Questions relating crypto that you're too afraid to ask

How the fuck do ERC-20 tokens work? I'm about to recieve some ERC-20 tokens from an ICO but I have no idea what kind of address to give them or anything. Do I just give my ETH address that I have on Kucoin? Does that work? How can I distinguish between different tokens within my ETH address? What happens if I get different ETH tokens there? How can I sell some of them but not others?

This may be a retarded question but help a bro out.

You need an ETH private wallet. Like MyEtherWallet. Then the tokens just go in the wallet and you send them around with gas (ETH).

Ya Kucoin address would work, Kucoin will give you the ICO coins as soon as ICO distributes

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So how can I sell the tokens? Transfer them to an exchange that already has them adopted, much like ChainLink already is on many exchanges? How much ether will I need to transfer them?

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Is this true? Sounds like I'll end up losing the tokens, what if the ICO coin never hits Kucoin?

An ETH wallet can hold ETH and ERC20 tokens. If you want to sell them you need to send them to a centralized exchange that has them listed (easier) or post a trade on a decentralized exchange (harder), which is probably what you're going to have to do.

You can send ERC tokens to any ETH address you have the private key, for example MyEtherWallet.

You can check what tokens you have directly there or under the token tab on etherscan.

You have control over them as long as you have enough gas in that wallet.

Don't fucking use an exchange address, use MyEtherWallet or similar as recommended earlier.

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No, always participate in ICOs though a wallet under your control.

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Yep, once they are in the wallet you can transfer them to a wallet on an exchange that accepts them and has trading pairs. As an ERC-20 token they will likely be on IDEX or ED first.

What's the point of these tokens anyway?

For example EOS states that it is "The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications", but it's actually an ERC20 token.

Vechain is "the world’s leading blockchain platform for products and information". An ERC20 token.

I don't even know what TRON is supposed to be, but it's just an ERC20 token too.

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Can anyone actually cash out their coins for real cash ? or is their money/gains stuck in the crypto fund theyre using

Use your own wallet. Exchanges will not support or give you back your ico coins.

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Many of these tokens claim to one day be actual coins. When that happens you transfer your ERC20 tokens to their new wallet I imagine. Be mindful some of the tokens you need to register now, I think EOS is one of those.

Most of them established ERC20 tokens to raise funds for development. They all have their own chains testing in private and will release them at some point. Releasing the ERC-20 token now lets them raise funds and gets awareness of their company out there.

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i can deposit/withdraw eth and trade it on the platform without any id whatsoever?

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What other platforms are there?
So far I know of eth, neo, eos, dragon, odn.
Also what blockchains are in their own
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QTUM, Boscoin, ICX

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I'm pretty sure you need verification on any exchanges that do Fiat. So you can play around on Binance but won't be able to actually cash out until you're set up on a Fiat exchange