Give it to me straight Biz: was I pajeet’d?

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No, don't be retarded.
Why don't you do your own research for once

I’m holding at 3x ICO. Bags are heavy but I believe in it. Once people’s confidence returns to the market and ARY starts hitting its milestones and delivering on partnerships we should see good returns.

Just wait until March. Lots of new stuff coming out then, according to Sam on Telegram.

The blockchain is a perfect fit for the shipping industry. Also, by law all trucks in the US must be equipped with electronic logging devices, and ARY is a first mover in tying those ELDs to the blockchain.

I'm holding my bags and feeling comfy.

2:34:32 - 2:34:52

yup just saw this and 100% thought of ARY immediately.

What does food have to do with ARY?

Hey bud, how does food get from point a to point b?


My point was that there are several other blockchain startups who are focusing *specifically* on food.

q how does food get to point a to point b
a via truck
what is ary?

>Give it to me straight Biz: was I pajeet’d?
Yep. Sold this shitcoin last night. It may still x2 or x3 though, but I'm not gonna wait a long time for it.

Ary 20$ eoy 200 by 2020, screenscap this nerds

Yes, you were.
>devs exaggerated their skillsets on old website
>new website is just placeholders and fake information, developer info omitted
>CEO has a history of outsourcing basic work (people have screenshots)

from what i have gathered thus far, sam is a very frugal and efficient thinker/planner, attacking cosmetic things such as a website, which is last on his priority list, is an extremely shit fud bud

> inb4imsam
This is correct, the three members of ARY are habitual Veeky Forums regulars. Let that sink in. Who do you think has been trying to set the narrative here about ARY?

put the pipe down Jason
hurry up and accumulate before its too late ;)

good long term hold. Accumulate what u can and hold. this isn't a trade... this is a hold. if you plan on buying this, hold it. don't just sit at your screen waiting for it to jump 25% like other coins. learn what coins to hold and accumulate and what coins to trade.


Literally the only reason this got shilled on biz was because of people missing out on the ShipChain presale. Just sell and wait for ShipChain like everyone else

how about hold both

It actually got shilled on Veeky Forums because the founders made the memes (pic related) and posted them here daily.
This project has a lot of red flags. However, that might not it from growing in value in the distant future.

Hey man, no need to attack the ARY developers with fake news just because Devery's devs are a bunch of 22 year old college grads that scammed everyone.

and what red flags are those?

he didnt even mention Devery are you butthurt or what?

I get that bagholders don't like hearing the truth, but you can't just dismiss things you don't like hearing as "fake news"

Only someone who bought into Devery and realized there was a better ICO, with better partnerships & better product that flew completely under the radar, would FUD this hard.

I'm still waiting on what those red flags are

>buying muslim coin
no thanks

how are those iota bags brah?

beautiful in a few years nerd

I can't help with your reading comprehension, baka. I've already linked a post.


i dont hold SJW coins either

the founder of ARY, Sameer.

I hope you don't mean this post
none of that is even true and just points to you being a retard for not knowing how graphic design is done and not knowing what lorem ipsum is.
Also where are the screenshots if "people have them"

was taunting his muslim remark, this is the best fud people produce after multiple weeks, shits weak

Can somebody please post the screenshots of Sam outsourcing basic work for a MVP late last year? If not i'll re-find and post later.

Look user, you can keep your head in the sand and say the claims are fake. If that makes your ARY bags feel less heavy, power to you.

At first FUD makes you laugh....then it makes you rich.

yes please someone post it
I know for a fact the claims are bullshit.
The claim you literally just made about the placeholder info on the website is bullshit.

Not going to comment on block array but my only advice to you would be to invest in devery.

Ex NASA rockstar programmer on team, super big advisors, in consultation with multi trillion dollar textile consortiums, and many many many things going on behind the scenes

You do realise they've already been audited by a legit exchange in Kucoin. So any FUD about their MVP at this point is retarded.

We pump altcoins to the moon. Join and see for yourself....

t dot me/tornadopumps

not to mention the fact that their beta is in live use in a pilot study.

You sound like a 5 yar old kid with your retarded words....."Super big advisors" "Rockstar programmer" mutli trillion dollar.
I dont even give a shit about fuckin eve but if your the typical buyer i hope it crashes and burns like your fuckin lego set u retard

found one of them :)

This was back in Oct. FOR A DEMO.

so are you trying to say that the beta being used by a trucking company in the US right now is all an elaborate ruse?

also this look like it has nothing to do with block array. Since block Array has no need to integrate with Paypal

The team exaggerated their tech abilities on the old website, and coincidentally also have a history of outsouring tech work.

Connect the dots, or don't. I showed you proof as advertised, mong.

You will stay poor in any event, so go and kys tonight retard. I don't give a shit what you do.

proof of what? this has nothing to do with Block Array.
Also for that matter please post proof that they exaggerated their abilities.
You know Sam is the CEO and not the dev right? You know he was a senior financial analyst for Amazon right? You know they are currently hiring more devs to help Yuri (the main dev) right?

Please keep the FUD coming I love proving you wrong

I think the gaming industry has confused you NEETs as to what the difference between demo and beta/alpha product are.
>demo != MVP/beta

So how much ary do u have rn lmao

Lol you got BTFO

>this faggot

your probably gettin pounded by the super big advisors at devery u idiot. is that the many many many big things behind the scenes. if your gonna shill something atleast make it sound good not like ur a retard droolin on ur keyboard

Hahaha Yuri? You mean the recent college graduate with a background in IT? He's the main dev?

