Why is this performing so badly

im legit losing faith. atleast lie to me and say retarded shit like whales are supressing muh accumulation.

sshh user everything is gonna be alright
$100 EOY this is comfy af
I just hope you didnt buy at ATH because then you might be holding bags for a while

its okay user
once the koreans get their shit together with krw pairings we'll be on our way

what makes ICX token valuable? literally no ICX fag can explain why.

Mainnet release = 400M tokens unlocked and dumped on the market

why fud with shit you can debunk with a google search user?


i'm just waiting for the krw pairing so i can dump hard af
i can't believe i didnt sold at 9 dollars, greed fucked me

staking it? like any other faggot staking coin i guess

ICO and dapps will create demand for it

this proves youre an idiot without basic understanding of how POS blockchains work. congrats

dont worry OP, think about it this way. If you were to invest in a business, which would you invest in?

One of 10 china coins with no regulatory support and intense competition?

Some supply chain shitcoins that should be on a private blockchain and have no reason to be public?

Some payment system that has a 0% chance of taking off?

Or the only company in korea with 0 competition, accumulating new partnerships weekly, a massive unspent marketing budget, a decentralized exchange on the way, with a government that understands the need for blockchain and is going to invest heavily in it this year?

u faggots dont even know how to zoom out. market prices dont mean shit.

love u user

eat a dick, get stronger hands pussy

Is AION worth holding or should I get more ICX? I have 164 ICX and 316 AIONs

You forgot to mention that ICX can directly connect to theloop blockchain which is already being used by dozens of enterprises

what is your personal target? i dont wanna get greedy

am I the only one who yolod into ICX and has no fucking clue what it does?
I just bought it because it took a beating in the BTC crash and it seemed like a good entry

The market is waiting for you to sell, user. Othewise we're not going anywhere

Problem is its insane growth in a very short span of time, people want to cash out. Same happened with XRB on Bitgrail. if you get 100x in 1-2 months wouldn't you cash?

I would, I wouldn't wait for it to go another 2x from there as likely almost every investor wants out and enjoy their gains.

also what i dont get user. if they connected so good with institutions in korea and regulatory it looks so much better than china why the fuck are they based in zug switzerland to do the fken ico and still based there in general? thats a hooooge red flag imo no meme

then sell and move on...man, is everyone here such a spineless, short-visioned, speculator? take your loss and buy another garbage coin instead of waiting for icx to launch the wallet in a month.

Dont they have some useless ICX ATM machine in Korea? What I don't understand is if they are so connected in Korea, how come the Korean people dont give a shit about it? Ive talked to crypto people from Korea and they said its not even on their radar. People keep talking about pairings, but im not sure if I totally buy the excuse.

Eitherway its 20% of my portfolio, so uhh, yeah, so connected in Korea this is going to be great!

Koreans don't care about cryptos that aren't listed on their exchanges
Just like the average normies that only buy crypto on Coinbase

Because when Icon did it’s ICO, ICOs we’re banned in Korea

U guys are super autistic

Because Icon has spent 0 marketing dollars. If you don’t know shit about how startups with in the valley, google “stealth method”.
Basically, these companies make sure that their product is perfect, their customers support the product, and the product itself creates word of mouth - from there, they start marketing.

CEO of icon used to be an investment banker, then senior exec in the valley. Why wouldn’t he use the most successful strategy there? Why should he spend money on pumping the price of his long term project which will eventually skyrocket anyway?

Honestly I don’t even know why I reply to you idiots, all you do is follow hype like blind sheep

>all you do is follow hype like blind sheep
I'll have you know I don't hold ICX for hype I hold because it has a cool logo and is run by the StarCraft people.

Much better

ICX was always a shitcoin! Stop being attached to shitcoins.
ICX was pump and dumped by some Asian pros and you faggots are left holding the bag...end of story

>a decentralized exchange on the way,
THIS is why the coin is performing poorly. Exchanges need volume to make money. Look at BNB or KNC for example. Same shit different name. Once volume picks up in crypto overall, we'll all see these coins moon again.

>buying at ATH after mooooon
Kill yourself

>ICON is started by a Korean fintech company Dayli Financial Group, which is currently valued at $4 billion.
>31 Member Dedicated Team incl 15 Blockchain Devs, 5 AI Specialists, 5 Marketing/product managers
>2 year development
>Platform allows DAAPS, Interchain, AI and DEX
>Partnered with 3 Korean Universities, Woori Bank, Daishain Securities, SBI Ripple Asia, Carnegie Mellon University

>mfw i wrote this copypasta post ICO and posted it all over biz. ICX was 9k sats when i shilled it.
>now 47k sats
>will likely triple AGAIN before march token release
>biz is unhelpable

at this point, you have to be an absolute retard to not realize the potential in ICX, just partnerships and market alone could create enough hype to make it x10 from here, all it takes for you to realise it's amazing potential is 5minutes of google.
Don't bother with biztards, we shilled ICX, we tried to help, just accumulate and come back here to laugh at brainlet, I learned this long a go with Neo.

