No whitepaper

>no whitepaper
>no blockchain info
>no scaling info
>no token value info
>lied about Vitalik being an advisor
>no Github activity
>Coca Cola Kid is clearly a sign of insider trading
>every Suppoman tier youtuber is shilling it, they get paid to do that, admit it
>low-quality partnerships brought as HUGE partnerships. For example the DNL GV partnership, there is clearly a partnership, but DNL GV gave an official press release that DNL GV cooperated with Deloitte labs to create blockchain, so I would like to know how exclusive this is. The PWC partnership is a partnership as a third-party provider, the partnership with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences is brought as something big, while Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences only published one article in the whole of 2016-2017

Vitalik saying he has nothing to do with Vechain

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>banned from r/cryptocurrency for vote manipulation

We get it. You want to buy more VEN for cheap. Relax


Banned by butthurt waltcucks
Did you even read the reason for the ban? I’ll give a short summary
>sir, sir! Please buy wtc and sell ven! Sir!
>fuck off pajeet. I can’t tell people what to do
>sir sir if you do not we must have to do ban you! Sir!
>fine fuck you ban us because one guy told you to fuck yourself
>sir, sir! You are banned! Sir!

Fucking pajeet run clown fiesta over there

Brigading is against reddit rules, it is absolutely understandable that they got banned.


>reddit rules on Veeky Forums

Sure feels like summer

They claimed a bunch of enthusiastic legitimate ven holders upvoting shit about their coin was brigading because the admin of some shit group told them to go fuck themselves. They’ve removed the sticky post about it, but my summary was shockingly accurate

muh bryers

Creating a thread just to fud a coin. Thanks just bought 100k

Unironically just bought 7k Thx OP

There's like 3-4 vechain fud threads that were just created. These faggots seriously think that it's gonna affect the price.
Breyer, moron.

No counter arguments, just crying about fud.
You are investing based on emotions.

> protecting his master's lastname
pajeet faggot

>not knowing who jim breyer is
lol yeah you're really well informed about finance. retard.

>do opposite of what Veeky Forums says since they are always wrong
unironically just bought 1k


Are you fucking too lazy to research or just the worst fudder ever?

Sawtooth hyperledger for supplychain kills the VeCucks

Also CCK is clearly not an inside trader you dumb fuck its called guerilla marketing dumb fuck.

No github activity?
No shit sherlock this is not a fuckign open source project where is apples ios github repo so i can get the boot loader source code to fuck with everything REEEE stfu low iq brainlet


ahaha VEN hodlers are the most retards in cryptoworld
Fuck u all and enjoy your bags assholes

whops wrong link

Do you think Fenbushi made no investment in Vechain before 2018 january?

Public token sale: 410,000,000 VEN;
Private token sale: 90,000,000 VEN;
Enterprise investors: 128,512,100 VEN (total 230,000,000 VEN);
Token burned: 132,837,366 VEN;
Team:50,000,000 VEN (locked);
On-going Operation: 220,000,000 VEN (locked)

You don’t need a fucking whitepaper to be successful. What S&P 500 companies publicly post every detailed internal workings of their company? You live in a crypto bubble where everything has to follow the footsteps of bitcoin and ethereum. It doesn’t

>everything has to follow the footsteps of bitcoin and ethereum. It doesn’t
>erc20 token