Dat Volume though

2600 btc wtf?

Last week it was under 100..

This is no pump and dump ..

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Smart money buying in before conference.

EU PDS2 regulations make chainlink illegal. Sell now faggots

Pretty impressive

Stranger still, the spectacular volume has not translated into any appreciable price movement. Buying/selling pressure is about equal..

Dont you mean mandatory?

So glad Sergey is speaking on sunday, gives me another chance to dump the minimum wagie check on friday into Link for another 1k linkies. I'll have 14k total by the day he speaks, just in time to hopefully ride the inevitable pump and dump to up my stack up to 15k.

The future is bright for this minimum wager.

If volume goes up while price stays stagnant, isn’t that clear signs of accumulation?

Turn that volume up to 11

any tips on timing your pump and dumps? I'm too scared to sell, out of FOMO

>one louder :^)

That schedule is fake retard

Now it makes since why Linkchain devs moved over 2 million to exchanges. Big money/partners are moving in and Chainlink offering own chainlink to trade keeps the price in range while volume explodes.

Think about it. The price would explode with this volume 2 days in a row. I expect even more volume tomorrow.

next bullshit meme. psd2 is making chainlink possible

This is why Chainlink devs put millions on to exchanges last week.They were well aware of accumulation. This also makes me think something may be announced friday.

Anyone else noticed this?

oh shit it is fake damnit.. hopefully I can can muh linkies before its too late

Dafuq is happenin in eth pair?
Somebody keeps putting 40-60k buy walls.
Could it be we gonna dump hard soon?

>not a pump and dump

It's a clear sign of wash trading, you moron.

I hope you sell right before it goes to the moon and you fomo back in and end up with 7 Links...

What is the point in wash trading with crypto?

I hear in stock market it can be used to avoid taxation, but what about crypto? Sure, it draws a lot of attention to a coin from normies, but why would anybody touch a coin that goes +-10% in minutes?

Could it be anyhow profitable considering you still have to pay 0.1% in fees for each time you pour you stack over

Stop calling it Linkchain you retard.

linkchain is the shadowfork of chainlink

buy buy buy

> $200m cap
> $32m volume/day
Definetely wash trading, but why?


Could it be a way of sending lots of LINK to someone while making it harder to trace?

>Artificial buywalls everywhere
>this is not pump

Why not call it by it’s proper name? It’s linkchain


US govt is talking about the future major importance of oracles, they're not ready yet but will be important.

what u dont like pajeets expert analysis of smartchainlink.com?

What kind of autism do you have to see something there?


Literally just upped my bags thanks bro

yea, check the bald dude, Mr.Wright, who was also mentioning smart contracts and examples that are similar to chainlink's solution

Oh shit we back to blockchain talk.......I'm hyped


nice, just bought 100k

pic is you

And a fake 100k sell wall that disappeared overnight. whatever the fuck that was for idk

The pump hasn't been as good as it was last October- we hit 62c on conference day ffs.

What is this everyone keeps saying about chainlink being bought out? Why would that make my tokens worthless?

Volume is at ATH though

Volume is already dropping. This is just typical accumulation by whales who will dump the conference and leave linkies holding bags for another 12 months.

i see what he's getting at, the lock's shackle is asymmetrical

people are starting to realize
>1. the potential of smart contracts and DAOs
>2. how big the oracle problem is
>3. the value of solving it

#1 is why ETH is taking back market cap from BTC.
#2/#3 are why Link is moving up and Mobius sold out like instantly despite being on stellar which has way fewer people than ETH

comfy long term hold lads

fuck how many LINK will I need to run a node
is 50k enough

50k is plenty dude. 10k is going to be the standard I think.

Contact Linkpool

Wait, so if I have 45K I can do something?

Linkpool said they gonna make individual nodes for big holders.
100k LINK is the linit per one node

>The pump hasn't been as good as it was last October- we hit 62c on conference day ffs.
what? the ATH in october was 46c

Fuck off retard

Also volume is down 700btc over like 90minutes time, absolute shitcoin

If you really think that's true then how much could a link token cost? If $10 then a node would be $1 million dollars, if $100 a node would be $10 million dollars. Do you really think nodes will be $10 million dollars? Each node would have to bring in at least a million dollars a year to get even a 1% return. Given the fact that there will be thousands of nodes it seems implausible. $10 to 20 is signal capitals guess and that seems the most reasonable estimate.

Signal capital is not even real you fucking cringe, jesus christ when people cite that shit I want to stab them. Also you can run a node with 0 link retard.



They actually have a profitable product (moresignal) aimed at the high end market. That makes them a fuck ton more credible than random anons who started buy cryptocurrency in december claiming link can go to $1000.

also so that's even worse for link. If a substantial percentage of nodes are holding link even less is out of circulation the token velocity problem gets even worse. You don't seem to understand the fundamentals that will drive price appreciation for the link token at all. The best you can hope for is sergey sets the amount link tokens affect node reputation as highly as possible.

*are not holding link

For what

for you to stop shitting on the streets of mumbai, pajeet.

>$1 million is 1% of $10 million: the post

The absolute state of biz

nice, source?

Are you fucking retarded or something?

1 street is 1% of 10 million toilets: the pajeet

Is there any source that 100k LINK is the requirement for a node?

Why wash trading?

If that's what you wanted, you'd just transfer the LINK from your Binance wallet to theirs.

You a math major or something? It’s not personnel, guy.

i'm a phrenology major, actually.

So thousands of autists can see it and trace it? Good idea, son.

yes, Veeky Forums, and it's another FUD bullet-point to add to the ever-growing list.

No minimum is my understanding

Right but there will be a tier list based on certain criteria.


Lol good luck with that chief.

Watched an hour of this. One of the guy mentioned was smart contracts which a lot of crypto projects use but not a single mention of oracles. Seems far reaching to say this has link involved

whom els /captain/?


A whale came on here before the pump and literally said he was going to conduct a pnd.



>Seems far reaching to say this has link involved

nooiiccccceeee so link confirmed involved, you say?

Fuck i'm a poorfag who made it to corporal

its out of perspective?
slightly skewed out of where it should be

Did you only watch the first hour? Oracle talk was around somewhere in the last 30 mins

>that's no pump and dump...

In the same boat, user.
2617-Linker here.

How long before we make it, if ever?

Wow, look at dat volume! Down over 1000btc in less than 6 hours is this LIFTOFF boys?? Good thing I am strapped in! Link marines to the moon!

one time some people in my local park were fighting each other with foam swords

>Bunch of shills shilling each other in multiple threads pumping their shitcoin.

I'm new to crypto what is the conference everyone keeps harping on about

Fellow corp here, got promoted today.

Only time will tell if we make it.

yeah it is you fucking retard.
look at the other markets. Huobi and Binance volume were quite similar before, only Binance's BTC pair increased. at one point the BTC pair had 20m volume while all others had 1-2m

have fun buying the top

Its a Burger Eating Competition not a conference.

You'll be worth at least $2,617,000 on January 1, 2020.


organic growth

This guy fucks.

You can run a node on 0, obviously you wont make much because your data will be considered dogshit in terms of trustability, but its been stated.

50k is fucking fine man, You'll make it by the end of the year for sure.

t. 15k