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Where did you learn about making money Veeky Forums?
For me it was runescape

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Orgrimmar Auction House baby

Crafting Phantom Blades and throwing them on the AH for a 200% mark-up

playing Dope Wars on a Palm V
practically same as crypto trading.

Had a million in burning crusade, but archeage is where I truely learned how to think like a whale.

I wasn't good at money generation on runescape, i used to do treasure maps and shit which resulted in quite a lot of gold and it was pretty fun. Real shit kicked in on wow wtc

>stormwind auction house
>control close to 70% of the market supply for textiles
>buy from noobs outside dungeons, and have them POD shit to me at an agreed price
>buy from grinders and have them POD shit to me at an agreed price
>sell for 25-50% more on the AH

And then i decided to open up my own ebay store retailing textiles, bought shit from china and turkey, went well for a while but with eBays faggy shift to cucking small retailers and bowing down to chink overlords, had to move my business to etsy where its performing even better so jokes on you ebay

Trading robux for tix back and forth

EVE online

me too user

started grinding
then got into merching
then got into gambling

grinding taught me opportunity costs, ROI
merching taught me about markets, supply and demand, business psychology, how to negotiate
gambling taught me about the insane power of probability

>tfw you'll never clear $100+/hr with your friends on skype planting flowers again

feels bad

runescape is such a slow boring game

world of warcraft
during wod expansion i bought close to 60k raw beast hide becuase they were going for like 30s each for a while
a month later a lot of bots were nuked and prices skyrocketed to 3g each

WoW. There was a time where fishbotting was the equivalent of mining crypto.

Jita 4-4, EvE Online. Made tens of thusands of dollars worth of isk there and in the secondary markets.

Bots are nuked now

fished sharks while scanning the forums for shit to buy and sell, mostly yew logs and longbows

flipped a lot of santas/masks making a 100-200k each time

bought up close to 50k sharks when bots were dumping for around 350 to 500gp
bots got nuked, price rocketed back up to their consistent price of 1k each

I had a blue yellow and pink party hat, and got haxxed.

Maple story

I wish my life was like rune scape. Dueled some faggot for my dragon helm when he was 8 levels higher and he jokingly put every. fucking. party. hat. in the duel.

3 crits in a row got me all the party hats, shit was cash af.

Unironically this actually, I used to find level low level noobs that I would tele to Cambridge and pick flax for me for cheap, and then another 10gp ea for spinning to bow strings.

Then when I moved onto wow, I would play the auctions and always buy out my opponent and then control and choke the supply

>WoW - BC
>have a monopoly on server for primordial fires
>buy up under cutters and sell them for 20% more
>over 90% of primordial fires in auction house were under my name
>tfw getting gold through mailbox every hour

I learnt from trading forex not some faggot game

Scalping items in Guild Wars.,

I also scammed a loooot of people back then with various ideas. I'm surprised I haven't tried any scams in crypto yet desu

I used to farm all the herbalist ingredients like frost lotus and then undercut everyone else, sell massive amounts and then buy up the ones forced to go lower than mine, then turn around and resell for 2x markup after I made the market supply artificially low for it. Mostly that strategy for WoW, for most items, low level blues and stuff . Raw materials had the longest time from gathering>placing on the AH so it was easier to control than say, craftable goods.
I also played runescape and did a similar thing, arbitrage of barrows armor, buy broken sets for cheap, buy parts of sets for 10% less than market price and resell slowly for regular price. Also I did Vorago and shit, got in on those sweet sweet 2.3b wand drops.
Tbh shit was so fun.
Now I don’t play any of them, I just buy BTC and ETH for LOW and sell them for HIGHER THAN I BOUGHT AT. it seems a lot of people are really bad at that, or guessing where the market will move next. if BTC crashes to where it was before a huge two month pump, will it go up or down after that? It will go up. No, BTC isn’t going to die. (Yet).

from starting my own lawn mowing business not some faggot game played by neckbeards

when I was 12 I scammed some fags on a forum into giving me their password. logged onto their member account, logged onto my account on other pc and got my first real hunk of cash. Felt pretty bad afterwards though

Shut up carlos

I made my money in Final Fantasy 11 from hoarding, luck, and frugal spending. I never grinded super hard unless I believed in something being possible for me. I never flipped items or crafted. I never provided mercenary services. But I did pretty good in the game with patience.

I believe I am the perfect candidate for HODLing.

I made my own nigger balls and sold a pack for $2 when I was young. Several old people asked for my number so they could call me when they wanted more, which they usually did every weekend.

When I grew older I ran tens of botting accounts on Runescape and played the exchange on my main account when that came out. I found a buyer that bought the Runescape gold for $1 per mil and actively made $15/h for 2 years just by leaving my computer on, kind of.
I lost my buyer when more and more gold sellers popped up that offered $0.80 per mil and even lower. So I went over to WoW that I played since Vanilla (during the time I botted and shit on RS).

I made enough WoW gold every month to pretty much use it as a job, but I decided to just start investing instead and play WoW for fun.
So I bought a few bitcoins when it was $70 each I believe and started investing in companies.

Never had an actual physical job my entire life like most people have just by being a nerd. That's my life story.

You went from being fabric on WoW to selling real fabric? Impressive.

>He wasn't learning business principles at at age 10 in virtual economies to become pic related

fuck off whiteboi

Used to hope from world to world trying to buy up the death runes from the magic shops. Then go to the marketplace and proceed to sell them for bulk at a mark up. Runescape definitely taught me how to grind thats for sure

Filthy casual

Tell us more tyrone

people who think bitcoin is an inflated bubble have never tried to buy a pair of headphones on here

The TF2 hat market

It's not the best place to learn but it works.

Believe it or not, the Horde has a better trade economy than the Alliance.

>people in the Horde are also more friendly and will pay you a good sum of gold for being a good storyteller.

I was a pimp on Runescape
>have a whole group of gfs
>we split the earnings 45-55
>make the big bucks

Then I moved on to WoW and did the same thing in the Goldshire Inn

use to scam whips on runescape
made so much fuging money

How did this work?

I did the saronite shuffle.


Everything in the horde is better.
People in the horde are generally people who play for fun but get serious when it's needed.
People in the alliance tend to be whiny neckbeards who value players who min/max their gear over people with a positive attitude and patience.

What did you do in archeage user?

used to flip items in diablo 3 when they had the real money auction house. Made back the cost of the game/expansions i bought and a profit of a few hundo. It was thrilling

Selling savory deviate delights. Had a bunch of suppliers out fishing for me in the barrens, I had the recipe to cook them. Sold that shit on the goblin AH for thst sweet sweet humie gold.

We pump altcoins to the moon. Join and see for yourself

t dot me/tornadopumps

Maplestory taught me how to haggle, advertise what I wanted to sell, and barter to evade the retarded tax system on trades. I'd have at least a dozen mule characters in my account with nothing but rare/GM scrolls, rare consumables like onyx apples and whatnot, since there's an upper limit to how much money you can toss in storage + on characters. Runescape just taught me how to make a quick buck off scamming/ripping off shitters and those that exercise poor DD.

Currently playing black desert online and the game is literally socialist tier; I'm making money through exploitation of in game loopholes on top of arbitrage and currently sit in top 30 wealth leaderboards on the NA server since the game is counter intuitive and money is a second class resource there.

>tfw have the very first few monthly collectibles back when I started gaia online like katana and the bondage gear equipment spread over 3 accounts
>can probably sell them all and I'll become a quadrillionare

make a trial account and go to Goldshire inn on the Moonguard server

selling 1 buds for 2 bills