>>7625135 user here...

user here. We are getting more and more sure that the major new player is actually ACQUIRING LINK instead of just being a partner. Wait for the conference, watch Sergey closely. I wonder if his behavior will show us any signs. If true, he is nothing but a front right now. Some tech is just too good to work for the public. Watch closely, DOYR. And do swing trades on it, do not listen to the retards. Watch yesterday's graph, you could have sold at 77000 after the big buy-in. There is a ton of trading opportunity in the days to come, but mid- to long-term we might see LINK being moved away from the eye of the public.

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how will it affect the mid-long term price?

IF this is true, all other partnerships are outbid and off the table. If they get acquired, anything could happen. LINK hat immense use cases. Odds are they want it all for themselves. In this case, LINK investors are most likely fucked long-term because they have no incentive of sharing a network with the public. The data processed by it would just be too sensitive.

>Musk has been paid off to keep silent
You could have made this larp at least slightly believable. Kill yourself, brainlet.

Yuge if legitimate

But seriously, this fucks token holders in the ass since the
might then actually become a reality

I'm getting so sick of this stupid shit. Fuck off.

Can you imagine that there are major players with endless financial capabilities who are FOMOing hard, right now, on blockchain tech? Who would that be?
>Secure payments to units and foreign intelligence assets worldwide
>Decentralized intel exchange
>Super high-speed transactions
>State-of-the-art cryptography
>Super stable because non-centralized
>Military-grade smart contracts automatically performing actions in certrain events
>Used in drones, shipments, intel exchange, foreign operations
And now think of a company that just happens to have the tech to connect smart contracts and the real world. Do you actually think that they would miss out on that? Would they want you to participate? Who is Musk to them? What can Musk do against it? Shit he can, he is dependent on them (just look at SpaceX). If this happens, Musk will keep his mouth shut and know his place. He will continue being a good salesman and innovate in strategically relevant fields. But just not in this one.

don't be such an autistic and try to understand anything can happen

>anything can happen
you could wake up dead tomorrow

Then how will it be decentralized? Delete the thread, rewrite your larp and try again.

third time's the charm opie

>wake up dead
>wake up
pic related , it is you

>i promise i have inside info a company is going to buy up all the linkies and use it for themselves making the entire project useless and defeat the purpose of it completely by making it completely centralized

If your organization is big enough, you can run a decentralized system inside of it. Some organizations do not intend to make profits, they have other goals. Do you want to say that companies offering decentralized systems can not be acquired? We are talking about highly promising start-ups here and acquisitions are very common in this field. What makes you think its implausible that Sergey would not just accept a ton of money RIGHT NOW and retire instead of keeping working independently with an uncertain outcome?

You are implying Sergey or other founders give a shit about defeating the purpose of their idea when they are facing a customer ready to buy the whole business? Its not Sergey's problem anymore.

Yes I'm sure he spent all these years working on crypto related projects and an oracle for smart contracts to sell it to some company that would make his entire project useless just for a sum of money that will probably only be a fraction of what his stake in smartcontract will be worth five years from now.

There will be nothing announced at the conference, you know that. Its a hard and harsh truth but this is the destiny of this coin. Sergey will just talk inteligently about Smartcontracts, show some fancy slides and thats it "Thank you" and hes done.

I also wish there was some real announcements made that could mean for price to increase.

But it just wont. Accept it

t. 10k linkie

What he said. Too many are getting their hopes up just to get let down. It's a conference, that's all.

This is probably the worst thought out link LARP I've seen yet.

>i promise you sergey is going to sell it all to elon musk so he can not use it for years it is real he is going to throw away all the time he spent networking and acquiring partnerships for a million big macs yes he is willing to tarnish his reputation by by fucking over these partners for a life time supply of mcdonalds just trust me and buy mobius

>buy up all the linkies
I didnt say that. I said there a possible acquisition of the whole company and their code on the table right now. The code is not public. When the code is not in Sergey's hands anymore, there is no future for ChainLink as a company, but the tech will be used by the buyer.

>will be worth five years from now
Possible, but its very uncertain. He might get sick, his partners might drop out, the whole market could have a crash that drags him down, he would also have to actually WORK ON THIS THING. if he sells the company, he has won life and with the money in play, the difference to his POSSIBLE UNCERTAIN gains will not matter.

