Sminem Wildlife Fund 2

Continuation from LET US DONATE TO SMINEM

I am the Russian user who is going for a second try. I messaged his aunt. Will post screenshots now. Waiting for her reply, I will also get in touch with sminems sisters and uncles.

We can make this happen, guys. Lets make Sminem happy for bringing us joy.

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soo why does this kid deserve 100k now. ?

First part of message to the aunt, pls dont be mean

This is the second part. Russian anons, should we keep the message as it is with minor changes or think of something else for the messages to the other relatives?


god's work Ivan

notice how once biz acted on this several hours ago, we broke 9000

Why do you? At least Sminem brings optimism and positivity. While you are literally The Virgin user.

dolboebi ne pishite emu ot soobshestva Veeky Forums, oni vas za kidal primut ili prosto daunov. ya emu uzhe napisal eog babe ot imeni ego "bivshego uchitela", teper zhdu kogda on sam otvetit mne i budet online

Do you think Sminem is actually behind this pump?

where to donate

translation? blessed be based sminem

i podvedu ego potom k teme bitca esli on zohochet bazarit

I did not mention Veeky Forums by name. I introduced us as a community of investors and cryptoenthusiasts from all over the world who want to give something back to sminem since we admire his positive charm and optimistic attitude.
Better to stick with the truth. What are you planning on saying? "Hey I am not really your ex teacher BUT HEAR ME OUT YOU NEED TO MAKE AN ETH WALLET RIGHT NOW"

And how exactly do you propose she cashes out? I bet she is going to think that is where the scam part is. Seriously, why even bother?

Checked, asking the real questions

Also checked, although I dunno wtf user is saying


what does she says? please make this happen


Absolutely 146%



actually I changed my mind

this is the new reality of the situation:

>be russian OP
>rub hands together
>meme sminem into reality over a week
>fake a chat with his "aunt"
>"aunt" posts eth address
>biz donates 100000 eth
>it's actually OPs wallet he just made
>buys vodka and pickles with the money and laughs at biz

blyat, tak on autist kak i ego podruga)) vas prosto nahui poshlut s takimi zakidonami, udachi

u menya hotyabi budet shans pobazarit s nim

you're the man. also checked

Dear miss Dvornikova,

Please, dont be scared. I am writing you representing a group of people who wish good for your nephew Roma Zuyev. We are a community of financial investors and enthusiasts in the crypto sphere from different countries all over the world. I dont know, maybe you had already received messages from strangers from the Internet about Roma. We are messaging you with good will. The positive smile and the always happy mood of Roma gave us lots of joy and we would like to thank Roma and his family, would like to send you over some good and positivity.

You are not going to owe us anything. You do not have to pay anything. This is not a scam, I understand its hard to believe a stranger but its like that. We just want to do some good for you.

We are ready so send you some funds in the form of cryptocurrency. We will explain to you how to change it in rubles. I can not tell how much money it will be, but everybody will give as much as they can. But we are many and there are also wealthy people among Romas fans.

We would be really glad if you could help us make contact with Roma. He is not answering to unknown messages.

Please, give us the opportunity to do good for Roma and his family.

Answer this message and I will explain everything to you in detail.


that's very nice message, aнoн, but it still can be hard to explain them crypto assuming they are just simple post-soviet russians

as this goes a Veeky Forums might be prudent to place a small donation too his/family's wallet before a big putting food in front of a chingchong idol or lighting a candle in front of virginmary

This is exactly what's going on here.

Like, who braindamaged are you fucking people, you make sminem unironically look like a genius,

>Please, dont be scared.

>expecting some russian normie to understand crypto

someone really should just chat with him for a few weeks, maybe saying that he is from his school but they just didn't really knew rach other
and only when the trust is earned we shold talk crypto

user probably created a fake facebook page of his aunt so he can take all the money you retards throw at him.

ruskies love crypto

She is online. Reading it.

