Hope you bought the dip user

Hope you bought the dip user


Still accumulating

£100 EOY

That'd make me pretty wealthy.

Lol keep dreaming. This is a pajeet tier pnd shitcoin.

Dubs and trips. The prophecy has been foretold here so many times.


how do you think “pay with coinbase” button will work?
expect huge news this friday fags...
im already allin with 150k req

shhh not yet

The leaked screenshots were clearly not showing it to be a payment request system

Bow down to your Req lords

thats obvious, but do you think coinbase is developing a payment system?

They will use request network as base framework.

I never thought of this connection... thanks OP. FUD'ers were saying REQ was done with the Coinbase button... but REQ IS the Coinbase button.

Makes sense considering the YC connection they share.

>Coinbase button is announced a week before REQ mainnet annoucement
>Both YC backed companies

If you haven't been buying, you deserve to be poor

Which screenshots? Anyone has them saved?

OMG is going on coinbase not REQ

Screencap this


Stop this. I am a req holder and this type of shit is detrimental, it will just make perfectly good updates look like shit because they do not match your bullshit.

Coinbase button is not in development, it's a thing since a year ago, and nobody uses it because it's the usual "pay with btc, eth, ltc" centralized shit with stupid fees and no services.
There has been no announcement, just a fag that wrote a new article about a shit old feature.

Coinbase just launched a payment app and plans to release a button "pay with coinbase" or some shit like that.
They are direct competitors with Request, they will never add REQ.

>They are direct competitors with Request

reddit formatting...

Yes they are, no they wont use req rofl

with request noone is going to use coinbase anyway

>buy any alt with any currency or vice versa for 0.05% fee
Kek, muh competitor

Request just refuses to recover.

Fucking LINK has overtaken us in market cap, not to mention a whole host of other, totally empty projects, and some blatantly fradulent coins like Tron.

This correction was harsher on REQ than a lot of others. So the value is here. We will easily go back up to 500 million market cap, and we're starting our spring bull run.

REQ has the best value proposition on the market right now. Increased my stack 5x to 50k REQies thanks to this dip.

Half the price of LINK? A fucking steal I say.

Noone will use REQ. A centralized solution will handle this supposed problem.
This a prime example of the ridiculous 'blockchaining everything'.

The only worry I have with REQ is that its scope is too big. I mean this is suppose to convert any currency to any other currency?

It also reads like it belongs on their circle jerk sub

Wtf they literally wont use REQ

They have a payment method/button already called "Coinbase Payments". Let's see how "Pay with Request" competes.

maximum brainlet

The coinbase button is built with req brainlet. Coinbase got enough heat with the bcash thing why would they announce built w/ req before req announces mainnet launch

ummm why is request following the coinbase ceo on twitter?

Bought at the absolute bottom somehow so I'm quite confident on this, though I only have 750 buck on it.

Nobody is addressing the most obvious reason why Coinbase Commerce is going nowhere fast.

They don't even have the manpower to handle support tickets from months ago of locked funds, compromised accounts, and delayed transactions. You think they're fucking ready for businesses to start using them in their day to day? Get the fuck out of here Coinbase is a meme and shit.

This is literally nothing

Ask me anything: sold when BTC was 6500. Id be -50% if I bought in now. Should I?

>being this retarded

No, don't invest in the crypto space ever again. you are a brainlet.

ah, the most deluded bag holders on this board. Just a neat idea on a team unwilling to actually do the work so they offshore it

What have Coinbase and REQ got in common, apart from the latter providing solution for the former and both being backed by Y Combinator and sharing a board member? Apart from that, yeah, they are bitter rivals.

choocho fomo train to the 100k

I'm a REQ holder, but you fags are delusional if you think both being backed by Y combinator means they are working together. Y combinator is a startup incubator that has invested in both companies...it's not like REQ and Coinbase are invested in each other.

True, but it's mutually beneficial for all concerned.

This. Retards dont understand that YC owns 25% of coinbase and 25% of Request. Of course CoinbasePay will be powered by Request, its the same company pretty much

But this is one of the things you DO want to blockchain... Financial services need to be trustless.

REQ is a great long term project, but there's no evidence for Coinbase pay being related to REQ.
I don't know why people give so much shit about these payment buttons, I guess brainlets don't realize that REQ is much more than that.

YC are the single biggest owner of Coinbase. Its not like they just invested a little bit, they control that shit

both y combinator companies

>Company that owns both Coinbase and REQ
>Will add a competitor to its own service instead of their own property

How are people seriously thinking this?

Bagholders just want this shit to move.
Been here since .20 and up to 1.20 now back to .30. Not my only holding but at the moment has been my worst performer.
Will hodl to $100 per REQ ($10 more likely)

$5-10 seems like a sensible estimate for q3/eoy