But that is what I suspect. Sergey knows he has to give investors some information soon or his coin will dump into oblivion. If he will do as you predict, which I bet he will, look for his behavior. He is probably all set already and doesnt give a shit about you and your LINK bags.

>muh reputation, muh all the time
He would be rewarded big time for the loss of his reputation (what reputation?) and the time invested in case of an aquisition.

>Sergey knows he has to give investors some information soon

He doesnt know shit. He doesnt care. He wont care unless some user will actually go to that fucking conference and confront him with questions

This is literally the most brainlet larp I've ever seen. Holy fuck at least make it entertaining. The fact that anyone on Veeky Forums entertains this at all the latest sign of its steep decline. Seriously if you're responding to this seriously just go back to telegram jesus fucking christ.

SWIFT and Tesla are out? Do you mean that they found better and cheaper oracle service? Should i sell my linkies?

Why am I picturing some bizraeli sperging out in the middle of Segrey's speech?

That makes sense, user.
There was a strange LARP the other day, where someone posted a long text in Russian which basically said that Sergey is back in Moscow under a heavy NDA, and his conference talk will be cancelled. Oh, and that one also said that SWIFT is off the table, but for different reasons.
We will see.

Is Musk still crying his eyes out?

He is an entrepreneur and this is the major project of his career. Would you care if you were him? Of course he cares. It is the biggest thing he has achieved in his life. The question is if he is the one in charge by now.

Keep your linkies and watch Sergey's speech. His behavior might give us signs of what is happening. He is just a dev after all and all of this is so much bigger than him. Then trade the news. It is the only smart thing you can do right now as a LINK holder

I do not know about this, but I am also positive that SWIFT is off the table. I do not believe in the Russia part though. NDAs are definitely real in every case. You sign an NDA before sharing any sensitive information when you negotiate possible partnerships/acquisitions.

Deluded linkies

why in the world would you be positive swift is off the table? Sergey's last update indicates their still working on ISO 20022 standards and after datadash said the same thing rory in a rare firm rebuttal said no we "are working" with SWIFt. It's pretty much as clear as they can make it be they are still working with them. They've been in SWIFTs orbit since 2015 and stayed there unlike other blockchain companies. SWIFT has no other blockchain pocs running for bond payments. The swift institute document on open APIs show the smartcontract.com open source approach is exactly in their playbook.

So all the companies interested in LINK got JUST'd? And we're about to get JUST'd in the long run, too?

Fuck man, I don't want to be poor anymore.

The Russian LARPer wrote that Veeky Forums LINK memes made AXA and SWIFT withdrew from the contract for PR reasons.
Makes no sense, unless it's a cover story for acquisition.

the russian larper literally isn't worth considering at all. All it will take is a simple rebrand and all the macro images and edits go away, which is likely given how there doesn't seem to have been a ton of thought that went into the logo and branding thus far.

So, link will be useless because Sergey sold the tech. Forget the NEETS on Veeky Forums. Take a look at some of the wallets holding link. Now imagine Sergey deciding to fuck over a lot of whales, some of which probably hild some power.

Tl/dr worst LARP ever

So because of a post on Veeky Forums you believe the whole thing is off the table?
Repeat that sentence a couple times in your head

You plebs have no idea how long the acquisition process takes for major corporations.

The process would take longer than the link token has been around.

There is no takeover.

exactly. Veeky Forums got in on one presale link that leaked. Only 10% was sold in the crowdsale The rest of the 90% sold in the presale (which went to undisclosed buyers and was a far higher percentage than they said it would be) has largely not moved since the presale (though some has but to who we can't know). Veeky Forums jokes about having a lot but compared tot he billion it has very little and will mostly be shaken out as it begins to past the previous ATH.

I think Musk went on and already forgot about it, you do not hold grudges in business. Especially if you owe the people who cock blocked you.

>why in the world would you be positive swift is off the table?
because of the most recent developments i have been writing about. I was 99% certain that SWIFT will be made official. They were working together, as you point out correctly, but there was no official partnership signed yet, they were just making test runs and Sergey could use their resources for free. But the real thing was about to come and now I am most certain that it was cancelled in favor of an acquisition.

