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tell me whats wrong with this?
Come home Veeky Forums.

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The coin only works when purple buy and sell. The volume is very low for the last few days, maybe longer. What are you doing to promote this besides shilling us and Reddit

The devs, who are Veeky Forums anons who were burned from powh coin, created a mutual donation wallet that would be used for ads. Expecting a couple dollars, they instead received almost 1000$ dollars in one day. Mind you, this is after they translated the page out of pocket into 5 languages, two more russian and arabic in the works now.
There is also a meeting next week in korea with a group of press to discuss there thought on something like this which some dev paid 240$ out of pocket for...

oh and a new ui launched today, might i add its only been 13 days since launch.

Has the website received more traffic since these implementations

Nice, new site is looking pretty good!

Don't you guys think at one point things like these are considered illegal and closed down by govs???

You get dividends when people buy and sell. The coin is tied to the market's growth or decline.

How is this illegal

Yes legal issue is very important to bring up since it is called ethpyramid.
While the name is scary, its funtion essentially boils down to a gambling game held by a emotionless robot. Its about as illegal as black jack.
Please correct me if i am wrong.

traffic? like views? unsure but the eth has been flowing faster and faster, i can say that because i now has statistics to show this

Yes views, how had growth been projecting day to day

Can the community get a trello board of PR/marketing objectives

Growth has been increasing day by day. We are now marketing internationally. Momentum is increasing. This is a real project with real, concrete objectives for growth.

Get in or stay poor.

here are some basic google trends you could have found yourself.

>Mind you, this is after they translated the page out of pocket into 5 languages
Wait what... They paid for those translations? I'm a frog and the french translation is horrid, like a dyslexic 12 years old typed it in 5 minutes.

Everyone see Just get in NOW or stay poor indeed

Not sure if it's really illegal. It just says pyramid so it sounds like it. Every token is worth the same at any given time regardless of when bought. Price depends on total of pyr at buy time.

In reality is just ETH savings account with div's and a 10% svc charge on entry or exit. Besides, govt. cant shut it down without shutting down ETH.

well, perhaps you would like to translate it better?
Join the team! open source so its a real community effort in the truest sense

You need to market this differently. The pyramid name keeps normies away

If there's a plain text file accessible somewhere, I could fix the obvious mistakes. Github and tags go a little over my head.

Only those with balls of diamond may enter and claim their just reward. People bought ponzi coin for 2.45 eth each at one time and that was far less legit than this. Im not really concerned about it.

The project is marketed that way on purpose. This isn't a scam, so the devs want to make abso-fucking-lutely sure that people know what they are buying in to.
This isn't bitconnect/davor. There's no "guy at the top" who can run away with all the funds. The only person responsible for your success in the pyramid is you.

couldnt say for sure. Come meet the devs if you want to ask them.
dis cord. gg

i dont think folks really appreciate of the awesomeness of the situation at hand. Let me paint a picture.

Say you put in 1 eth now and you get about 11 tokens. As that eth sits in the pyramid, it will accumulate dividend (interests) of of EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION. Let me say that again, 10% OF EVERY TRANSACTION GOES TO EVERYONE HOLDING A COIN. If you own more coins, you get more of that total 10%.
Even better, its both buy and sell. So when that whale cashes out 100,000, 10,000 gets split by everyone else. And thats every transaction, so the more transactions, the more fun.

Say you reinvest those dividends you get constantly, if you bought in at .09ETH/Token, by reinvesting dividends you might now be down to .06ETH/Token - literally as if you had been able to buy at an earlier point in time!

yall aint even ready

bump for you

PoWH Gawwwntlet

Third time's the charm to burn a million bucks and get threatened by a whale?

Third time is going pretty well for me so far.

could be a crypto institution one day


There's a working translation word doc in the discrod. stop by

ayeee someone just put in 1 eth

Biggest invested today was 5 ETH

What´s the catch? How do I get in?

The catch it's that this is the first time in history it's ever been done so no one knows what's next.

I paid for Korean, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. The European languages are community efforts.

Any help would be welcomed.

We’ve seen a steady increase of about 500+ new users per day. Analytics have only been in place for three days but that’s enough to give us a sense of reach and impact.

Sec, I’ll post some analytic grabs from my machine...

ethpyramid is old, shill me some new ponzi please

bought 100k

The best pyramids aren't the newest, it's about building up the biggest one

>buy my bags
no thanks

How is it old already- volume has been going up and price is low enough for all you smart money

am I wrong, it's about building up 1. Not saying its ethpyramid (even though it is)

contain your autism, and follow this simple chart
1-2 days - new
3-5 days - still can have gains
6+ days - lmao retard don't

There's a location heatmap and a day-on-day new user graph for the few days we've had it running. Don't want to include much more here otherwise people just get buried in numbers, but we'll be opening all of this up soon.

wrong. that's what weak hands think. the people we make money off

haha this faggot can only think in terms of one week. I bet i can hold a shit longer than you can hold a coin. I bet your wrists are even weaker than your hands!

Get a clue pal. This shit is beyond anything you have ever considered. It can exist as long as the eth block chain exist, so basically forever.

This isnt going to go away, in fact, you couldnt make it go away even if you wanted. It is out of anyone's control and thats why it is trusted.

>entering eth based pyramids after first sell off
i get it you want your money back, but shilling it on Veeky Forums and shilling it this way won't do any good for you, try reddit they throw money at literally everything

are you retarded or are you purposely disseminating disinformation?
I have already made over my initial so theres nothing to make back, im letting profits ride. Get in or dont, faggot, thats your weak wristed call not mine.
Now to your point, that was just the release. Now is the first buy in. Have you ever seen any other ponzi coin go BACK up? Exactly. The sell offs that have occured after have only been meet with more buying, as you can see for youreself on the graph. pic related.

Im appealing to anyone else that can think for themselves.
Is there something scary about this to you? What exactly, if you can even articulate, is wrong with this?


whered you go buddy, no reply?

This is just the start.

People will FOMO hard on this, get dividends from them by buying now.

>whats wrong with this
i dont trust smart contracts. even less so ones attached to a literal pyramid scheme

I didn't painstakingly document the source code for fun, y'know.

Well, I kinda did, but that speaks more to me as a person.

Also: stealing that image. Thanks!

>i dont trust smart contracts
than can you trust anything? Christ, its run by an emotionless robot. What more do you want, gold grandpa?


Lol i trust smart contracts more than any centralized exchange

Read the white paper. Do or don't. Money snek gives to the strong

stay there


When is the new languages getting added?

already been added m8, got 5 done and 2 in the works. Heard it would take 5 days

there's also an adwords campaign and a reasonable advertisement budget, too

ya with a 1k budget raised in 1 day

you might be the dumbest person in this thread desu