and rain boots to my knees
>Shoving hardened oil around using a shovel + broom for 8 hours
>Pitch black + horrible acoustics inside silo
>Constantly stuck in the oil, like walking around in glue/quicksand
>Minimum wage

Quit that job after 2 days.

>McDonalds (the worst)
>Long John Silvers
>Little Caesars(this one was actually not bad)
>Kellogg's Pop tart factory
>Wal-Mart Truck Unloader
>Comic Book Store (manager was an asshole)
finally went back to school and make 100k and live in manhattan and got qt gf who also makes 100k, have nice apartment by central park and some cats feels good man

I used to sleep in my car a 1996 mercury tracer when i was working fast food, got $90 a month in food stamps and stole food from work when the managers weren't looking to eat. actually got put in jail for being poor and not being able to afford insurance on the car

the roastiest

notice the french flag at 0:02- only Paris. The city of romance.

holy fucking shit user this can't be real... I feel sorry for you but I can't help laughing. You really can't make this shit up with niggers

>do the needful


She was cuddled up against Jamal. She heard you.

>be Torontofag
>fresh out of univesity with a meme degree
>can't find relevant work
>get job at warehouse to make ends meet
>printer supplies warehouse picking orders
>one of 2 whites on a crew of 15-20
>Filipinos are ignorant jerks
>Arabs are ignorant jerks
>Indian supervisor lady is a complete fucking jerk
>make friends with the blacks and Asians plus 1 qt girl from Crimea
>Indian supervisor makes me and same black guy sweep the warehouse floor at end of every shift, nobody else
>yells at you across warehouse in these statement-questions in her godawful screeching accent

I lasted 4 weeks

I washed dishes for 4 months in the navy. Our gloves were 90% hole, 10% glove and when I complained the retarded cook told me to stfu. Fuck that life.

Cuckposters need to be eradicated

Cooking at a restaurant that was falling apart at the seams.
>boss was a cheapskate
>except when it came to his family
>and gimmicky equipment that we don't need
>second-in-command was the bosses son who worked less and got paid more but thought he was hot shit
>He literally got caught taking naps while on the clock but since he's family it was ignored
>Most of the staff had a drug problem and showed up blitzed out of their goddamn mind
>the last straw was that instead of giving me a raise or christmas bonus, he would send everyone to a trap room experience as a team building exercise.

I was a few raises overdue and this was too much. So I left the day before christmas eve. It would of been an easy job if everyone wasn't a goddamn idiot.

Everyone cranks

Wasn't too bad desu

>>after some time I stop giving a shit and just start following orders without thinking about them
>>feels like something inside me has died
>>after a total of 9 months go to university
Sounds like a worthwhile character building experience to me.

The work was tolerable but every CS was like a 70 IQ inbred mutant, they couldn’t schedule, reason, or plan for shit. My main supervisor was the dumbest white guy ever he was so scared and anxious of getting in trouble from his first class that he would keep us late every single day doing meaningless shit. Which basically sums up the rest of my experience but this was even worse than regular boat life

>From 2012 to sept 2017 I worked at a one of the large banks investigating fraud.
>Eventually got promoted to deal with darkweb and organized crime cases.
>Got to see some really cool stuff in the underbelly of crime.
>Start to see how valuable bitcoin is by how much the criminals are using it.
>Find out about Veeky Forums start trading on the side while at work instead of working.
>Make 500k over 6 months
>HR sets up a meeting with me
>"So user what is Veeky Forums?"

tl;dr got forced into resigning for trading and browsing Veeky Forums instead of working and threw a 5 year long career in finance away for it. Went back to college with the money I made and will be making twice as much as I had at the bank.

im 32 and i never worked a full 40h week in my life. highest was 28h

obvious larp


poker. im not rich or anything, just making 50k or so

at my old wagecuck job i worked with mostly boomers except my female boss. environment was so dead. people were fucking weird to the point where they sat not even 5 feet away from each other and would rather IM each other than chat in person.

is this even real

uh hu hur dur, one guy black, fucks me over and now i hate all black people raaaaaaaaaaaaah. Get over yourself.