>some whale investors hold more power than one of the world's biggest organizations
I think Sergey will make the sarcrifice, honestly. Its an immense trade-off for him

What if its not a corporation? Read the thread closely.

Sergey knows these buyers. The acquiring party can make a deal, its all a question of money. The whales just want to make a good return, they are not that attached to Sergey's persona or the tokens, but you are of course free to believe otherwise.

I heard that McDonald's is acquiring Link. They're looking to build a decentralized Big Mac operation the likes of which the world has never known. It's all over.

you are really dumb. Try reading other more successful larpers posts to understand why people think they are credible. The only reason people are giving you the time of day is because biz is now terribly stupid itself but this is pretty much unpassable as is.

user I understand you are a LINK believer and probably hold 10s of thousands of LINK. I get why you rather believe LARPers who tell you that LINK will be $1000 EOY and you think its credible because it is what you like to hear.
I am not talking you into anything, just consider an acquisition a possibility and what it would mean for your investment. Whats more important, your money or your unhurt belief in LINK?

except you're literally just saying things with no attempt at building credibility whatsoever. Nobody should take positive larpers who present no evidence seriously either. It hurts your case that it's clear your just grasping onto unsubstantiated meme rumors that have happened to slip out and don't fully seem to understand the organization of smartcontract.com or what SWIFT is on a basic level. It's okay, you probably think youre intelligent and a good writer but I'll let you in on a little secret, you're not as good at either as you think you are.

And yet you’re the one constantly replying. It’s almost as if you are the one desperately trying to prove a point for no reason other than that you’re a shill. Just don’t cry later after not having sold the news during Sergeys speech, I will be there to witness you wojaking

I don't have to prove anything to anyone because I'm not claiming to be important or an insider. I'll let you in on another secret: no real insider comes back day after day replying to people questioning his credibility. The ones that are usually true are the one offs that go ignored. By the very nature of being important enough to have information they don't have time or care to argue with people why they should be believed. I'm not shilling to anyone we're the only two responding in this thread because it is literally not compelling or believable at all. So fuck off for a few weeks, put a little more thought into your larp, and try again as a different persona. Okay you dumb nigger?

>all insiders share a common pattern of behavior which is known
>everything that doesn’t say $1000 EOY is not compelling
oh believe me I will come back after a few weeks to post in your suicide thread. The bags will heavy I hope you can bear that weight brother

SIBOS 2.0. Screen cap this. The price is going up because people expect Sergey to make a huge announcement. If he doesn't, well, maybe you'll learn this time not to buy at the ATH.

Because the software itself is nothing special, they can just clone the git when it's released or hire a team of pajeets to duplicate his software for internal use. When will you braindead idiots realise crypto does not derive value from the technology itself, but from the decentralisation/democratisation of said tech. Anyone can fork bitcoin but good luck convincing 20 million people to use your fork.

you do realize the insider people believe the most estimates link will get to $60 before falling to $10 and the price singularity takes it to a few bucks? the thousand dollar meme isn't even worth discussing. Signal capital said the best possible scenario takes it to 20

this, for some reason this and blockchain seem to trip up the newfags.


At least get what he said correct. It will spike, then consolidate to 10USD, then slowly grow to 150 USD. He even admits its a guess.


>Giving a fuck about what a guy who launched a hotwheels car and a camera into space thinks
>Not to mention that reddit has a massive hard on for him

what a retarded larp. the only reason they did an ICO was to include the common folk like us on it, otherwise it wouldn't be a decentralized network and of no use to anyone when a billion other centralized oracle solutions like oraclize already exist

don't let anyone convince you that your LINK tokens are useless or will be useless or that shadowforks are coming, the big corps if they want to use the network they NEED your NEET ass. surreal but true.

theres just an awful lot of cognitive dissonance going on between the reddit newfags here who take him super seriously yet also say 1k is a realistic number. Sounds like you suffer from it yourself with your whole "its just a guess"

Nobody can know anything for sure
Blockchain, smartcontracts and oracles
Are all relatively young techs
Do you think anyone thought btc or eth would be this big?
Even Assblaster said its just price speculation

>The data processed by it would just be too sensitive.
That's the entire fucking point of the project. It doesn't matter what data is being processed. It's encrypted and hidden from the nodes.