How low will we go Veeky Forums?

how low will we go Veeky Forums?

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The breakout is official.

Floor hot next stop 10k

>Go to 7700
> bounce hard
> Break 9k 10k
>Normies FOMO at 11k
>12k bull trap
>Drop to 3k

With that volume? I doubt it. Its becoming pathetic, no new buyers are linning up.


very likely lol

>>Go to 7700
make that 7k and you may be right

Volume is a meme, it explodes both in the upside as well as on the downside
It's just something you see when the bots are turned on


How low will you go?
How low will you go
How low will you go
I really need to learn
Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breakin’ us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

The whole "upwards" movement in the last week is just a bear flag on a bear flag on a bearflag on a ...
I'd go with , maybe expect it to bounce more close to 7.2k but we really need some shock to kickstart real buying. Right now nobody wants to enter positions because it could go either way really fast

6k seller detected.

>monopoly money
>holding any real value
>posts brainlet
oh the irony

This. Tedious dipsellers are worse than pajeets desu.

Veeky Forums told me that we bull market now so the crash is over.
Mandatory comments
>He sold at 6k
>To the moon!
>shhh breathe
>TA fag

No retard

Oh you're in for a surprise friends
If you really think those random pumps today meant we are back in bull market
The brilliant minds sold a week ago and waited for absolute destruction
I WILL be buying your coins off you for cheap, see you at the bottom

You have been warned

Nah, I sold at 8900 few days ago, could've day trade to increase my stack but was too lazy to do it.


just when you think the state of /biz can't even get worse, BTC dips to 6k and generates hordes of desperate, cucked butthurt bottomsellers spamming the board with their "predictions" of 1-5k since then. this will continue until BTC is 25k-50k$. "YOUVE BEEN WARNED, BTC SUB 1k IN THREE DAYS".

Can you just kill yourselves please? This is even worse than the bazingacoin shills.

Lmao this
Holy fuck it’s gay and annoying
Fuck sake there is literally no reason for bitcoin to go that low
It went from 19,000 to 6000 like fuck me thsy is a insane correction as it is

>Fuck sake there is literally no reason for bitcoin to go that low
who is buying right now?


>going between 8k-10k for some time
>up to 11k-13k
>then down to 2k-4k
>stagnation for a year after that

enough people to increase the price from 6k to 9k by 50%, slowly inspiring confidence for other people to buy in. too bad for you you have to FOMO in at 12k.

You've really managed to do a dog-shit tier prediction.

>You have been warned

another one for the filter.

same as "1k" "2k" "3k" "4k" and "5k"

who is selling then?

almost nobody. that is why the price keeps rising.

Who's going to be buying at 11k?

The volume is lower today than it was yeaterday, How can we possible go that far when more people are cashing, don't you think those keeping this price are big whales who want to slowly exit the market?

At this point there are two types of normies,
those who where shilled on bitcoin and jumped in and those who were too cautious to jump in and advised their friends NOT to, when bitcoin mooned a late last year the nocoiners got jealous and were possibly deemed fools, Now that it'a crashed so hard, the coiners are now saying "I warned you against it", there is no new person left to bring on board.

Not sure how long the whales/bots want to keep up this price, but as volume continues to drop everyday, we can tell that we are going down, even the hardcore coiners are cashing out,
I'm half in half out. waiting. Just waiting.

BTC 4k

Um that is not enough for bears you faggots.
6k? 5k sounds better doesn't it? No way 4.5k bitcoin sounds better
See where i'm going? Bears will maul you, BTC FAILED to break fucking 8.9k or 9k 6 or more times on the 15 minute candle. Bulls tried w.e they could

I dunno.... looks like the other direction besides up... is down?

>almost nobody
spotted the brainlet. for every buyer there is a seller.

you just need to stop and think for one second: who is buying, and who is selling?

hahaha you bottom sellers are hilarious with your panicked FUD. You're so obvious too.

>brilliant minds
lmao kys retard

Best thing that could happen is having the price stabilized to get rid of the drama. Then we have good chances to have alts overtake even more bitcoin dominance


>doesn't understand the concept of supply and demand and why a price rises when supply is low
>calls other people brainlet

>completely ignores my point
>brings out an irrelevant argument to dodge the question

bought at 8800, huh

>coin fails to break random resistance
>has to immediately lose 50% value for no reason!

Good thing I have a big brainlet folder for you dimwits.

It's called greed and Actually, these people are those who already made money, saw the crash and cashed out early enough, and believed they would be able to eat their cake and have it. They've bought in and nobody is following them this time around. Enough explaining, use your brains faggots

This is what I don't get either . Why do you fags think it will immediately plummet down to 5k. What would cause it?

