Why PRL already have this megadump?

Why PRL already have this megadump?


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Because people hate free money

Easy, a dump makes people scared, so it help the stronger accumulating, and induce weaker on losing at a loss. Wait 1-2 days and rejoice.

i could have bought this at fucking 0.02$ but i listened to the usual "muh scam" by biz.
always do the opposite of what biz says.

worthless shitcoin

Yes, just hodl or buy more. Free money guaranteed.

>There will be an announcement within 2 days about SHL airdrop and a KuCoin promotion.
> Testnet B this month.
> Coin burn at the beginning of March.

I only have 2k but I don't feel like I'm gonna make it. How many more do I need to make it? I really wanna make it.

Lol I’m a poor fag and only have 300, I’m hoping this will give me some leverage for future, bigger investments.

>holding since 8 cents
i wish i dumped a shitton at 4 bucks

nearly have 20k prl. in march I will habe same amount shl for free.

buy now before normies will fomo for airdrop

i quite like the idea of this shitcoin, i hold a whopping 44 atm, so don't call me a shill, cause it does seem a bit shit coinie, we will see when it is actually released. the airdrop helped me decide to get some.

also take a look here:


big whale holds a shit ton of prl and didn't sold at top (4usd). makes me confident

are you gonna dump PRL after airdrop and buy back in? Maybe I'll buy SHL after they get dumped

how do you know it's not a dev wallet?

sold at 1.12 bought 60 cents

cmon dump dump dump

I would have to pay taxes. so I will hold my bag und buy the shls after they get dumped just like you ;)

that's probably bruno or one of the devs

You can't buy SHL

because it was at 1 million market cap in December

We will once it's tradeable. There's a big chance they're doing their promotion on KuCoin too, which means we will be able to trade their immediately if KuCoin airdrops the SHL too.

bruno just talked about it in the oyster knowledge chat. there is no connection with the team and also not a exchange wallet (all holdings have a nice whole number and very less action on the wallet).

this whale has 160.000.000 USD holdings in tokens and prl is a big stake of it ;)

>tfw bought it yesterday expecting the airdrop hype
I guess, it will go up once the date will be announced


It's going to correct within the next 24 hours.

The trips of 7 has spoken