You at the back

You at the back.

why does animu look so much more comfy than RL?

I wish

>tfw you will never be some 2d cutie trading shitcoins sharing a room with your animu frens

you wish you were a little girl user ?

yea, right. im definitely the sonygger in on the floor

I was the first person to post this pic back in June 2017.

You're welcome senpai

where is it from user?
it looks so comfy

it was in /w/


i want to move in with these girls and just have them braid my hair and have little tea parties
why cant RL be more like anime?

what anime

Every user from the beginning of time has aspired to become the little girl. This is the ultimate goal in one's life


this user gets it

>Even if you make it you won't become an anime girl

regulations will crack down on 18 and under fiddling in crypto

so much this

We can never become the little girl but we can protect the little girls of the world. Don't sit around getting fat and flabby, be the man the little girls need.

you were not the first to share this

>that one piece manga in the bottom left corner

this image just got so much better

I found loss, can you?