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Institutional money incoming

>Institutional money

Institutional investors becan when bloomberg started making at least 1 artical per week about it, which was around $1200+
Public joined in around $9000
And now the most of public has already lost interest, because they just chase fads they see on facebook and they always have weak hands

Biz postings have declined dramatically in the last month, and non-crypto related threads have started making a comeback.
nothing feels quite like a blow off period than what we're experiencing now

Tell me where are these pension funds, insurance companies, endowment and mutual funds?
And even many of the traditional hedge funds, investment banks, and other big name investors can’t, won’t or aren’t in this market yet for several reasons.

Mate there are literally two futures market on wall street and constant updates on Bloomberg.
Institutional investors arent quite as retarded as the public thougn which is why the chart depicts a huge incline in the public phase. That spike exists on the real bitcoin chart too, after 9K

fuck off

slowly but yes.

institutional money already control everything

>non crypto threads making a comeback
are we on the same board m8? half the posts here are on ChainLink alone

capitulate to the bear trap

The great flippening approaches, soon the superior ethereum will overtake slow outdated bitcoin

It doesn't matter much. I can tell you the thing that is holding institutions back is the complete lack of oversight and regulations around this space. They’re likely to jump in if and when a reputable exchange, with a proven track record like the CME or NASDAQ decide to start listing crypto-related assets.
Big money is TRADITIONAL, and CONSERVATIVE. They will not jump into this space until the safety measures are put in place…


Weve gone from 100% crypto to 95% crypto

We're still choc full of nu/biz/ who invaded our board whn the crypto bubble started

Absolute state of nu/bitcoin/
>fuck the government! Bitcoin revolution!
>we need more government to encourage wall street to buy our worthless tokens so i can get rich

What an investment strategy


shitcoiners love the government and regulations now after finding out the US regulators are supportive of crypto trading.

are you retarded?
If you are big ass pension fund you are dealing with lack of laws and regulations in this space—if you’re investing other people’s money you can’t just take it and“invest” it all on black at the casino.

>investing pension funds in an extremely volatile and unregulated market


No one except retards like you want to "invest" in something that is unable to give you a return on investment.
Its a speculative bubble for SPECULATORS.

> no arguments
Bursting your
>muhh bloomberg articles
>muhh Future markets

Yeah cause you sure have produced plenty of arguments why bitcoin is somehow valuable


Listen autistic edgelord, iam not talking about the value of bitcoin. The topic is, has institutional money entered the space. The answer is no.
(1) lack of rules and regulations in regards to cryptocurrencies, (2) custodial and security issues for digital assets and (3) easy entry into the crypto market without causing a stir are the main reasons why. Now stop posting here brainlet.

Crypto is impossible to regulate, you, doofus. Nothing will ever stop foreign manipulators and insiders on the other side of the globe.

offtopic, try again brainlet.

Bullshit. Less than 1% adoption. The tech is beta quality at best and very user unfriendly. Businesses are only now moving through early adoption phases, and even then only the fast movers.

This is still a long way from the top.

>Crypto is impossible to regulate


>Regulate brokers and exchanges
>Ban buying/selling crypto on non-regulated exchanges
>Ban anonymous currencies


>muh bans
Do you think billionaires join Coinbase to buy bitcoin? lmao

Be careful what you wish for. It may be worth 10x as much, when bitcoin is $10.

EOS will destroy ethereum.

This is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin.

We can talk about institutional money having entered the space when you can trade crypto on a Bloomberg Terminal.

Up until two weeks ago (((they))) were FUDding crypto to death on every media outlet on the planet. My guess is that they missed their chance in early 2017 to get on board and now every major player is scrambling to get onboard the hype train.

All I'm hoping for is decent regulation to reduce volatility and massive price manipulation we have right now.

Well done brainlet! Such insight! Wrongbof course.

You'll notice it's happening in our terms, not theirs. They want cryptos to self regulate - cos they have no idea how.

Of course things need to be polished up - and of course the governments and normies need to be comfortable. This is us just applying some lube to our cocks as our deflationary transnational currencies fuck their fiat ponzi schemes.

Look at the Stock Market right now. Governments will print their way out again -only this time theirs already a way out for anyone that wants to NOT experience hyperinflation. Gg fiat.

What did you think winning would look like? Burning buildings? Nope, like meming Trump into office and Britain out of the EU we're gonna be the new money power. The wealthy and powerful are coming hat in hand for us NEET fucks to bestow our wealth and wisdom. How about them apples?

>And now the most of public has already lost interest, because they just chase fads they see on facebook and they always have weak hands

And they will FOMO back in like crazy as soon as we enter the next bull run that lasts for more than 2 weeks.

screenshotted see you @50k

This is a meme chart