Go ahead and look at his info yourself, fool.

not even just IT, IT Support, the lowest tier

sr financial analyst pays about 70k/year lmfao


so you're just never gonna address my counterpoints and keep spewing shit?
Great tactic
>pay has anything to do with the skills required to do the job
Also pic related

> i hope it crashes and burns like your fuckin lego set u retard

This is some grade-A autism.

even your id reads bazingacoin holy shit you cant make this up rip hunan

New hire! We like to welcome Zach K. We will have an interview with him in 2 weeks as he transitions to his new position. He is a front-end developer and will be focusing on refining the mobile application. A lot of the input we have gotten from the small pilot study will be used in terms of the User Experience and adding new features.
We are negotiating with 2 more developers as well. Both have extensive experience in development

wasn't talking about this guy

You're an asshole. I've wasted time responding to your "counterpoints" and you're complaining i'm "spewing shit"?
Yes Sam worked has a decent work history in Finance, I've never said otherwise. His old profile also said (pic), implying technical ability.
I'm not wasting any more time talking about this, frankly I don't even care. Buy it up.

No one ever gives props to BlockArray's Micah.

aw did I hurt your feefees? :(
you haven't addressed any of my counter points or maybe I missed your responses to any of these:

My counter point showing you blatantly lied about "fake information" on the website
You have yet to refute they have a live working beta in an on going pilot study at the moment
You never addressed the fact that the screen shot has nothing to do with Block Array
You also have yet to provide any proof that they embellished their skills

Yes he's worked on 2 different startups giving him actual experience running a small business. And guess what? He also has technical skills! When was it ever proven that he was lying about his technical skills?

I guess the only argument is that Sam's lying about his programming abilities. But you could apply the "lying" argument to anything with the right kind of tinfoil hat so... yeah. Believe whatever, I guess.

ARY is 7 ETH from having the orderbook cleared

>You do realise they've already been audited by a legit exchange in Kucoin
KuCoin also listed Confido. What's your point?

You haven't kys yet? Please hurry, amuse us gypsy.

Look at this block array shill, mad because block array is going down and his investment is at a standstill, this is what you get for being an illiterate retard and not choosing superior investments.

>Andrew Rasheed - Product and Operations
>Antoine Najjarin - Partnerships and Strategy
>A lawyer by profession
>Chironjit Das - Finance and Community
>Bok Khoo - Technical Advisor
>Dorjee Sun - Strategy and Logistics Advisor
>Alex Trottier - Retail and Supply Chain Advisor
>His previous roles include Chief Product Officer at Carmudi and Senior Product
Manager at Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts is an American video game publisher producing titles such as Need
for Speed , FIFA, Star Wars & Mass Effect.
>John Shi-Nash - General Advisor
Yeah no Pajeets here.

EA?!?! Thank fucking GOD I didn't buy into Devery

Yeah that's what did it for me aswell.
Unless he left because it's a shitshow.

>Andrew Rasheed
>no pajeets

>wat is sarcasm/irony
It was never not a shitshow, friendo.

Devery is up 40% right now

ary just came out brah brah, shoo shoo weak poo

You need to be concerned about your paki block array CEO who was caught outsourcing work to China and claiming it as his own. I understand you're upset because ary is going down but you have nobody to blame but yourself.


t. newfags dont understand how volume works

Look at this desperate gypsy, ready to neck himself instead of cutting his losses on ary. Nobody forced you to buy block array you idiot.


all im saying is you got shilled into a shit project, ARY keeps bleeding for a reason

It's about digitizing food, brainlet.
Next generation dapps will be able to bring food onto the blockchain.
e.g. send 10000 gwei to a smart contract, get a pizza.
>blockchain 4.0

the beauty of my investments is i never invest what i cant afford to lose, for all i care i lost all of my investment already, go wipe your ass on the grass poojeet

Don't get emotional bitch, just cut your losses idiot.

all im saying is market just crashed and we are just now showing recovery, you can literally say this about 99% coins right now

>keeps bleeding for a reason
please kys

So f*ckin heavy.

user it bled form .00025 to .00015 ETH while BTC/ETH were recovering

please don't hold this to 5 mil market cap

>says the retard angrily spurging out over a coin he has no investment in

While EVE fags got shilled into an exit scam. Enjoy those bags, lol.

Ary is losing value on a rapid basis, people are fleeing from the project and cutting their losses.

Ooohh it's so hard to push up price on EVE because there's just so much volume. 50% is soooo impressive. ARY doesn't have 5x that volume or anything

look at ARY keep bleeding and enjoy your bags

Eve is worth more than ary. I don't know why you ary bagholders keep bringing up EVE, clearly that isn't good for your investment to be bringing attention to a more superior product.

seems like you got pajeeted alright
I would move all my funds to eve asap

>t. 8.9m > 9.6m
I knew Devery faggots were stupid, but I thought they at least knew math.

Just like EVE? Lol, 15 year old babbyinvestor doesn't know what wash trading is.

>superior product


Please keep freaking out for no reason

So if I'm reading this right it seems like some retarded pajeet got BTFO trying to spread FUD. He then disappears and is replaced by more retards mindlessly REEEEEEing at ARY for seemingly no reason.
Good thread guys