PRL on sale!!!

PRL on sale!!!

Are you buying user?

This is the easiest gain you can get. PRL will moon anytime soon.

It’s starting boooyyz

got 10k, should i go for 20k?

how many prl to retire next to a costco for 40 years

Just bought 90 PRL with some ETH on kucoin I forgot about. PRL is a high risk high reward gamble at the moment so I just made it 0.5% of my portfolio.

99% here

I won't even lie I admire your balls. The last time I thought something was a high risk high reward gamble It was DBC which then almost 10x'ed before crashing.

the bot is set for around 92cents....check the chart where automatically it markt sold, as BTC rose above 9000, to keep parity......soon enough human eyes will see this, and we will have a nice bump.......but will it be the start of the big run up?

make it 30k pussy

>literally going all in on this coin hoping to retire before i graduate school

is good yea

Veeky Forums is going to FUD this coin until it inevitably moons when product launches and then fomo in at ATH after ATH lul

I did that with DBC too before it went op to .60c. Unfortunately it was just 50% of my portfolio. I think I will move my bags to DBC after the PRL moon.

fuck /biz it's all about Kim Dot Com who's millions heavy deep on PRL and even refused to sell at $4

what is the bot doing right now ?

I have 30ish eth, considering to buy an altcoin before Chinese new year. Make your pitch. I won't guarantee I'll go balls deep unless the shill is magnificent.

DYOR please
>we don't need weak hand bitches who pull out after trade swinging 15 cents. We have literally institutional billionaires HODling this coin through ATH and not selling

why lie like this?

More news about SHL and the airdrop are supposed to come this week. I doubt it's going to get any cheaper soon.

fucking pathetic

>stupid niggers be stupid

again... why lie?

> (You)
son your info is outdated, check the date.
I just bought 13 Ml the other week at $1.4 and there's nothing you can do about it

Stop shilling this I'm still accumulating

you are retarded

why so salty?

because you are outright lying that there are institutional billionaires investing. Any brainlet can verify this isn't true in 2 minutes so again my question is why lie and why then double down on the lie.

can someone give me a tldr on this thing iam very much a lucky brainlet so far i like to listen to smart people.

still unsure how am I lying ? who do you think can afford throwing 13 million dollars on crypto ?
are you really retarded or just playing semantics here?

just buy before airdrop next week and hold a year,
>PRL is good
>they're building anonymous decentralized web 3.0 future

>one meme billionaire = institutional billionaires
and where are you getting these 13million figures from. You can literally check the tx details of all of these tokens and they were worth pocket change

>one "meme" billionare
what a fuking brainlet

you disagree he is a meme?

where can you buy this?


yea Kucoin pajeets selling low right now
>just picked up 4k more
>perfect timing to accumulate for airdrop

when its shilled on biz you know it's past time to sell.

>just sold all 1 weeks before airdrop
>bought link and bitbeans
>to the moons

Wondering if I should dump 22k dbc and 1200 drgn for prl..have about 5k right now

I bought around 45 cents average and dumped at $1.20. These guys are just bagholders now desperately trying to keep the coin afloat.