Bought JNT at 0.00045 eth but it just keeps dropping

bought JNT at 0.00045 eth but it just keeps dropping
time to sell? is this one of those coins that look good but never pump like INT, ICT, TKY and AXP?

>he fell for the shills

Yeah sell now.

AXP was known to be shit
TKY pumped today
No need for ICT to even excist
and no clue about INT

We will see in 1 week if JNT can succeed or not

i'm still in profit frog faggot

Will keep tanking like most of the other shilled posts

Look at link, Fun, bat and so on

Just swap into ETC for the fork moon. You missed the ZCL moon don't go for that one

The fuck were you expecting
JNT is a long term hold, if it moons, it will be in Q3 not now. It will probably even dip a few times before that. Just chill out and control your ADHD.

pls hold my hands biz coz im a retard who can't make my own decisions waahhhh

Hey he is at least holding around 200 JNT. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT DECISION

lol chill out, it's been in free fall for the last week basically. everyone says the same thing for every new coin and then they get dropped to hell by ico faggots
also look at the buy orders on bibox, it's a foil of thin air, i could drop jnt to 0.0006 eth by myself

> le funny anons XDDDDDDDD

>free fall
oh dear god, just sell and gtfo of crypto, never seen a pajeet on that retard level
>market order selling
And guess what will happen after you did that
Back to free fall right?

yeah whatever you say crypto god
i guess you're one of those faggots that just HODLS forever
the hype is gone for now and i don't want to be around when ico faggots drop their bags on binance and kucoin

This is just a weak FUD thread masquerading as someone asking for advice. Your reactions show that you are predisposes against JNT anyway.

Why do keep asking for an advice, if you already have your opinion? This whole thread lost its purpose right now. When you are at it...delete it.

Since you have shown that you cannot comprehend order books and the market sell order anyway

yeah just like it was fud for every other x100 coin that got shilled on biz and then got dropped after a month
i'm not against jnt btw, i'm here for profits not for bagholding lmao
i just asked if it was a good time to take profits and you faggots jumped on this circlejerk train
i wonder when did you bought in lmao

45 ETH worth at ICO
30 more ETH at 00051 gwei

Either you hold or you market sell right now so someo other guys can restock cheap. And once again, since you are advice reistance.
delete this thread

where did i show i can't comprehend order books? holy shit fuck this board
you can't even market sell on bibox, i just said that i could crash the buy orders just by selling all my bags without caring

I remember the icofags saying this was an easy 10x kek

>never pump
>1 month

Easy 2,5x in the current market? Sounds good to me.
Look how other ICOs are doing, which were released in the market. Just shows that there is a big potential in it.

It's ok brainlet. Sell your 200 JNT already

>getting this salty for crypto


salty? You open an advice thread, when you are not even looking for one.

>Being this retarded in crypto

just dropped my bags
keep hodling guys

Interesting call to not even wait for the strategic partnership details.

But profit is profit, so who cares.

Someone is actually dumping kek


Guess It was actually OP lol

he's gonna kill himself in 3 years when he realizes how much money he could have made

jnt isn't good for short term gains, maybe if you bought at ico or at launch and then dumped it at its peak it would be but at this point it's not going anywhere

I hope so,i bought jnt at 74k gwei and i'm already on suicide watch

get fucked infidel