where my vechain brothers at? comfy memes only

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whilst I'm not but my dad is all in on ven. No buy signal yet. Give me a week.

not too much activity after cck post yesterday

Seems to ride the line at 4ish dollerydoos, watching the hype build over the next few weeks.

>5000 reporting in.

Huge fan of vechain, but lets face it; we will be lucky to still be above 1$ eoy. just being realistic.

you have to realise that ven went 2300%

this huge fan fud is very poorly done. you guys need a new angle.


Nappin my way to being rich

76,000 VEN here. Very comfy, not selling for atleast a year, most likely 2. VEN is the next ETH

nice. enjoy your 76k$ eoy.

I only have 1028 VEN.

I will never make it, will I?

>be realistic
>muh fud

Thanks, just sold 76k.

Ouch, dude. You must not be a big vechain fan. Why are you even here?

im so bullish on VeChain
especially after seeing new tech demo video
10$ eoy min, maybe even 15$

that tech demo vid was 1 long cringe

Biz Fudding VEN is a huge buy signal. Remember that the majority of people here are complete imbeciles, thought they will have you think otherwise

Same here user. We will make it.

100k ven marine here. Can't wait for the 26th.

most who fud are actual ven holders or walton fags, this board is full of mentally sick individuals, not right in the head yknow

Nice stack, bro. 10k baby here but feelin' comfy for late 2018.

the D I V I D E N D S.

A lot of boomers and Spook agencies fudding China on drudge right now. Huge buy signal.

Only realised last night the significance of the tobacco partnership which is getting memed all over Veeky Forums.

>Partnered with a government owned tobacco company
>Rfid chips will cost $0.02
>Government can arrest/fine anyone for selling counterfeit tobacco, with no excuses because they should have checked the chip
>Price of chips which is already negligible, can be offset by increasing tobacco price $0.02
>everyone is addicted and won't care anyway

This is only one example of how VEN can be used. One industry, in one country. Anyone spreading FUD is either accumulating or literally retarded.

Reminder this coin has no white paper, no github activity, no working product just bunch of hype partnetships with no substance. The RFID tech is also inferior to Walton.

VEN will be $500 EOY.

Source for tech being inferior please. No one actually knows this, it's simply baseless FUD. As for github activity, yeah, they're not open source, dumbass. And why the worry about a white paper? They'll release it in due time, I doubt they give a fuck about a Veeky Forums weeb not getting to read muh whitepaper, I'm sure they have sufficient documents on display for people like Jim Breyer and DNV GL

this coin is a wanna be wonton con

your mothers a wannabe wonton con

11k VEN here. Can't wait for the rebrand.

Quite a few of you will look back at this price and wonder why you weren't accumulating - especially during the dip when it was sub $3.

Invest in projects with real partnerships and real world use in 2018 and you'll be fine.

Comfy? We've been bleeding hard for a month straight. Definitely not comfy

bleeding? are you retarded? Bitcoin shit the bed and everything follows

why the fuck is this thing still bleeding in sats

>where my deluded bagholders at? comfy memes only

Imagine VEN gets to NEO prices, just imagine

Vechain has the best whitepaper.....wait what

You fucktards fud your own coin to give the mongoloids here the impression it is time to buy. Shady sunny posting and big fan posting are all done by people in VEN. Walties have all killed themselves by now so even now VEN bagholders are pretending to be them

open vechaina
show thits

Managed to go from 5k to 3k VEN in the last 3 weeks, how did I do?

It won't. Ven is garbage.

Audibly chuckled

just bought 100k

fuck, are we going to make it VEN brahs?

Sorry didn't mean to trigger you

Announcement coming very soon.


>He didn't sell at $8
>He didn't sell at $7
>He didn't sell at $6
>He didn't sell at $5
>He didn't sell at $4
>He didn't sell at $3
>He didn't sell at $2
>He didn't sell at $1
>He didn't sell at $0.50
>He didn't sell at $0.25

have you seen?

Insiders have leaked. Certain paid groups have issued a call. That's how I know. I don't know what it'll be, but it's buy up til 55k sats. Sell at 60k

I was at my house sitting by my desk staring charts as Bitcoin was tanking. 13000.. 12000.. 11000.. 10000.. 9000... 8000... 7000.. I couldn't believe the atrocities my eyes were exposed to. I was at the point where my portfolio was gutted in half with my life savings. Being delusional, I really thought it would recover, but no. At the 5000 mark I just couldn't take it. Falling into severe depression I thought there was only one way to escape this suffering. To end my pathetic life. I go on Ebay and order a helium tank with a mask. Of course my TenX card was declined, so I had to pay with FIAT. The moment my order arrived I began the ritual. I put on my pathetic mask, connected it to the tank and turned on the valve. After a few minutes I feel the dizziness get to me and then I fell unconscious. I was stirred back into consciousness as someone entered my room. I could hear him turn off the valve. I began to gain consciousness completely and started opening my eyes. I saw a man in a black tuxedo, it was the one and only Sunny Lu. "It's not your time yet roundeye. Buy my coin and I'll make you rich. 2018 big things hehe below your mind." He disappeared in a cloud of smoke and all that was left was a pile of rice on the floor.

Tyrone won some VEN kek

Why are we rising so much?

> sell at 60k
yeah right. Significant news will push this way higher



empty post desu user

That cola can holy shit

Always thought this guy was a /v/ meme but he's actually legit

I really hope you're right mate because you just convinced me not to sell in anticipation of the incoming dip. I'm gonna regret that, aren't I?

Ven joining the PC crowd and pandering to the coloreds. How cute. Contemplating selling all my Ven now.

> being this new
You seriously don't know who this guy is?
This is the opposite of a PC video

does anyone know what it shot up? i don't see any major announcements, strange...then again, major announcements usually results in ven moving sideways, kek

>Not spending every waking moment on the interwebz, and not knowing who some spear-chucking OogaBooga is
>Fuck me, right?

I set a sell order at 4900 sats before I went to bed

Obvious insider trading before major announcement is my guess.

6.3k to 4.3k here hahahaha

> Fell for the racism meme
This guy is a legend. He has been around forever and will say literally anything to the camera for cash.
But yeah, definitely sell your VEN because someone in the VEN community paid this guy to read a script. You will definitely make it in crypto with this kind of deluded and impulsive decision making


CCK tweets usually come true within the week, so expecting to see the "phoenix" rising very soon. Already some movement thanks to BTC.

I honestly don't know why I did this, that a dip would come was so goddamn obvious. But I guess that's what you get for listening to random anons.