Hi. i stol 100mil bux and im set for lyfe

hi. i stol 100mil bux and im set for lyfe

dont drop the soap lel


He's young and Italian and as far as I'm aware he's a napolitana.

Three things are going to happen from this point.

1) he will party up, act the big man and get hooked on drugs like every other napolitana.

2) the mafia will smell him a mile away, he will either rip them off or get scammed by them.

3) will end up rekt and penniless

His only hope is to leave Italy while he still can.

redpill me on these faggots?


he's already in with the mob and italian govt

justice does not exist

*teleports beind you*
*unsheathes katana*

Fucking faggot.

If that's true then it's likely he's already in a mountain of debt anyway. Being in with the mob and govt plus having money will make this guys life hell.

>ywn scam 100 million and then sing along with italodisco tunes with your bros

why even live biz?

Nothing is gonna happen to that guy cuz italian justice and mafia.

he registered limited liability company so his personal assets won't be seized and now claims he didn't know about missing money before that, what a prick, if anyone can prove that he knew about missing money before 8th feb he will go to jail

>implying it's his fault
Nice try Nano shill.
Hope that buggy piece of shitcoin drops to $0.

No Italian could be a criminal.

Nano devs won't get away with this, while blaming poor & naive italian guy. Things just don't work dat way. Sorry guyz

Yeah I'm still not convinced reddit: the coin isn't responsible for all of this.

Coin itself isn't, but whole infrastructure (nodes, sync logic) is.

who is this gipsy? im living under a rock in the last week

>trusting shitalians

How dumb do you have to be to get scammed by a filthy Dago? They're unironically the niggers of whites.

>set for life
Could be, i think it's more likely that he'll wind up in a block of cement at the bottom of the meditteraneanEspecially if the local maffia get's wind of his riches.

>wop quisling

retard. he will pay up % and be safe from local napoli goons and even state judge. end of the story is that nano redditards got justed which is quite a nice ending.

>exact same issue with doublespending happens on Binance, leading them to stop all withdrawals of Nano
>haha, it's just the exchanges scamming people, Nano is flawless
>Nevermind that one faggot on Reddit who proved that he figured out what was going on and sent all the stuff with tx hashes to the Nano team, but they just ignored him, WEEKS before Bomber came clean

You Raicucks are the most delusional motherfuckers in crypto.

Western society rewards those that embark in white collar crime. He's probably lounging on Cala Goloritzé getting an erotic massage and sipping a mojito.

>NANO dead
>TRX dead
>XLM dead
>FUN dead

2018 sucks cock

>reddit and normie coins dead

Dumbass, this is best timeline

I want bomber to mount me. I have the biggest crush on him

What's a non-reddit coin?

Why are you guys acting like he should get punished? You guys wanted this, an unregulated market. Everyone wants to steal eachothers money but as soon as it's you own, then you get butthurt.


That's one filthy dago I want inside of me. Don't blame him because he's more smart than you.


Cool story Reddit.
Everyone knows the NANO devs are involved.


>he's a napolitana
he's from Florence

DYOR faggot, not helping you make it

shh I'm hoping for a witchhunt at the end of this, this is my crypto entertainment before next bull run

The devs are
Nano Dev "Im im talk daily with francisco he is a good guy"
"Your funds are safe at bitgrail"

Mother fuckers, they are all in it together, Colin, Zach, Francesco, bitgrail, mercatox.


>trusting a shitskin with your money

Story? or link to story? I don't follow crypto drama as much as you guys