>x10 from here
You retarded fag, ICX mooned already

you sound like a smart guy. should I invest some more in icx? bought some at 8usd, should I invest a grand or two into this?

Right now its only 10% os my portfoilio but Im poor and new to the game...

10x eoy? if btc moons to 40-50k eoy then 100x is not impossible, right?

and how many times has bitcoin mooned? absolute retard.

Buying ICX now is like buying ETH when it was $30. The world is adopting blockchain at an incredible rate. ICX is going to be everywhere in Korea within the next 5 years.


>bought some at 8usd

>They aren't aware of the Korea breaking news

Buying CPChain now is like buying WTC when it was $0.6. The world is adopting blockchain at an incredible rate. CPChain is going to be everywhere within the next 5 years.

i cant believe you've done this.

this coin is pointless. its just another generic dapp platform. we already have dozens of these. it doesnt do anything interesting or special that ethereum doesnt already do.

Bought 2 BTC worth of WTC when it was $1.20. CPChain has a long way to go.

>comparing icx to btc
Holy shit

only if I panic sell like your average retard. some motherfuckers sold thier entire eth stash for a few bucks bc it was dipping hard.

>price up 11%
>FUD all over Veeky Forums about poor performance

this is crypto fagget, not grandpa's mutual fund

bots literally push this shit down every time it goes up fuck this

Hodl it until whales have accumulated their coins

completely driven by BTC rise

>whales are accumulating

its getting old niggers

one or two grand

you wont make it anyway

how much icx to be a millionare user.

but its a good start nigger, right? also ont be such a nigger, I cant and dont have to be a millionare after my first moon missions. Especially when my investments are still under 10k in value. If I can 10x eoy then do it again in the next year I will be good for life.

All I need from crypto is like 600k usd and then I can do what I want. After that I will still invest in crypto but without any stress or serious expectations.

I almost frogot this: you nigger.

i bet that nigger only has like 5k icx himself and feels like a whale

was one of the last to run, will take awhile, but you will be rewarded

if you are patient, buy ven and icx and throw your phone away, secure in the fact end of year you will be rich as fuks

It seems over.

it’s ETH but in a hotter(eh..) market (Korea)

Any westerners in are speculators

Zug is “crypto valley” apparently but we gotta work on the name.. not alarming, all the devs and most holder are still Korean-based

Hahaha it's over you fell for a chink coin, it's done it's run up, it will now call to below 1$ and then rise back to 10 maybe by November 2018 if you're lucky

sell for IOST
ICX is done for now, priced in
IOST set for big gains

Any idea about when will they add ICX on Korean exchanges and start marketing?

Icon is partnered with a bunch of institutions that already use blockchain. Are those institutions using the ICX coin?? Does Icon's partnerships have any causation to the appreciation of the ICX coin? Nobody has answered except for calling him a retard who doesn't understand POS.

>korean faggot eth
because muh shitcoin

ur right. i was being a dick. at least youre looking at solid fundamental projects.

whenever you look into currencies, if you treat them as along term investment, analyze them as a business, it'll be easy to see which ones are only hype and which ones will exist in the long run. Maybe you will make it, user.

7,500 - 20,000

if i had 5k i would be daytrading to try to increase stack

photo related...man, so many weak-handed neets itt...sell it, you soyboys, and go back to your link.

>Maybe you will make it, user.
maybe you are not a nigger

yes Im not gonna make it with that mere 52 icx I have right now. fucking 52, 8usd/piece lol. but soon I will drop my zcl bags and buy some more and pump that number up to maybe 500-1000.

Im making the foundations of my crypto protfoilio bc I fucked up bigtime, I spent a LOT on mining (around 20k? 25?).

If miracles happen and I can roi my rigs in a half year then who knows, I can dump much more into my portfolio. If not then I will hodl longer.

wish u bought PoS coins instead lol

just funnel all profits into ICX, VEN, NEO, or OMG and you should do fine realistically. ICX is the only project there that i fully believe will exist in the long run though... In the short run, it won't be the best performer. I just dont have the time to micro manage my portfolio by the month