The comfortable LINK thread “February edition”

This is the thread in which we link marines express our comfiness.

Link is so comfy, can you imagine the future? We are practically at the bottom and its so comfy desu.

on january 22nd link reached its ath, and now its approaching the 22nd of feb. Will we break past our old ath?

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i just fucking hope assblaster wasn't a larp, I got my hopes up

He dumped his bags yesterday. Ahahahahahaha. Did you fall for that larp?

AssBlaster is NOT a larp

on my journey to 10K linkies

just surpassed 2250

Comfy is such a homo word.

But, If we're at our 2018 lows at the moment - I'm pretty sure we'll all be happy in a few months. $10 by Aug

man only have 3k :(

Sauce? Image look up only shows one result and it's a dead site

she got a great ass

>no use case

>assblaster is credible
>link can go to $1000
pick one you fucking newfaggot niggers.

is this site really just 88% cryptoniggers and pajeets now?

shut up homo

my morale is at an all time low
I'm starting to feel like we won't make it.
I mean, why would anything nice ever happen to me. I even got kicked out of university this month.

He said he hayes to give price predictions and thats its pure speculation on his part
At this point its pure guessing on how big link can get
Maybe $5 maybe $500

>got kicked out of (((university)))
Woe to you!

LINK's chart looks like a massive cup and handle.

I am a no linkie but the chart looks quite nice.

He said 150-200$ in long-term

Some guys are losing legs in Afghanistan. Grow up you fucking child

found the person of color. Did I hurt your feelings jamal?

>tfw poor college fag with only 380 link

I’m hardly even stinky with this small amount of linky

And what are you? Faggot

He also said those were likely conservative and were for his own personal target for his holdings.

Afghanistan has been a backward ass shithole for 1,000 years. You expect us to cry about it now?

found another friend from the subcontinent! Back to telegram you go faggot!

Had 5900 , lost 600, made 200 back trading this morning and yesterday. Not gonna sweat it, quite comfortable.

How are you all preparing for the conference? Pump? Dump?

Nice. Thanks for the kind words, mom. My problems are magically gone now.

sold everything at 7300, rebuying at 3.5k after the dump coming over the next week

I'd give my legs for just a few more LINKs, relax crayon eater

Lela Star

Good luck bros. I remember when I was a linklet shooting foe just 5k. Im a minimum wagie too, but ive managed to scrape up 13k since ico.

Same user, dont worry we will make it still

>Kick out of university

The fuck did you do? Gotta fuck up pretty hard to be straight up kicked out. Probably deserved it. Did you rape a bitch?

What you didnt know is that Sergey indeed isnt getting the ballroom.. he is getting the cheteau. A grand palace with a throne room to match his rotund figure, there will be thousands upon thousands of chairs for an audience hungry to hear master Sergeys words. Rory will swoop in while the roaring crowds chant for their king to appear, leaving big macs on the throne to tempt sergey into a faster response. Shortly after, loud and thunderous footsteps like tjose of a gods begin to draw closer as one radiantly cosmic end of sergeys gut breaches the room. Slowly but surely sergeys form begins to take shape, like the titanic crossing the atlantic. Sergey will spot the big mac, and promptly sit on it, absorbing it with his hyperevolved skin that allows direct big mac absorbance to the digestive system. Sergey looks up, sweat dripping from his face after the long and dangerous trek from the makeup room to the throne room. He utters but a single word, "smart contracts". The entire room faints as their souls are torn from their bodies in a glorious light. Sergey transcends mortality and his gargantuan soul leaves for his big cube in the sky.

No I just stopped going cause I was depressed and didn't feel like doing anything


found the lazy nigger! Why are you on a business and finance board if you have no motivation and are a faggot! Go to r9k or wizchan.


>muh armyfags u better respekt everyone u piece of unworthy shit

Ya nah go get your legs blown off for kikes like other army meatheads I’m goood NEETing it up with my fake internet money

>le miitary is welfare for fascists fud

how edgy of you user, how's sophomore year going?

The development of Link’s volume this week has been interesting.

The daily trading volume is at ath

How are you so confident it will dump?

