This thing is blazing fast

this thing is blazing fast

Yep, just got to wait until they get ad partnerships this year and BAT will explode.

>muh browser plugin token


So we're already over a million active users which is a pretty big deal. Goal of 5 million active users is very achievable. Here is why BAT will be worth $3.50 by June. (that's a 10x from current prices)

>Brave will announce partnership with Twitch
>Brave will announce partnership with top 3 NYC-based ad firm
>Brave will announce partnership with top 3 LA -based ad firm
>Brave browser hits 1.0 release
>Brave payments enabled
>Multiple million dollar airdrops to get more publishers/users on board

At this point we go critical

>Brave added to Coinbase/GDAX
>Brave added to Robinhood
>Brave added to FairX
>Token purchases by major ad firms begin


I easily see BAT being $10-15 in its lifetime if it achieves the role it hopes to. Though with the huge industry against it that could take years.

>Though with the huge industry against it that could take years.
Not necessarily and this is why I'm so bullish on Brave. If Brave can maintain a steady increase in user adoption we could have 100's of millions of users in the next few years. Brave could be seen by normies as the default browser to use (even without any of the payment stuff which can be easily ignored). If Brave maintains that kind of userbase the ad industry may find it more affordable to just buy some tokens and get to work.
Not to mention the fact that the Brave browser offers increased advertising capability to publishers as the ads can run natively. This gives publishers real time data of consumers (and the consumers get paid in tokens so it's actually a fair deal, unlike the current system) and allows the ads to be more targeted than on current browsers.

Regardless, our final boss is Randall Rothenberg and the IAB whom I think we can confidently say are Dinosaurs who should have gone extinct years ago.

Remember, by supporting BAT and Brave you are supporting an internet where you, the user, hold actual power and leeches like Randall Rothenberg are not the middle man. Think about it.

I don't think so, bat is probably one of the few tokens that serves a purpose/actually do something
10$ this year doesn't sound too crazy for me

It's easily the most undervalued coin on the market.

I know, its also technically already working if in a bare bones state. However getting enough people to adopt it such that advertisers buy into the system may take some time. Ill be more pumped when an ad partnership is announced, until then ive only got about $300 in BAT.

BAT will moon when Brendan announces his dealings

We all know his top media partnership is the dailystormer.

>we automatically distribute your tokens to content providers

hmm, where have I heard that a system automatically handles your tokens for you? ...

You can opt for them to automatically handle them, or you can manually donate them, or keep them yourself. Nice lazy FUD though.

Dunno about the cryptocurrency thing but it's by far the best mobile browser out there.

Browsing with that right now over my smartphone. Too bad that I haven't managed to install Brave on Ubuntu.

Except there is no way to manually donate them. What a shitty system that offers no incentive for the user to fill his or her wallet with BAT. Why the fuck would anyone participate in this manually?

Buy in before the 25th May.

You can manually distribute your BAT so you're just plain wrong.

What are you talking about dude? You gotta try harder than that.

>chromecuck clone
>hrrpdrp pls stop using free adblock and stare at chink viagra ads for 2 cents worth of erc20 shitcoin no. 837373783

The browser is natively the best adblocker on the market, the option is literally one button to go between total adblock and BAT. So people have both options.

>always shitting out made up FUD
Never change, Veeky Forums.

won't even play webms. into the trash

It does if you open them in a new tab. But it is a flaw.

>chink viagra ads
Why would those be broadcast to you on the Brave browser? Come on man you have to use your mind and imagination a little bit. The Brave browser and BAT payments allows for us to ESCAPE the chink viagra ads. That's the whole point.

At the same time we start getting paid for our personal information and attention.

Why are you guys so negative about this? It makes no sense.

I don't use the browser on my mobile. The desktop version is more advanced than the mobile version and it's still only at version 0.20.

In other words all of the FUD so far in this thread has been nonsense. Really just nonsense. It's exciting that there isn't any real FUD.

You’re an idiot . All you need is someone like Filthyfrank , saying hey guys I can’t monetize these videos, if you use Brave to support me etc etc

That's why I'm so bullish! The success of Brave is all about user adoption and the token provides a DIRECT incentive for every single internet personality to shill BAT.

Ideally this could cut across all political boundaries and we could have internet celebs from all sides of the aisle shilling people to start using BAT.

Because if people use BAT the content creators get paid! It's fucking perfect.

nice try

The plan is to not only block nearly all ads, but allow consumers to opt-in and receive up to ~4 high-quality ads per day in which they will receive a portion of the BAT that was paid to make the advertisement. The only issue is I'm not seeing how the token will really raise in value unless they have some type of coinburn involved. I'm aware the speculation value goes up but what will really retain its price after the initial burst and the token finally settles into its niche? The bet that everyone will use Brave in a paradigm shift before Google makes their own counter and fixes the problems they created in the first place?

>cmon goy be a team player

>10bi market cap

Yes anons... yes, keep dreaming

Current digital marketing marketcap is 270 Billion.

Issuance is capped at 1.5 billion coins so the price will be a function of supply & demand (like everything) but because the supply is perfectly inelastic we will probably see volatility determined by user adoption. In other words the increase in user adoption is directly correlated to the volatility of the token.

So, as the user adoption rate drops (think of a typical sigmoid curve used in adoption charts) the volatility will also decline.

I don't know why you can't understand that your way = Randall Rothenberg and the IAB getting your money for no reason other than the fact that they are rentiers.

Brave eliminates the middle-man.

>get banned from /g/
>starts shilling his shitty chrome reskin on/biz/

It's probably one of the better Alpha releases I've seen in a while.

People seem to forget that ads literally cucked YouTube into making it shitty. BAT gives us the opportunity to cuck the advertisers. It is the ultimate cuck coin.

It's a runaway train at this point.

>Token airdrop gives tokens to people who use Brave
>Youtubers want these tokens so they shill people to use Brave
>Brave adoption rate goes up into 10's of millions
>Brendan now has massive leverage with major publishers
>we go exponential
>Brave userbase = 1 billion


muh dik


Did you actually try brave. I found it unusable.

Using it right now, mobile is phenomenal. Desktop needs a fair amount of work.

That makes sense, thanks.

unironically a good ass browser. fucking amazing on ios. accidentally launched safari recently and almost died at how slow it was

So in order for bat to be useful, they need to compete against chrome Firefox and ie in browser space?

Not really, BAT is being integrated with plugins and 3rd party support but Brave is a major part of it.