I have been posting good things about LTC since December......why doesn't /biz listen.......why are you guys still buying low marketcap coins.......

Because he SODL


Bought €300 worth of LTC at €164, that was my first crypto purchase

Feels good to finally break even, but I'm holding it till eoy anyway

Hope it moons now 2bh

Congrats on surviving your first dip without panic selling user,

Thanks user!

All my crypto investments are going to be long-term

be careful user, € will fail because of your niggers' welfare

What can we expect in the next 12 hours?

Just sold for a nice gain on the week

Bought 3 litecoins at 130, 166,188 holding 4 life

The sun will either rise or set depending on your current location

That's still at least 10 years away, in my estimation

I'm shorting LTC

is it too late to buy?

could you show me that math? kek

You'll make it

do this

No. It will hit a new ATH by April and break 1K by the end of the year

It will either jump some more tonight, or settle around here for a while and jump again next week. It could also dip below 200 again, but that's the least likely scenario. You can either lose nothing or be a part of these gains if you jump on-board now.

Mind you I have very little experience in this(really, my prediction is worth nothing beyond sentimentality) and have little evidence besides LitePay coming out on the 26th; these are just my honest thoughts

2bh that's just my feeling, I just used the phrase "in my estimation" to sound smarter

I live in Poland anyway so it won't affect me, I just hope to convert my profits into złotys in time before the race wars begin :DD

>end of the year
LTC = $1400
and I'll short it after that too

you LLegacy cucks arrn't gonna make it

is it too late to fomo?

you want to trade or hold until >$1k ?
for holders this price is OK
it will probably hit ~$400-500 in the upcoming months
but even for holding I would wait until it corrects a bit
I don't have a correction target for current rally

stop being a pussy dude, you're going to be asking that same question when ltc reaches 1k two months from now

Normally I'd agree, but with LitePay coming 26/2 it might be risky to wait for a correction.


No, it's not even close to being too late. This is just the start of the upturn.

I don't do fundamental analysis
LTC will be over 1k this year
but I don't know when
I'll just benefit from a couple of small shorts today
you want to hold somehting for longer?
LTC, EOS, NEO should do OK

Novogratz went balls deep into this one