reminder that ALTS will bleed AF if bitcoin starts the Bullrun today. Last time BTC went to 20k+ Alts were down 150-200% down

>down 150-200% down

BTC drops -> Alts drop
BTC moons -> Alts drop

not a bullrun until we are out of falling wedge we've been in since december
bullrun starts after 12k
so its kinda premature to sell alts now

>down 150-200% down

No because we are still in the recovery phase.

People see Bitcoin not crashing as a market recovery and feel confident buying alts again.

After Bitcoin has firmly recovered then goes on a bullrun is when alts get rekt.

Bitcoin used to have 80+% of the market share, now it's barely 30%, most alts still follow it somewhat, but none of them crash because BTC jumps anymore, most of the time they'll rise as much or more. What you're advocating is a huge waste of time which will only lose the people who do it money.

It does say a lot about the kind of people who write posts like this.

Lol no. Btc market dominance is shit now. Won’t happen.


but u see most alts are going down now. And this will ccontinue as long btc rises.

shortterm alts don't give a fuck at worst, but usually go up together

muh doge likes it very much

I actually hope alts bleed, I want to pick some up for cheap

my alts are going up faggot

and NEO+EOS?

Can't find ALTS on cmc, what's the circulating supply?

Alts will only start to lose btc value when btc breaks it ath and starts a bullrun retard


Over 500 ZCL here damn it feels good to be comfy.

>xlm up
>ltc up
>btc up

Yeah, nah

>valuing in bubblecoin
You deserve all the losses you incurred over the past couple months lmao

yeah alts are superior in every way lol