I really like some of you. Short now

I really like some of you. Short now.
There is no volume to break 9k. Too many people are expecting to be lifted up to >9k, fat sags of shit hoping for someone to lift their heavy bags up, not gonna happen. We have 2 bearish H&S in play which will complement each other and drag us down to 7k. You have been warned.

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its obvious a crash is coming because litecoin and dogecoin just mooned by themselves

Yeah, that's strange.

Not a good time to Short

lmao yes please short so that the whales have more fuel in the impending slow grind upwards

You don't know why it mooned - that is different than no reason.

I'm going to leave this hint so your uneducated faggot ass can do some research:


You TA fags really are pathetic. Maybe its just autism. Probably newfagness.

The inexperience leaks through this post op. You are trying to gain support. You dont know anything just some basic patterns you learned on youtube that come from forex snd mature markets. And you are a noob at them to boot. You are weong 99 percent of the time and will be untill you get it right when anyone could get it right like bull season.

I doubt you have an underwater short, but you probably think you are some sorr of wiz because you can finally understand what the lines mean. Your arrogance thinking you can predict them suddenly only comes across as insecurity or need to gain support from others who have no idea either.

It's not making a H&S, retard.

>TA in a manipulated market
when everyone know its a crash you might want to consider that the manipulators know this and will surely reap all those shorting

you been saying that shit every day since the 7th

face it your TA meme leaves are fucking worthless

Calling a pattern before it completes
This is amateur hour
Take your charts and go back to kindergarten

Low volume confirms the pattern.



7 of these threads every fucking day...

THANK YOU why won't retards listen to advice


top fucking jej this thread

LOOOL u got JUSTed and BTFOd niggerfag

muh no volume

How is that short going dumbass?

Nice meme lines cunt


this shit is obviously so manipulated. i wonder how many shorts got REKT

>"While volume confirmation is preferred, it is not always necessary."

another bear sniped & liquidated

have a look. it's breddy good



>I'm never wrong so the market has to be manipulated

9264 on bitstamp now HAHAHAHAHAHA

HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck your meme lines faggot

To the people that listened:



bump for the luls

Omegacuck looking for some rope.

The meme lines were right actually. Just not the ones he drew because he's a moron and a noob.


>muh volume.
my fucking sides


>he's terrified because he sold the bottom


>we have 2 bearish H&S that complement each other

Oh god, the cringe.


too bad I actually listened to "no volume to break 9k" and sold at 8850. too bad.

Probably didnt account on the market manipulation. Look at sudden volume spike at resistance. They will push this corpse to 10-11k where everyone will fomo just to drop it again.

volume too low until it isnt

dont focus on volume alone. when there is low volume it can still go up or go down. instead focus on market sentiment. it shfited from pessimistic and downward at 6k to slightly optimistic and upward.

but no one likes you

How to measure sentiment?

lmao you talking shit

people on Veeky Forums saying "It can go to 100K, easily" is when you know we hit the top

people on Veeky Forums saying "it will hit 4K, I opened my short at 6.5K" is when you know we hit the bottom