Just buy this shit. EZ x10. Coin is so undervalued right now.

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shit got hacked, coin will keep dying

time to move to the next ponzi

No it didn't got hacked. A shitty exchange got hacked.

If there wasn't actually any problem with Nano itself, than this coin right now is a fucking steal.

Feel like it'll take a while for the BG stigma to wear off, so might hold out for a lower price

>buying a lousy litecoin fork
>no thanks

You don't invest in tech. You invest in hype.

Can easily take 4 months for the fud to wear off.

Brb need to do some more flipping

Nano is nothing exciting. All I hear from the ledditors is their repeating shilling of:
"It has feeless and instant transactions".

Just wait for LTC, BCH, IOTA to get to/near the same level (IF IOTA will work, otherwise it's a shitcoin too). Nano has no partnerships, no new ideas, no connection to the big boys. Normies now know Nano by it's name because they read an article about the 'Nano hack' and will remember that.

The only thing Nano has is a Reddit fanbase full of fags. They act like a cult, downvoting everything what isn't Nano.

So yeah, there you have it: a dying shitcoin. Good luck with it.

I'm loosing faith guys. Bought during the dip. Yet every single day we get a new lowest low.

Stop with this meme. Nano isn't a litecoin fork, retard.

It's like, your opinion, man. And it's pretty dumb. You're a faggot. And you don't understand anything.
Nano is the best coin ever. No other coin comes close to it. It's fast, and it's free, and it's scalable.
LTC will never be free and scalable.
BCH will never be free and scalable.
IOTA is free but is a meme tech and won't deliver before 2030 or something. Nano is working, right now. Just try it.

Come on, you expect Veeky Forums to buy something that already has a working product ?

Don't lose faith, man. Price won't go under 100k sats.

Just trying to right some wrongs. It's like everyone is misinformed about Nano. I don't know how people think Nano is less valuable than fucking bitcoin gold, it's pathetic.

IOTA has the devs actually stopping doublespends

it's fucking PayPal 3.0 (Ripple is PP 2.0)

It's not a big a deal, only got 5k $. Put a minor position because the coin is that good. Right it's THE currency coin... I really like the devs "adoption is king" attitude though.

Binance is shitty? McAfee apologised for that assumption btw

Yeah I agree. Every shitcoin boasts about his "partnerships", most of the time it's fake. And even if it's real, it doesn't mean anything. A game changer like a cryptocurrency moves by adoption by the average joe, not by fucking meme partnerships.


if IOTA can deliver, then it will fucking kill Nano


>>litecoin fork

IOTA was the first project i believed in as well, when i changed from stocks to crypto in November. But they system crashes ALL the fucking time.

Currently doing my Master's thesis in Computer Science, One of the possible assignments i got contacted about was actually by the IOTA group. That's when i knew how unserious this whole project was. Not only asking total Noobs to program their shit, but also to do it for free. That's when i gave up on it. Not sure if i'm legally allowed to share the mail they sent, but here's a small screenshot

If NANO can deliver it will kill BTC

Ok tell me, what will Nano deliver?


Now ?

Haha, great answer. Ok, I will buy some Nano.
And if it fails, I will spam this whole fucking board with IOTA.

Instant payment, 0 fees, infinite scalability. Good enough ?

It was 10 cents three months ago you fucking clown!

Just wait it out pal, If Nano succeeds loosing out on 20-40% during the first phase will be the least of your worries, It's gonna go waaaaay higher than that, just wait and see if more tuts adopt it as a currency. There's some so far, but we're gonna need way more

Also it delivers this NOW. Not "soon"

The FUDsters are getting desperate XD

As soon as bittrex fixes their XRB wallet it's gonna moon like never before!

Just made a buy order for 100 XRB on Kucoin. Proud of me biz?

Great choice!

The FUD is really strong right now but if you sell they win. The nano team are experts at covering up FUD. Your investment is in safe hands.

Proud, i'm ashamed on your behalf.
Never take advice from Veeky Forums. Take whatever information you get and do your own research on it.

Smartest would be to just wait and see if big corporations adopt this. We're still in a early adopter phase so it doesn't matter if you buy a week after an announcement. You'll still be light years before normie influx


Brainlets who buy Nano completely miss the whole point about crypto and public blockchains. These are the same people convinced by shit pump and dumps like TRX and XVG. All it takes is for the to hear big numbers repeated enough.
Have fun with your no time immutability retards lmao

while IOTA is an interesting project I think they fucked up the business idea completely, IOTA coins are means of transporting information, nothing else, assigning monetary value to those coins is absolutely retarded, IOTA should've created a company that would license their coins to use for companies, coins themselves shouldn't have any value, they are trying to imitate a decentralized cryptocurrency that IOTA is clearly not, it's a mismatch

Bitcoin has 21 million coins. Bitcoin will get segwit plus lightning. What people forget is that you can continue to upgrade. This means first mover advantage but also learning from everyone else and being able to implement what works. Win win scenario. You keep buying shitcoins. The world isn't meant to be "free". You have work for what you have in life gtfo. Vitalik also said the money of he internet shouldn't be feeless.

It's supposedly new tech but there's no way it's not perfect!

Every exchange has issues with XRB but it always gets temporally fixed.

