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how do i find an pure waifu? Have the jews degraded them all or is Japan the last bastion of conservatives?

Degraded them all

i wish i could legally kill people like you who prey on these kind of innocent waifus.

You asked a question and I answered
Learn to read pajeet

I fuck your waifu

i can answer this honestly cause i lived there for two years.

most of them and the the guys too are extremely innocent. non degraded.

there are some alarming signs of corruption starting if you dig deep enough, i did modelling there and the fashion students around me were talking about this new idea they'd just been introduced to.. gender stuff.. made me fear it wont last forever there.

all up its good and if you're white its true its just like an anime and girls will approach you and ask for sex because that is how asian girls act when they see a white guy in an asian country... and some in white countries too.

please tell me she does porn

my fault, i read that as "degrade them all". Please cure my depression so I can have better memory

Already signed up yesterday and fapped to Ultimate Blondes with AJ Applegate

>pizza for $6
That absolutely reeks of high quality dining

>PornHub FREE
I appreciate it, user. This fap goes for you.

>Literal male model
>Multiplies his SMV even further by going to Asia as a white guy

life is such a joke

You can get dominos here for like $5.
What does premium give you

i was a model in japan, its not unusual for any white guy to model there.

>if you're white its true its just like an anime and girls will approach you and ask for sex

Ok I guess. Still must be nice being a 7+.. who even needs money then, just show up and don't be weird

say what you like, i was just being honest.


Denial is the most predictable of all human responses

Maybe in Russia

Porn is the only product the Jew gives away for free

bad at sex

its there to make you complacent

You can clearly tell nobody in this thread has actually had an east Asian gf. These girls are fucked out of their minds and will act like children right up until their deaths. They will fake illnesses, ruin friendships, and foster jealousy all in the hopes of getting you to spend more time with them. If you have any semblence of friendship with other females you might as well consider it gone because as soon as they catch wind they will unleash all hell about how you don't love them enough. These girls are crazy, spoiled beyond belief by their parents so that they are convinced acting like a child will get them what they want. Fuck those FOBs, give me the Americanized Korean and Chinese girls.

Porn is evil. It's designed to drain you of your virility and keep you from going out into the world with confidence and strength. remember that semen is a life force and keeping yours keeps your mind sharp, gives you energy, and confidence. don't fall for the porn meme.

>americanized asians

also sounds like you just had a couple of bad experiences or maybe your personality itself is the problem.

>he literally wants stale semen encrusting his insides
>he literally sees no value in keeping his pipes flushed
Found the prude

I fell for the Jap QT's love white guys meme too.

Go to Tokyo with a pal who brags about all these girls he's pulling over there.

Arrive in Tokyo, see a few QTs at the airport, get all excited.

Go to some expat bars next night, see Jap girls chatting with gaijin all over the place. My pal is like, 'See? See?' Look closely.... they are all fucking ugly. I mean they are dolled up and nicely dressed but just unattractive.

Go to another bar, same shit. Next night, same shit, maybe 4 or 5 girls I saw at these places over 4 nights were decent looking.

Go to a brothel, told I can't go in because I'm not Jap. Get shown some place that accepts gaijin, all the girls are fucking ugly again.

Wait wait, explain the pizza.

kek desu

how does this shit relate to Veeky Forums you retard

is that a fake penis head or is it infected?

Everything is related to Veeky Forums

Ohh not a couple friend, I've dated/fucked close to three dozen foreign Asian girls and all of them devolved into the same shit flinging and jealousy as the last. Yeah, I party a lot with my female friends but I've never even considered cheating on any of them.

I think it's because I target the rich girls from Beijing or Shanghai. Saves me money on food and travel.

Perfect desu
I dont have friends anyways

Can /bargain/ generals become a thing?

gtfo with your shit, filthy pornjew

You can literally buy a pornhub premium account(near lifetime) for $4 on the darkweb.

Nice larp faggot, you would not have time to date that many girls seriously unless you are like 40

Stop watching porn


get your degenerate filth from my wholesome WASP board jude

when you say you save on travel.. do you mean they pay you to fly there? or that they live in the states and you travel together sometimes?

free travel and food almost seems worth risking a spoiled rich girl going berserk on you haha

I'm 27 and spent 3 years after my undergrad in China. I didn't date all of them, I had multiple fuck buddies at the same time between relationships. Even in an fwb relationship these girls are nuts.

lol he said 3 dozen, thats only 36. average guy could do that in one or two years with tinder.

I live in Canada, but they would often pay for my flight tickets, hotel, food, and pretty much anything else with their parent's credit card. Sometimes I felt bad but once I caught a peek of onr girls chequing account and it had over 3 million CAD on it so those feelings quickly dissipated.

Can confirm user, lived in China as a good looking white dude, these girls are nuts and are extremely jealous. Almo mostly shit in bed, no passion. Go for the westernized ones.

Do they only fuck white guys?

I see

I thought he meant serious dating, like several months at least

This is a great use case for chainlink. Funds will only be released upon confirmation of a pure bred

its not like i'd be any better tbqhds

>fell for the jap meme
>the anime jew


Koreans literally get plastic surgery to appeal to your idea of beauty

Japanese girls are fucking ugly

>Japanese girls are fucking ugly
kill yourself this instant you absolute turbofaggot

Wait, why the fuck would rich girls that live in China go for an average white guy? How do you even meet these girls if you live in Canada?

maybe, just maybe, you're ugly too

>thread about porn
>Normies come in and talk about their sexual exploits
And fuck you assholes who enable these fags

No in my opinion Jap girls are more attractive than both Korean and Chinese.

I saw plenty of hot Jap girls while I was over there just they were all with Jap guys.

I fell for the Jap QT's worship white guys meme.

Who was your agency? doing the same thing in 2 months

I have had some dealings with a girl from China, absolute sweetheart but she is extremely jealous and wil randomly go off sending me hugely long letters about how I hurt her...or something. The sex is great though, the box is tight and wet and she'll do anything I want her to. Including Jack me off with her feet. ha ha ha

I've had this experience dating a half Taiwanese chick for a few years

Some of them here in Canada do, most of the girls in China never fucked a white guy before though.

They are children, they see something shiny they will glue on to it like flies on shit and throw tantrums until they get what they want. They were born into the wealth, they don't give a flying fuck how rich the guy they are dating is. The only thing they crave is attention and time, but holy fuck do they have a mean appetite for those. Toronto is like 40% Asian, I use Tinder or TanTan and pull at clubs.

No. I'm pretty good looking actually, that has nothing to do with my story though.