Would you invest in her?

This is a sugar baby who made an ad on a sugar baby site, looking for a sugar daddy. Would you invest money in to her and her business?

top kek I used to live on the island

You might hodl but I doubt it will moon

There's going to be massive dip, a crash, and then an exist scam

Claims to be 22 looks more like 32.

24? More like 44

Only if she takes the investments in a way that is maximally demeaning. Like, if I throw the money in the toilet and take a fat chipotle shit on it, and she has to fish it out.

Definitely in her early 30's, but who would give this kind of person the kind of money she's asking for for basically nothing?

Hello cutie invest 20,000 link show bob

If that mediocre bitch can make those demands and hope to get them then the west is really, really thirsty. In 5-10 years the value of women will bottom (sex robots). We will think back to us and our fathers and how much they invested and put up with for that 4-5/10 when now we have harems of 10/10's on demand for the same value (sex robots)

hey hey heeeeey

used goods.

sugarbabies, strippers sex workers in general are literally the worst I hope Trump sends them where they belong, hell or reeducation camps with Pence

hope her dreams fucking crash and she ends up under the bridge doing heroine.
fucking hate this whores

shes from canada so she's prolly retarded

She's at least ten years older

Anyone had any luck on this site lads?

She could get $$$ for camming on twitch while playing some shitass game.

Women are the biggest bubble ...sex bots will pop 'em

>I have high IQ


Trump has literally married a sugar baby thot who hates being around him

Just her way of saying she is a Rick and Morty fan

>ability to make everyone feel at ease and create connections

Seems like she can deal with crypto autists. I would hire her if I get rich

You have no idea how thirsty the West is. It's like an arms race of better and better looking and taller Chad's competing over fatter girls through social media. An actual attractive woman is basically zipping around on private jets and making spending money through financial humiliation of betas over webcams. it's literally hell if you're

>I have a high IQ and am extremely aware of and in touch with my EQ
>high IQ
>in touch with EQ

>Ton's of buzzwords
>Claims to be high IQ
>Went into fashion and design
>Idealistic thinking, green energy meme bullshit that has no ROI.

She's an inexperienced idealistic kid fresh out of school. I wouldn't hold long term, just bang her then kick to the curb.

>sex robots
This meme again, why are you cucks so delusional?

>high IQ and EQ
>need financial help
pick one
Dunning-Kruger in effect, and as other anons said if she's not in her 30s then that's a very unfortunate face


Keep away from the bitch. I know her type, she's dangerous with other peoples money

They exist now and they're only gonna get better and cheaper. Yes, you would hit pic related. And I guarantee the guy who made it already is.
Her business is in a field (interior design) with low barrier to entry and the niche (green eco tard shit) within that field has come and gone so no, I wouldn't invest in her delusions.

My favorite part:
>I believe my business plan is solid
>I am apt to carry it out
Then why doesn't she do just that? Is it that hard to pitch this to investors?

Invest in her? Literally wouldn't even fuck her.

you don't invest in women faggot, this is like buying a good, that will be devalued over time.
also that bitch probably gonna leave your ass if you're broke.

>Wants to start a business in a field she has no experience in
>Uses words she doesn't understand the meaning of

Wouldn't give her a penny.

No. This bitch looks 40 with no husband or kids. Something is wrong with her beyond the obvious.

Fucking hell she sounds like an absolute nightmare

>Red flag, the profile.

Too many degrees of sugar coating with this bitch, would not invest.

If you're to invest in a woman, invest in starting a family with her, this gold digger ain't worth the time of day.