So, did you fomo'd in yet?

So, did you fomo'd in yet?

Nah, all set with that scamcoin. Will Zcash rebrand as Bitcoin Private Plus next month? What about Zcoin?

I can tell you haven't done the slightest dyor on the fork

I fomo'd at 750k sats, does that count

s h i t c o i n

s a l t y c u n t

Flipped a quick 50% in last day or so and got out, I'm a pussy, don't have bittrex account and those other dodgy add exchanges gave me the fears

Bitcoin Private has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Nobody is going to buy this after the fork.

>buying a shitcoin just to get another shitcoin
Don't tell me you fell for this

Nope, I mined a few of these in october and forgot about them.
Now I am comfy, gonna sell half a few days before the fork and the rest after.

What better is that all of you are going to sink these profits into buying ETC after it went to 0.005 sats

I am mining ETC now.. switched to that after zcl so i am double comfy

yeah besides literally being based on Bitcoin code and forking with Bitcoin's UTXO set yea nothin at all though new friend

I've been scalping this shit like a motherfucker since yesterday

This is gonna crash so catastrophically directly after the snapshot is taken holy shit.

1000% this.

Srsly will there even be any buyers? How will people even sell at more than like $10


Get out at peak euphoria, presumably a couple of days before the snapshot, maybe even sooner.

I want too, but I also want some BTCP. Fak.

buy the post fork dump

I'm scared. I can only hope that BTCP is going to be worth at least ZCL's ATH.

remember when BCH went up like a retard to 0.4 btc before the dump on trex on day 1?
not saying it's gonna happen.

I don`t want to be a poorfag. Should I sell my ZCL? Or should i stick with my iron hands?

Masternodes announced after the fork for BTCP to wreck the guys who dump before the fork


Let's say ATH is 200$.

If i put a stop loss before the fork on Bittrex at 190$ or 180$ I will be good?

My sell order will be triggered when this is dumped?

Or am i missing something?

forks can get pretty hectic.
you should be good.
but even if you set a stop there's no guarantee it will be triggered if it drops like a flash crash. exchanges freeze up and people get just'd
many people could end up going wtf due to server overload. same thing happens during shitty PnDs.

I don't think people will give 180$ for a worthless coin after the fork.

Your stop loss would be triggered but it might not be filled until every one before you is and it will only fill the highest buyer (who knows what price that will be)

There will be stoploss hunting pre-fork.

I remember all the faggots saying the same thing about BCH.

from experience, stop-loss will not work for this level of p&d

make a choice and sell manually

This this this

What in the fuck are you people smoking? There's no chance this shitcoin will "flash crash" before the snapshot, if anything, it'll drop in value AFTER the fact.

It can easily go down to .012 any second

Kek, this shit isn't going to crash as fast as you guys think. The normies will FOMO even after the fork.


>ZCL supply 3 million
>btcp supply 20 million after fork
>16 million BTCP in the hands of BTC holders that don't care and just want to dump

Sorry user, the only way to come out ahead is to mine for the donation pool and hope for a 5-10x payout. It's gonna dump hard after the fork. Might recover quickly though, who knows.

what would happen if only like 1 million zcl are on a eligble place for fork , 2 million less btcp?