This is what normies actually believe?

this is what normies actually believe?

Good quotes to live by if you're already wealthy.
He got rich at a young age so his advice is from his point of view.

Taking bets on this fag's death. 10 ETH says he dies Q3 of 2018.

>smartass funnymoneyinternoken"investors"
u dumb fuckers, he is right in every sentence
what's your point of view?
getting rich quick while wanking and shiptposting the whole day?
not gonna happen

he's somewhat right but he was also setup to succeed because he started out with money and had the biggest bull market over a long time

i'm sure decades from now there will be some "warren buffet of crypto" who made money just holding BTC since 2011-2013 and then buying some new shit when it was cheap.

Yeah it's smart, but #1 greatest investor of all time? Not really, just being born at the right time and having money/getting information at the right time.

I'll take the bet. How do we set it up?

I'm not even kidding. I'll fucking do it. Heck, we gambling in crypto anyway.
Tell me what time and place, user.

What will be the cause of death, a FOMO heart attack because crypto markets hit $1T?

>what is a smart contract
holy shit you guys are dump

Bitch you want to bet or no? I really want that 10 ETH


>not gonna happen

i hate absolute fucking normies as much as the next guy here, but only morons doubt what he's said. its good advice

His advice come from a risk averse point of view. If you're young you should invest in risk seeking mindset. Also if you're poor or have shit income and follow his saving advice then you'll only get "wealthy" in 30 - 40 years.

This is how you need to think to stop being a wagecuck.


who dis

For sure. How do we make it happen? To confirm you want to bet, at evens, that old mate will die in the third quarter of 2018?

Seems about right. It doesnt make you rich but it will make you wealthy and see that your kids are well off.

But who cares about that lmao, we need it for ourselves

>this is what normies actually believe?

Most normies wouldn't even begin to follow this advice. Seriously, its good advice on not becoming a pink wojack

>Yeah it's smart, but #1 greatest investor of all time?No, that would be the guy who trained him.

> pretending he's not normie, lmao

No shit! Can you write one for us?


Fuck Buffet in the ass, this guy is just a greedy motherfucker that buys shit that has been rigorously proven to be non non-sense. His strategy is fucking easy every idiot can do it. Dont take advice from this scammer

I dont mind Warren Buffet but i always thought Peter Lynch was a better mentor, he actually taught investing rather than just being a clam about it like Warren

And thats why you will never have a net worth over 86 billion dollars. Kill yourself and all of you NEETs who underestimate buffet.

>Go all in on a low market cap coin you believe in
me rn

The #1 investor of all time would not be a 'holder', which is what buffet basically does.

they would make wise and calculated trades for quantifiable reasons and make money in all types of markets, bear or bull.

Warren Buffet isnt just a holder? wtf do you even think you know?
During the credit crunch period in America Warren bought into one of the biggest failing banks in america and became the chairmen, he then went on to save the reputation of the bank, protected all its honest investors and clients and got rid of all the dodgey mother fuckers who were tarnishing its reputation causing its share price to plummet.
Go read a fucking book

Much later after he completely made it

his entire strategy was "buy and hold this thing because it'll do well over decades and that's not priced in"

normies don't believe this shit
normies are the ones with almost no savings because they spend it all on stupid shit like a new phone every year and new clothes every month

if they had to follow these quotes they would fall into depression

Same here, buddy. I'll see you at the moon.

>dude just invest and have another source of income lmao

as opposed to investing every penny into meme coins? That's how you develop a wojack disorder

at least meme coins have a chance of life changing returns. the stock market is just buying rich mans bags off each other. its not a game for poorcels with his wagecuck bux

No, but it would be good for your children. Or for building a dynasty.
You're just a lazy mother with no vision.
That being said cryptos are the perfect shortcut. I don't mind getting rich now on this speculatory market.

amazing body

Trips of awesomeness, lol.

>the stock market is just buying rich mans bags off
>not like the funnytokenmarket
user, i ....