Nano ledger is time immutable, you mongoloid.

no it's not lol

>muh partnerships

go kill yourself mongoloid

>When your only argument is "haha" "lol"

Here comes our bitcoin maximalist.
Updates to bitcoin are band aids on a wooden leg. Bitcoin technology is ancient, and will never be used for payments.

yes, it is. Wanna keep going ?

Please don't use such offensive language.

The chinese have done so much for XRB. They're the ones who helped the whales (they're becoming extinct, especially during this bear market) dump. And they let us know that double withdrawals aren't exclusive to bitgrail.

Oh I see you used the term "double withdrawal" which is perfect. Yeah exchanges had difficulties with implementation, Nano isn't an ERC20 shit token. But everything is fixed now.

Thanks! I'm going to try this out!


This is FUD; Rephrase your title and repost

Anyways my fellow baNANOs are you excited for the upcoming bittrex listing? This will surely pump the price hehe I'm only in it for the tech which is superior btw.

It also used to work on binance. Maybe we can try it again when nodes go out of sync. It's like the faucet never ended!

>This is FUD; Rephrase your title and repost

??? I don't understand. Nano protocol has no bugs. Double withdrawals are exchange problems.

Psst, you're replying to the wrong dude. I'm also trying to shill XRB here. You're making us look suspicious.Do you think you can handle it on your own?

I think we need more exchange listings. Should I tell Cryptopia support to kill themselves until they fix XRB withdrawals?

>Double withdrawals are exchange problems.
Don't talk about this! It's all the bitgrail's fault and the devs dindu nuffin.

Oh ok you're a brainlet, I get it now.
Why don't you go fuck a duck, or something ? So we can keep an informative thread without morons like you in it ?
Thaaaaanks ;)

bittrex listing happened years ago and it was delisted cuz it was a buggy shitcoin you brainlet

No. Cryptopia delisted, not bittrex. You're the brainlet.

He means Bitgrail you absolute mongoloid

Cryptopia delisted because support was getting death threats. Bittrex never listed xrb as it was under maintenance and I figured they were too lazy to add it since it’s not erc20 token. And bitgrail had a bug exploit that caused ether to double deposit because the bomber was a retard. Nothing wrong with nano’s end

This guy cryptodramas

Are you sure you're replying to the right person? You make it sound like someone is spreading FUD but I don't see it anywhere XD
Can you point it out to me please?

We need new exchanges ASAP cause FUDsters are trying to drive down the price. Please vote to get it listed on this 3rd world exchange!

No way it can be that long ago, XRB is new tech XD

look at the date in the bitcoin talk thread u moron

Black Block Research_Nano Intelligence Report_Feb 11 2018.pdf

So brazilian people can't use crypto because they're what .. too poor ? too dumb ? Oh I know : too brown for your tastes maybe ? Fuck you man.

April 2016 - February 2018 is not quite two years.

f u d b t f o

Dude what are you implying? I already called you out against your racism against east asians...

Not really. It'll end up being a remittance layer for smart cities and IoT. For example, your city isn't going to issue a city token and worry about theft and all that shit. They will, however, sign up with a fiat exchange that manages IOTA for their smart city and allows collection from devices.

The IOTA part will be abstracted away from regular users, but the game theory is still there. Companies aren't going to go full retard and start exchanging company scrips within the tangle and set up thousands of price oracles. That would be insane.

Really, if the protocol gets adopted and the ledger becomes something the IoT depends on, IOTA's exchange rates will reflect the value capture and network effect of all participants. IOTA doesn't have to be adopted over fiat for this outcome.

It just has to work and get hardware lock in.

THIS x 1000000

Pretty clear. You're mocking a thread about putting nano on a brazilian exchange because you're a white supremacist.

1000000x more retarded ? Man that's something I'd like to witness. Please elaborate.

Nano already handles Litecoin levels of transactions, lmao

Your presumption of me being a white supremacist doesn't make sense. Brazil has the most whites out of any south american country if you count honorary aryans, the japanese. Speaking of aryans did you know that the indians are considered to be part of the caucasoid race? I'm indian btw and I was scared to tell you that until now but you can still make up for the damage you caused me.

XRB needs to get listed listed on this indian exchange, it will mean a lot for my family. I could use the money to feed my them for a month but I'll probably just use it to buy more nano XD

Or to buy better D E S I G N A T E D streets ?

All you nano holders are deluded

Look at the longer term price/satoshi. And how it exploded right when BTC was hitting its epoch. This coin will drop 4x more, easily. Especially after so many people lost their funds due to the hack

nano price explosion is not correlated to BTC price. What kind of moron are you to believe such a thing ?

> shitcoin prices are not correlated to btc

everything is tied to btc. it's what the normie waves buy and thereby gives the wales the incentive to manipulate the crap out of this market

What happens if bomber uses your documents submitted for verification to account recover your bitfinex account?????

I guess you're fucked. next time don't send your documents to a hacker/shitty person.

Every single one of mentioned coins fucking sucks as currency. And Lmao at fcking LTC its Iiterally copy of BTC.

You're asking me to invest in a reddit flavor of the month coin with very weak fundementals.

If i wanted to buy a DAG coin, i woudln't buy this mess.
Byteball has
>smart contracts
>privacy features

you realize this email is fake brainlet?

15% of that meme currency disappear on the exchange RECOMMENDED by the "devs" (venture capitalist assclowns)

no problem bro we just re branded ... carries on XD

... pajeet tier action right there > KYS

It's a bullish sign. Accumulate when they start having issues again.