I think he did a pretty good job.
Still would trigger my phishing alert.
Requiring a response to unlock level 2 would scare me away if this came from a stranger.

She was on my OK page (its empty tho). But it confirms that she has read the message.

>Some russian figured how to turn a forced meme into an exit scam to fill his own pockets
Sasuga Ivan

>getting scammed by some dirt poor r*ssian who pretends to be sminem

ah yes, classic Veeky Forums I see

I think it will take a while for her to answer. She is probably calling Sminem asking him wtf this is right now.

I am texting the other relatives now. Focusing on one will take forever

be careful, don't write to many of them, it will look really creepy

>implying there is any way for this shit not to be creepy

stop trying to scam Veeky Forums fucking autist no one believes you.
also stop doubleposting

This thread needs to be more russian

>Please, dont be scared
we come in peace

I wrote more messages but two of his relatives needed a friend request first so I did that

How exactly am I scamming you lol

without being unkind....maybe explain that the small joke started with the misspelling of Eminem on his t-shirt.....then because of his pronounced ears he became a good luck we "hear of the good trading tips"

Nigger Make a tripcode fot your Thread So no one larp as you and stage wallet adresses

i think most anons expect smimem himself to post some video proof or at least picture on official social media in which he shows his address

This should at least be the condition to Send us a pic with His wallet

this won't go anywhere until sminens itself get involved, contact with his aunt can be a start, but until we get a pic from sminem itself with timestamp and mentioning biz, don't expect anyone to donate

>please don't be scared

If you're so smart, why did IBM used to store data on spools of Red Vines?

Клaвy хoтя бы инcтaллиpyй, дayн

just talked to his gf and she said that sminem will be able to chat with me only tomorrow (i'm larping as a teacher from the school where he studied)

Yes this was my idea too. IF I or this other user can get him to do this, this should be the fail-safe verification.

Yep. That's it. I'm making a Sminem folder now.

so sminen's name is Roman?

is this how you try to get your dick sucked?

Ask for the cell phone number, twat

his spreg gf is so fkn hot
>tfw no autismo gf

is this russian or what the fuck

Russian typed phonetically with latin letters

Roman Zuyev, yes

Russians are white niggers.

says the Pajeet

Just an update, I got no answer yet. But I will keep you guys posted. Sminem will get his wildlife fund!

sure thing, ivan pidorov



Doesn´t change the fact that you shit on the streets

Using Boy sminem cool to scam people.
Shame on you.
"I am gonna bRreak you"

what's that on her desk?


Looks like a Yoko figurine from Gurren Lagann

OP from the last thread here... I made the thread drunk last night and didnt think it would go anywhere. I wanted to change the title of the thread. Can we call it the Sminem G Komen Fund or something? World Wildlife Fund was the only charity I could think of in my alcohol addled state.

This, and why tf would anyone donate anyway

Looks like Yoko from Gurren Lagann

yoko gurren lagan

This thread is literally a Russian scam. Probably I better report it.

I made the original thread. You wont believe me, but I expect Sminem to post a timestamp video or something. I'm going to send my own money to him too.

They're probably hacking our thread bumps right now, too. At least according to recent Senate testimony.

No, dumbass, sometimes Veeky Forums does fun shit just for the fuck of it. You must be new.


> getting paid to be a meme
What a time to be alive.

Fucking nerds.


notice the manga(presumably) in the back
>tfw sminems gf (and possibly he aswell) are weaboos

greetings and salutations, earthlings

Bump any update?

>1.5bn USD in crypto holdings
>needs donations

kek, i'd rather all-in on LINK lmfao


Because he single handedly stopped wojak's bear market shitstorm ?


offerings user


i really like this guy, he is always smiling and that makes me happy
he will slay after his ear operation, i hope he will make it

minister you sminem

comeon follow up OP
u can't make this thread and not deliver

i want to donate to Sminem, what's the address and is it really his and not a scammer!