Goodmorning Veeky Forums how are you this morning

goodmorning Veeky Forums how are you this morning

why the fuck would you buy this toilet coin when you can buy TRTL coin that hasn't mooned yet?

Lmao I print out whitepapers too

TRTL fag checking in

lol this faggot drinks fiji water

Why post a picture of toilet paper?

>healthy nuts

deffo gunna make it

>he doesnt know its tap water

perfectly normal, I printed 0x kyber and omisego back in the day. I don't read white papers anymore tho, it's all about hype now

Health before wealth user :)

Wtf why you eating leaves

Are you that media guy that talked to the people at ENG? I think I recognize those nails.


Why do you read the same shit everyday?

nigga you dont eat spinach and greens?
fucking kek

Ah hmmm hmmmm hmmmm yes good MORNING my DEAREST just perusing this whitepaper hmmmmm a spot *light* reading before breakfast hmmmmm it pays to keep ones intellect active I find

Holy shit


how many do you hold?

i am sadly a poor youngling so only 800

i'm 28 and have 64; count your lucky stars faggot.

TFW you're pissed af because your portfolio is up 20% since yesterday

dang user, youre right

Truth will out!