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>exchange beta launches as soon as in march
>fiat support
>XCM token is used to pay transaction fees kind of like Binance but it's mandatory and if you don’t buy it manually it buys it automatically for you, part of the token gets burned with every buy/sell
>debit card
>in-house developed ICO platform (they use it themselves for their own ICO even)
>payment service provider
>tokenized asset management (invest in pro investors, or become one for commission)
>much more -> DYOR

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Typically I'd be balls deep already but I'm a bit worried about the increasing competition and the current state of crypto. Any sources on the beta date? If that happens and they have fiat, they'll have a huge "first" mover advantage

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March 2018
FXPIG Blockchain development starts
Exchange Beta Launch or check out their homepage and the animated roadmap

This is probably the most legit ICO in years done by people who got forex exchange behind them.

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best ico of 2018

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>this shilling
>DEXs on the horizon
>flash sales


>Implying secure DEXs with low enough latency to allow high frequency and margin trading will ever be possible before Plasma is launched
>Implying Plasma will be launched before POS
>Implying POS will be launched before 2019

We have a good 2 years before any DEX comes out that’s good enough for serious traders. For now they’re only usable by NEETs and money launderers.

I wouldn't buy in to any ICO with the current state of crypto, good luck.

thx bought 100k

>XCM token is used to pay transaction fees..
Which transaction fee? transaction fee on a crypto exchange site? or is it just transaction fee in generel?
If the latter is true, what would be the benefit of this token, for instance why would Binance use this token to pay for transaction fees rather than there own token?

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>Coinmetro is a new fiat-crypto trading platform based in Europe that will use its own XCM coin for trading.

>Experienced company that has been running a forex platform for 8 years
>lifetime discounts at both CoinMetro and FXPIG
>Follows all regulations and has all proper trading licences

Detailed interview that answers questions about the platform by the CEO of fxpig and Coinmetro


Binance coin did 200x has same functionality. Coinmetro is going to be even bigger.

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Don't think they're asking for papers my account says I'm from andorra lol since thats the first country in the dropdown menu.

You will have to send them a photo of your ID before the tokens being distributed.

this looks like a rip-off from district0x's website

that might be a good point, do you have a link?
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>exchange beta launches as soon as in march