Buy aXpire from Kucoin:

buy aXpire from Kucoin:

>at bottom price, now -50% below ico price so you aren't buying a overpriced coin what already has mooned

>has big news coming and even a roger ver ready to shill

We are working on getting the Resolvr software ready, meeting with potential clients, setting up marketing opportunities. Roger Ver will talk about Axpire when the time is right"

>all indian outsourcing fud is false, look their reddit

whales are accumulating this shit like crazy and spreading fud everywhere.

I do not understand why nobody listens

I was in the ICO

>whales are accumulating this shit like crazy and spreading fud everywhere.
fucking JR has over 16.7 million tokens in his wallet because of the FUD. absolutely insane people believed his (probably) funded campaign against AXP

>spend management system
Why the fuck do we need a blockchain for this?

well, me too, in since a mainsale. however this is so fucking undervalued at all , and currently only on 13m marketcap..

with a website relaunching i'm expecting 2x as normies eat this , lets just begin a shilling campaign at reddit

Can you link me his wallet?

And i can agree with a fud campaign, fucking normies believe everything and sell at loss

This is better than Jibrel Network in every way

so people could get rich from magic coins

This is their DEV team, they not from Axpire so don't believe this BS. Buy if you want to be a bagholder.

>The AXP token serves to reduce the incentive for cyber security threats by securely decentralizing the distribution of our software. As a founding member of the International RegTech Association, aXpire’s blockchain technology leaves an immutable trail of transactions; providing value throughout the auditing, compliance and reporting process.

This is literally marketing bullshit without a clue as to what they going to do on the blockchain.

And again, brings back the question - why the fuck would a company put confidential vendor cost information on a blockchain. This must be the most pointless ICO - Dogecoin even makes more sense.

user, listen to me very closely. i wouldnt buy this coin even at -95% ico discount and im 100% srs. you retarded burgers got pajeetd.

You seem a bit too interested in axp for someone who doesn't want to own it
Really makes me think. Fud much?
I don't think they're gonna be making the spend data public. So if a company uses their software it could still stay confidential where only vendor and customer could see it, for example.

So much fud. Makes me wanna by some.

roger ver hasnt even shilled it yet, think about it when he does

I bought $10k of this shit, I have a right to make as many posts as I want.

What you saying makes zero sense. Why would I display my spend data with the vendor - why would they care, all they want is their contract and invoices paid.

You making it extremely obvious you have zero clue what their software is. I would suggest you actually go read up about it - not that you can get much info as its a lot of marketing bullshit for a cash-grab.

Ya it has a lot going for it
>less than a month old and already on kucoin and upcoming listing on nebula exchange when it goes live
>ver as advisor
>15 mil market cap, not even updated yet on cmc even though team has sent the request
>new website coming soon
>token burn planned which will provide upward pressure on axp
>customers will be able to use axp under the hood without knowing its there via a fiat/axp layer
>huge sell walls indicate whales lowering price to accumulate more. Check the top 100 wallets, that's who's scooping up cheap tokens

Sure you can post as much as you want.
No one has a clue on the specifics of their software yet because it's all proprietary and closed source. We may never find out the exact details, so what? Do you know every line of code in Oracle's software? Probably not
If you don't believe in axp then just sell and go away

Nobody is asking for the source code just why the fuck would anyone use this on the block chain.

It’s an existing product you fool, it’s already released.

The resolvr software is an existing product, yes, but it was specifically designed for the one hedge fund client
That software is closed source, proprietary.
Q2 2018 is when the updated version using DLT tech releases if I'm reading the roadmap correctly which hopefully I am

When are they planning a token burn? How much? First I've heard of that

AHAHAHAH look at you bahholders struggling to find someone to buy this hot garbage of you.. HAHA stay mad, keep holding

Fucking vaporeware cash-grab. Product was never made for the blockchain and now have gotten the outsourced company to add it as a feature. Product makes zero sense as to why it needs to be on the blockchain and I have never found an answer to that.

Also this hedge fund is never named. Probably like their Microsoft partnership / fake (They a reseller of a MS product.)

Check the redd0t post linked above