how many OMG do i need to be comfy, and why is it 4000?
>real question, actually don't understand 4000 meme

Because price will be 250 EOY

>sees a meme that doesn't make sense
>asks what's behind it
It's just a meme


Thanks, just bought 4000.

I heard biz was sometimes clever and sometimes not retarded so thought I'd ask.

i think 1700 is top 1% of wallets so that should be a fair amount

1% doesn't mean that much because of the airdrop. You should be checking out the top .1%.

>top 0.1%
Thanks, will sell kidney

It's 12k OMG so probably need to sell another organ too

In about 80 straight omg threads from oct to dec there was some leaf asking if he would make it with 4k omg. Literally every thread. Others started just getting it out of the way early in threads.

I'm one of the guys that made sure to get to 4k because of him, I have 4003 omg right now, I'll make it with his blessing

It started because retard would say that he has 4000 omg and asked if he was going to make it in every thread.

thanks lads

You bought too much, man. You need 4000, not more, not less, exactly 4000.

I'll give the 3 to my siblings and parents, don't worry lad.

feeling so comfy rn

Serious though, is there a good chance this will be 4 figures in a few years?

In a few years, definitely. Not this year though, I expect very low to low 3 digit this year assuming the whole market doesn't get rekt.

Yeah, I'd say $250 is already optimistic. Incidentally that's the price you need to make it with 4000.

That's the thing, I think with fiat pairings coming and fiat exchanges, OMG should perform separate from the market given it's supporting a structure and company already in place with a massive customer base.

All this circlejerk around omg

How does the coin ITSELF have any value tho?
> muh dividends, muh stakes
(locking up coins do not give the coin value to begin with. It might increase the value a coin already has. but it does not have inherent value)

Value comes with the volume of the network and the fee.

don't ask hard questions that dumb FOMOers like me can't answer, thx

Percentwise piece of the cake, because of staking. Its not really that hard of a concept to grasp.

If something generates you income, it has value.

It's got nothing to do with the value before it generated income (i.e the speculative value).

Once staking goes live, it can be valued like any other dividend producing asset

There's no point in explaining things to retards like you. I would much prefer that you don't buy in and stay poor like the inferior brainlet you are.

If you insist on riining the joke, some guy used to ask in every OMG thread if he'll make it with his 4000 OMG. Every fucking thread.

It just caught on

I have 4000 OMG. Am I going to make it?

Staking is allowed from 4001 OMG upwards, so nope.

Is 650 enough to make it?



Sure hope so. Got 700