>fails to understand other peoples arguments and why they refute own idiotic statements
>continues to be an annoying brainlet moron

let me spell it out again. almost nobody or even nobody selling means bids get higher and the price increases. especially when the price keeps rising despite decline in volume demand is there but not much supply. so people want to be buyers but can't until the match the rising the price.

I'd be ok with this.

wishful thinking from cucked 6k bottomsellers. nothing else. just take into account most of the retards are aged between 18-24 and have no actual clue about how financial things behave. most likely it is the first crash of those underaged crybabys because they started buying BTC at 15-18k.

>especially when the price keeps rising despite decline in volume
literally a text-book bearish divergence you dumb cuck.

>"this will continue until BTC is 25k-50k$"

the absolute state of crypto kids, you can be 100% sure a person like this have not been around crypto for more than 3 months

sure we will casually drift back to 20k, making a perfect V pattern graph, lol, knowing those are the people i'm up against in this market makes me so happy, it's just too easy

So.. you are saying you sold at 6k$?

if we are green on 1 week candle and it is higher than last then we have finally exited bear market. we are only $400 from that, i think (last i checked)

*high was 9065, so maybe 9100-9250 will officially break it

>B-but it means there are no sellers, to the moon!

zoomed in memelines

I've been in crypto since september 2016 and have to agree that BTC is going up to 20k-25k in a month or so. All my wealthy clients have no doubt of this too. BTFO with your shit spewing, faggot.

no point arguing with you kid, you are obviously emotionally attached to your investment and this is the main reason you will likely fail in this market, as you will just close your eyes and mind for everything while spamming 6k bottom seller for everyone despite their arguments being reasonable or trolls

so not wasting my time explaining that while there is a chance we could go back to 15k-20k, the chance we go back to lower prices like 3k-4k are much higher, so it's wise to use risk management accordingly, good luck

*Breathes in*
YOU MORON, we JUST had a nice pump for the past 2 days. After a whole month or so of getting shit on. Do you think bear market just vanished? We are not in the clear yet
20-25k is only hoped for.
20k ATH is NOT promised you greedy stupid kids. As i said it is hoped for, nothing is promised

ITT: increasingly nervous December buyers

We are not until we are clearly over 11k

and what part of your ass did you pull that out of?

>All my wealthy clients

could be 4k...

two options:
we go to 11000 and beyond
we fail to breach ~10700 and we come crashing down

weekly macd (hasn't been bearish since 2016), daily cloud (btc hasn't spent that much time below it since 2015), a falling wedge from the top we are still in
this are the sings of reversal
not one stupid candle, which we already had in january before falling from 17k to 6k


ALSO checkem

some people about to be fucking liquidated

sigh..shoulda been watching the clock... on time..


soo wheres this gonna stop?

9250 is the last downtrend memeline

if btc breaks it then we bulls

verry close.. 9240

Have a look now. The oracle was right.... $9200 approaching on binance with no signs of slowing. Big candles up!

But yeah, keep

as soon as we 9250+ then the BULL WILL FLY TO THE MOON AND BEYOND

it reached exactly 9200 on bitfinex

wonder if those people that watch the futures sees this.. lol, ok btc opens at 9240 lol


myticker was on bitstamp.. so many people thought they were safe with 9100. must hurt.


Haha, all the bears predicting another crash. Same shit all week, durrrr "NOBODY IS BUYING, VOLUME LOW, IT CRASH SOONNN!!"

Rinse and repeat from 6k to 7k to 8k to 9.1k and onwards. Could it crash? Sure. Could it keep rising? Sure.

None of you know shit.


Large volume, bulls are really trying to push now. Nice!



so next stop 7k? lol

more like 9,5k unless this is a bulltrap, I doubt that this is a bulltrap though considering how many shorts just got liquidated.

sounds like that was the plan.

there were not enough shorts opened anyway,
more interesting thing is that longs are closing too


Really? that's worrying...


Fucking retard if people cancel their sell orders, the price goes up without anyone buying, brainlet ratface

>very likely


I'm not closing, I'm holding my long I bought at 8K until Mar 29 expiration

I legit expect 13K by then, but I might be a little getting ahead of myself.

I'll accept 10K, desu.

no it doesn't, the ticker price is the latest completed trade, not the current bid

opened a long at 9.1k, target is 9.5k and stoploss at 8.95k wish me good luck.

opened a short at 9.1k, target is 4k and stoploss at 9250 wish me luck

Tight. I dunno, I'd not be surprised to see a bounce at 9250 to test 9000 again first - this is a crazy market after all! Unless you're in like 100x I'd set it a bit lower just in case

Probably a good bet though, good luck!


I'm about to open a short.
I'll close my long if it retraces to 9k.
>pic related