Acquisition rumours basically confirmed by now. Sergey is not in charge of his company anymore, hence why his speech was moved to the most irrelevant time and location possible. LINK tokens will soon be forgotten but at least bagholders helped to fund the whole thing. Sergey sold his whole business and they will cut all of us out.


wow stale pasta in just 2h

Yeah the super insider definitely not larping faggot says hold these shitcoin bags for two years hmm guess it is best to trust him

A little help brothers? Only got 441 link and I've put in my life savings.


>that book

Fucking Kek

Only 3k LINK but still comfy. All I need is enough for a small house with some land and I am set for life. $100 LINK. Let's go!

I wish you got your legs blown off in Afghanistan

>welfare for fascists
More like Risk for Jews but you keep telling yourself that you're "protecting" America

5k, cost basis 56 cents/unit

Pretty comfy desu.

Do you guys have a plan for when you’re going to sell? I’m going to start rebalancing when my crypto is worth more than my stocks (100k). So, I’ll start gradually selling small amounts of LINK from around 17$ and upwards. If LINK ever did reach 1000$, I’d only make like 2.5 mil instead of 5 mil, but the comfiness of taking profits on the way up will give me irons hands with the rest of my stack, and if LINK crashes (ie. Sergey dies, or a true competitor emerges), I’ll at least have banked some solid gains while I could.

What’s your plan?

3k link here too
this shit has me losing some sleep

dubs of prosperity.
5k here too, thinking quite similarly. Gotta take my profits sooner though since I'm a real poorfag who has been in debt his whole life. This is my chance to get out.

>that pic
my sides

they're mentioning smart-contracts, and very chainlink-esque concepts at the House commission RIGHT fucking now:

That Mr.Wright dude in the last -3 minutes as of this post

Same, but fuck it, my life is gonna change because of this shit, i mined my way up to 1k.

MODS ban this fag

report this faggot

yep heard that...he was trying to shill his own product but just shilled Chainlink hard

Checked. Also, I believe it will AT LEAST match ETH's current all time high by end of year. VISUALIZE IT.






market cap, or $1,400?
market cap is a real possibility in my opinion. Price is on another level, brehs.

Imagine these threads when the take off comes anons, just imagine

>Fighting in a country for (((their))) purposes
>they somehow magically deserve respect
fuck you faggot

kek wills $1000+ per LINK

I can’t fucking wait for the wojacks. If any of you don’t have at least 2k LINK as suicide insurance you’re gonna have a bad time

>If any of you don’t have at least 2k LINK as suicide insurance you’re gonna have a bad time

kek, sad but definitely needed insurance for some of these wojacks

US government talked about the importance of oracles for the future, I have ~2k stinky linkies, will I make it?

hoping to have 1k + GBP by the end of the month, dump it all in LINK?

>1k + GBP
Damn son you must have been a REALLY good boy

Only if you want to be a millionaire

holy fuck digits just keep coming

Timestamp of when they talk about oracles?

And yea 2k in 3 years will probably be a good amount but you’re gonna need the mental fortitude to hold through everything. It’ll be a bumpy 3 years, crypto as a whole may implode, US economy may go into recession etc. honestly just put it on a steel wallet with some eth for gas and bury it somewhere

timestamp where they talk about smart contracts?


2:05:00 by Mr. Wright and he talks about smart contracts etc.



HOLY SHIT ACQUISITION CONFIRMED ONCE AGAIN. Its been all fucking true. The gov bought ChainLink for military usage. This is why Sergey is keeping everything so low. He sold us out.

i used to mock linkies now i am one!


you're pretty retarded not gonna lie

Answer me this.

If the military "bought out" the source code for chainlink, as the other user said, why the fuck would they be market buying LINK tokens on Binance? They wouldn't even need that shit

They dont want you to know about it. There is TOP SECRET being slapped all over LINK right fucking now. Outside of Veeky Forums, it has no fucking presence. They do not want you to know and thus they make it seem a PnD shitcoin and make Sergey fuck up the conference so nobody of you faggots would wonder much if it gets to 0 value. Then, they close the public face and let it operate in the US gov system. You will see its effects on gov efficiency and military successes in the next years. This will make the US completely dominate the world for another 40 years minimum

Linkies are the chosen people of Kek.
Only they will ascend and break their chains.

So it is written, so it shall be.