No question is too stupid thread

I've been in crypto for 5+ years, here to answer any questions you might have that you have been scared to ask because you're a stupid scared little boy.

Pic related, my old GPU miner

how gay are you on a scale of 1-10?

should I go out with Cindy again or just find a new girl?

why do i have pain in my gooch area when i poop?


Ask yourself, how can you say you love her if you won't even her poop.

Find a new girl, you deserve better than Cindy. Know yourvworth, user

Prostate cancer

On the futures on Bitmex, am I supposed to market sell a long if the price has gone up and close sell if I want to cut my losses/get scared? Is it the same for shorts (reversing what I said on price)?

How do you actually find new coins to mine? Veeky Forums is a cesspool of street shitters and /b/tards who only catch trends months after they've already mooned. "Just jewgle it..." isn't an answer.

What country?

Should I build a 560 rig?

wtf is block chain??

how can i make 1mill when my portfolio is 1k$ :(

do you think we will bleed after the current bulltrap to reach the quarterly low end of march/beginning april?

Ive ordered 8 1080tis to build a rig. Its around or under 1000usd/gpu. Opinions? Any advice from an expert to a newbie?

Ive got 59,000 TRX bought at 500 sats (roughly what it is now)
Should I HODL and re-evaluate after 6 months or dump it on something else (eyeing up XMR)

From a technical standpoint, would it be feasible for Bitcoin to reach 100k per coin? Or even a million?

Any tips on how to find which coin is probably going to move up in a day or general tips on technical analysis?

Those lips are amazing.

What's a masternode?
Will utk moon?
Can xem recover to last year's trade value?

which type of bitrock will make grug rich?

what do you do when you put % of your crypto capital in a coin and it crashes hard for some reason? just wait for it to eventually recover or sell (very) low and try to use the rest of the money elsewhere?

Buy 1070 instead unless you paid like 600-800 for the 1080tis also buying any ti version of a card is retarded

How can I set up chainlink nodes (or any other node really) when they go online?

>also buying any ti version of a card is retarded

you are a fucking retarded.

just compare the performance of 1080 to 1080ti

yes, I would buy 1070s but resale value of tis are better and 1070s are not that much better than 1080tis in price/performance.

but yes, if I could go back in time I would go for 1070s. and much sooner.

What's stopping me from taking out a x100 leverage position on Bitmex with a small amount of btc deposit over a vpn, and just abandoning account if market goes other way?

Have you become rich from crypto?